Diane  18-July-2007


A resounding thank you goes out to all those who were able to set aside time to participate in “Fire the Grid”. We must tell you that where some of you were unable to join in at the given time, you should know that your energy has become part of the great healing and awakening that took place. Your response was magnificent and inspired, and a wonderful energy of joy and love permeated the grid. The result was astounding as thousands upon thousands all across the world answered the call, but that was not totally unexpected. We had already perceived that Mankind had reached a new plateau of understanding, and was ready to establish a higher energy upon Earth.


Be assured that your faith has not been misplaced, and that you have taken part in a mammoth event that has quickened the events that will lead to the end times. Each time the vibrations of Earth are uplifted, the Higher Beings are able to come closer to you whether as a whole or individually. You are merging in a way that will eventually allow a great coming together, which will signal your readiness to take the final steps to Ascension.


Many of you felt the power of the energy being sent out, and when you withdrew found a new calmness and happiness had descended upon you. That calmness and feeling of completion will stay with you, and what you started will now continue to grow as it has what you call a “knock on effect”. Think for a moment of the impact your holy teachers have had upon you, and how to be in their presence brought about a similar experience. As you go about your daily business, so you too will carry a like energy with you.


Your Light is your announcement to the world that you are at one with God. You are bringing peace to the Earth and soon it will silence the sound of war. The dark fear your energy and resort to their only weapon against you, which is fear. However, with your newfound level of Light, you can easily ward that off and help lessen its impact. You are the warriors that bear no arms, but simply carry the Light that is impenetrable by the lower energies. It is your shield that deflects them and sends them back to their perpetrators.


From hereon you can continue to help the Light to grow, by repeating the exercise of bringing Light to the Earth that has been such a great success. You are a step nearer to becoming the enlightened Being that will have a major part to play very soon. There will be much to do once the important changes have taken you into a new phase of evolution. Lightworkers will help others onto the path of Light, and who could be better to do it than one who has travelled far down it. We of the Galactic Federation will of course be assisting in many ways, and we shall be as a team working very closely together.


You are the unsung heroes of what is taking place on Earth, but that is how the Light works. It has no need to trumpet its achievements, and works away quietly but efficiently. Your purpose is to shine out your Light, and you are doing it magnificently in an effortless way by being your true Self. There is nothing more natural to you, as you establish the new reality that is uplifting the whole Earth. People will gravitate towards it because it offers what they have been seeking. It is the recognition of the higher purpose of life, one that has lain dormant for so long, but is surfacing from deep within their subconsciousness. It is the blossoming of the real Self that has been submerged in duality for eons of time.


The more you awaken, the more you will look back and see how the lower vibrations have played havoc with you. You have passed through times of complete confusion, that have reflected the dark intentions of those who would keep you in such a condition. However, the challenge of finding your true Self has been met, and never again will you be called upon to go through the cycle of duality.


From hereon it will be Light all of the way, and it only needs your focus and attention to manifest your goal. The memories of the hurt and pain that still reside within your consciousness, will move far into the background as you draw more and more Light to you. They will lose their ability to trouble you any longer, and you should forgive yourself and others who have been involved. Forgiveness and compassion are essential, as you clean out your memories from the cupboard where the cobwebs and darkness have lain from time immemorial. They are feelings and reactions that have been born out of experience, that will have no place in the Light that you are now becoming.


We know that some of you feel a loss of identity when you release the old, but do not mourn the loss of what no longer serves you. Replace those feelings that belong to Man of old, with ones that reflect your desire to move to a higher level of being. You have a saying that old habits die hard, and it is never truer than at this time when so much soul searching is going on. You have programmed yourselves to respond in a certain way, which is very much instinctive and is more akin to the times when you fought for your survival.


You are now moving with your creation of a new reality, and it will fulfil a higher perception of yourself and your place in the Cosmos. You are to become a Cosmic Being, and your prison Earth in the lower dimension will be left behind as you move onwards and upwards. As ever your path will be your choice, and there will inevitably be those who feel unprepared for a major shift in their existing reality. They will therefore continue in this dimension until they are ready for the next opportunity to ascend.


I am Diane from Sirius and feel much love for Humankind. You are fantastic souls who are far greater than you yet understand, but soon we will be with you and help you reclaim your true status in the realms of pure Light. I will say keep up the good work you have now started, it will reward you well. Our Love and admiration go out to you for your resilience and determination to succeed.


Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.