Ela  13-July-2007 


There is a beautiful glow all over the Earth, that shines out the message that you are well on the road to upliftment. Each time there is a massive input of Light, it pulsates into a greater mass that is rapidly consuming the lower vibrations. You have certainly achieved the level of expectation that was foreseen, although there was initially always an element of doubt as to how long it would take you.


There are pockets of Light all over the world, but the most influential are within the area known as the West. It is here that the future is being decided, and there is a continual flowing and ebbing as the Light increases its hold. Knowing the growing level of consciousness amongst you, we see great strides being made. On every occasion that you dedicate yourselves to supporting those special events that are intended to bring forth the Light, you bring about a massive influx that is grounded upon Earth.


Looking back, we see that it has taken quite some time for you to realise that growth comes from within. For eons of time you have waited for your Gods to return and guide you to the “promised land” but now you know that it is the effort you put in that brings it about. It has served you well knowing that your evolution has been planned to end in upliftment, and has meant that you have had a goal and purpose in your life. The message of your release from the dark is one that has been constantly in the forefront of knowledge given you by your teachers.


Deep within your consciousness lies the knowledge of the promises made regarding the end times. You have had an expectancy of being “rescued” little realising that your salvation was in your own hands. You have vindicated the actions of those spiritual Beings that believed in Man, and gave another chance for you to successfully overcome the lower vibrations. With freewill operating there was always a chance that you would be unable to break out of them, but to your immense credit it has now been achieved.


It remains only for you to forge ahead having now established the Light Grid upon Earth. To that end we are now able to assist you, as our intervention will no longer be seen as interference with your freewill. You have clearly signalled your intentions and desire to rise up out of the limitations of being in the cycle of duality. We have been around you for a long time, guiding you when you have given us permission to do so. By now many of you will have understood that our mission has also been to attend to the needs of Mother Earth, and on more than occasion we have helped prevent her destruction.


We can register the consciousness of mankind, and it is a great mix of beliefs. So many paths have been created based on teachings of old, but now is a time when your leaders should be looking at ways of bringing people together. Unfortunately the divisions have been perpetuated, rather than search for the common ground that would see your differences overcome. Part of your awakening is the realisation that you are One, and that fighting amongst yourselves is unproductive unnecessary.


The story of your evolution is remarkable, considering that many times in your history you have had religious beliefs imposed upon you. With your sequence of lives upon Earth, you have experienced many different sets of beliefs, and they remain deep within the recesses of your mind. Your lives are a series of experiences from which you grow, and subconsciously you have created your own beliefs. This has seen many of you shake off your dependence upon other souls to lead you, and instead find your own path.


Now there is more of a general realisation that you mould your future, through your own powers of creation. Having been given guidance as to the greater plan for Man and your opportunity to join the path to Ascension, you have simply been given “road markers”. There is no force used to influence your choice and as ever it has to be yours, and yours alone. Freewill is your greatest asset, yet can also be an anchor that keeps you in stages of evolution that you should have long passed.


As Arcturians we come to you with the benefit of having passed beyond your levels of experience. We can not only see the Golden Age that awaits you but also know exactly what wonders and beauty it holds for you. We wish that you could also, as you would understand what a massive upliftment it represents. The vibrations will have become so high that the level of perfection would seem like Heaven, yet you would have to experience it to fully appreciate what that means. The state of bliss and the existence of all around you in its highest expression is something you cannot fully imagine. There are colours beyond your present range of understanding, and a harmony and balance rarely felt upon Earth.


Every little effort you make to rise up is beneficial and you should set your sights on the highest concepts you can, that express your understanding of what dimensional changes will bring to you. You are certainly aware that Man was not meant to wallow in the lower realms forever, and that his home is elsewhere. You are not imprisoned in them except that you allow yourself to be held down by the lower vibrations. It is your Light that creates the path that leads out of duality, and it is your growing consciousness that allows you to awaken to the greater Truth. Given that you were not under the influence of the dark forces, you would once again become a Being of Love. One that could walk the Earth protected by your Light and in the knowledge that you had found your true Self.


I am Ela from Arcturus and also the Galactic Federation who are so close to you now. We are a membership of different Star Nations, dedicated to the evolution of those who aspire to claim back their God Self. You are to be released from the restrictions imposed upon you through the tampering with your DNA, and our speciality will be the restoration of them. It will allow the great Being that you are to emerge once again, to take your place amongst us.


What you are achieving in spite of the restrictions placed upon you is remarkable. We have every admiration for your resilience and willpower that has brought to this point of upliftment. One day in the future, you too will be amazed that you have been able to overcome the most difficult task of evolving within duality. Yet, it was always known that as long as you carried the spark of Light with you, your growth out of the dark was assured.


To those who wonder why they allowed themselves to experience duality, let me tell you that it was a challenge that you undertook in the interests of your evolution. More so you saw it as a way to help others who would then no longer need to experience it first hand. You will carry your understanding of the dark and Light with you, and shall become mentors to those in many different Universes that are also evolving through a similar path.


The power you have developed is one that brings you the ability of being able to express Unconditional Love. You cannot fully serve the Creator and creation, until you have reached this level of understanding, and recognise the divinity within all forms of life.


Through the awakening of your real Self, you have begun to accept you are much greater than you have judged yourself to be. Your potential is unlimited, and at last after eons of time in limiting vibrations you are breaking free. We shall be with you soon, to help you step up onto the path that leads you home, into the never ending Love and Light. We bless you and are proud to be associated with you at such an important time. We are thinking of you, and perhaps you may also think of us as you see our bright star in the heavens. We are as much your brothers and sisters as your family upon Earth, and we look forward to being with you.


Thank you Ela.

Mike Quinsey.