St. Germain  16-July-2007


Dear Ones, the idea of assisting in the strengthening the grid has spread far and wide. It has sparked the imagination of many of you, as it is seen as an act of faith and intent that the Light shall continue to grow upon Earth. The beauty of such a coming together is that once the Light has been grounded, it will continue to remain in place. Far from diminishing with time, it will grow as it naturally attracts more through the Law of Attraction. We will also be active at the same as this event takes place, and it will be one of major importance.


Such times also touch upon the beliefs of others, and it arises from the fear that they have no control over the outcome. Everyone with strong beliefs desires to see the outworking of their own, and change is perceived as a threat to them. Allow for these alternative realities, and in time the souls that genuinely seek the Light will naturally adjust to a different path. Many of you have already individualised your beliefs, and have found the ability to go within and are the Wayshowers in self fulfilment.


Traditionally, there have always been those who have taken charge, and even in the present times it is often still in the manner of demanding strict obedience to their dictates. Everyone has freewill, and as you should know by now it cannot be taken from you unless you allow it. In your travels through duality you have experienced all conditions and beliefs that were appropriate to the times you were in. What you are today reflects where you are along your road to the Truth, and it will differ from others according to how much you have evolved. In this period of time when so much guidance is available, everyone if they so desire can find a path that will eventually lead to an opportunity to ascend.


Those seeking the Light have many ideas of what God wants from them. Many fear the power of God and follow creeds that talk of punishment for not obeying his word. Others have an understanding of an All Loving God, requiring nothing more than your recognition of the Creator’s Light that is carried by all souls. As a result you will be able to acknowledge the Oneness of all life, and love and bless all forms in your role as the Guardians of Earth. Be as a God, and seek that level where eventually your understanding allows you to express Unconditional Love. You will then have the elixir of life, the gold at the end of the rainbow, the Holy Grail.


The Light is the panacea of all ills and problems because it has the power to bring changes. The Galactic Federation and the Spiritual Councils that direct the activities for Earth and its people, are aware of your needs and know that once the consciousness of Man is raised up, the answers will come to him. The mode of thinking changes instead of placing the emphasis on individual needs, to one where it is for the benefit of the whole. This is how the shift works and very soon you will see it in action, and our promises to you will be fulfilled.


For too long Man has been encouraged to follow a path of self aggrandisement, and you are as a result still in a very materialistic world. Getting to the top is placed before you as your gaol, with the promise of immense wealth and satisfaction. That this will inevitably leave others behind in an inferior position seems to be of no concern. Outer wealth cannot replace inner happiness, and it is certain to lead to a re-examination of the purpose of life. Nothing happens that is without its lesson in life, and where wealth often leads to greed, poverty will allow for appreciation and gratitude for the little things in life.


Remember that your life plan is set out to give you the experiences you need so that you may grow in understanding. The gaol is to evolve to those higher levels that will allow you to move out of the wheel of re-birth. Therefore recognise that all tread a path of their own choosing, and that when you can accept this fact your life will be more fulfilling. Do not envy another soul but see within their experience what can be of benefit to you. You see the outer person, but have no idea of what problems they wrestle with in their consciousness. Accept that you cannot and indeed would not want to all be the same. Your world is richer and greater for all of the experiences of Mankind as a whole.


The Light is shining into the darkest corners, and revealing what has been hidden from you. It is awakening souls to the truth and will not only re-write your history, but show how you have been held in the false belief that you are sinners beyond reproach. You have often been deliberately misled, so that you will feel inferior and beholden to those who have claimed to be the appointed spiritual leaders of Man. However, since those dark times Man has gained a recognition and understanding of spiritual truths. A new Man has emerged able to be discerning and free from the dictates of others. One who is able to step over the line from half-truths and outright falsehoods, into absolute truth. 


The Light connects with those who have found their path and recognise the God within. With the coming of various opportunities to further uplift into the Light their strength grows, and those who participate this Tuesday and “Fire the Grid” will be “holding hands” together and making a profound statement of their intent to bring Love and Light to Earth. These occasions bring us great joy, as after centuries of oppression the Light is breaking loose and shining out in a glorious show of strength. The future is assured, and the victory for the Light is now unassailable. The dark will cling as long as possible to their reality, but their days are now ending.


I am St. Germain and come at such an auspicious time to place my energy with yours. Your response to our call for more Light to be grounded upon Earth has gladdened our hearts, and it confirms our greatest expectations that Man has awakened to his power to exert change. It is not just one more day but a very special occasion, following which we beseech you to carry the energies with you into the future. Love knows no bounds, and we shall go forward as One with the blessings of the Almighty Father/Mother God. 


Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.