Ag-agria  11-July-2007


You can feel really proud of what you are achieving upon Earth at present. In spite of the distractions and seeming chaos, you are creating an atmosphere of hope and belief in the future. The dark no longer dominate your attention, and are loosing control. Your confidence is rapidly growing and there is a surge of energy carrying you forwards. It will continue to grow at an unprecedented rate, and those of you involved are helping others to awaken to the truth of your reality. It is your creation, and you have the power to change it, and that is what you are doing.


Your efforts both individually and collectively are bringing Light to your dimension, and you are rising up. For our part we are able to come closer to you, and we are all approaching a time when the energies shall merge and become one. You have already taken the most important steps to the next stage in your enlightenment. Your Higher Self can become a major part of your awakened consciousness, and other Beings of Light can help the blossoming of the real you.


There is nothing really difficult in reaching a higher state of awareness; it is your natural development as you tread the path to full consciousness.  In fact, because it is more akin to your real self it is the most logical path that you can take. You are returning to a state of bliss, happiness and balance that results from knowing who you really are. It comes from contentment and the creation of a peaceful energy that envelops your physical body. You will have found the answer to what for many is still a mystery, the perfect peace and ability to live in harmony and balance.


Everyone has the same potential as you are all carrying the Creator’s Light within, and although it may become diminished it is the one part of you that exists for all eternity. We along with many great Beings including your Guides will help you to return to the Light, but it also requires your focus and intention to achieve it. Once you have taken that decision there is no stopping you and time is not a factor, as you can grow at whatever speed you choose. Once you are on this path we know that you will never look back or return to the old ways. Indeed, why would you want to drop once again into the darkness that has hidden your true Self from you.


Souls are sometimes at a loss to find their path, and being mired in the demands of living an earthly life are unable to detach from the lower energies. Dear Ones, simply look at your lifestyle and question whether it helps your spiritual evolution. Are you an automaton following the herd, or do you strike out for your personal development? Does what you do give you fulfilment and advance your understanding of life? Are you knowingly following a defined path, one that you have personally chosen in recognition of your need to grow through experience?


There are many questions that you could ask yourself about the way your life is progressing. There are of course Karmic obligations that you agreed to undertake, but that aside you must have an inner feeling of what it is you are meant to achieve. One thing is for sure, that if you are not following a path that is fulfilling your soul plan you will feel unsettled. If you are, sit back and take stock of your life and identify where it has let you down. Some of you are married to your work, and leave no time for other pursuits that satisfy the inner Being. With the demands of life to earn a satisfactory income to cover your material needs, we do realise that you can feel locked in a no win situation.


However, it is most essential that you find time for Self, and are able to put your life into perspective. Your spiritual evolution can be enhanced through the working life you choose, but often it takes over to the extent that you have little or no time for anything else. You will know what is said about “all work and no play” and it is vital that you can set aside time for yourself. With so much happening around you, there is a need to evaluate how it is affecting you.


You are very much at the mercy of a controlled media that supports the ambitions of the dark forces. What is fed to you should not be blandly accepted for the truth, and scepticism is a healthy approach providing you seek the truth. You are breaking out of the controls placed upon you for millennia of time, and you are recognising that there must be another way to lead your life that will offer fulfilment. There is a beautiful soul within that seeks expression, and is trying to free itself after centuries of misdirection and false indoctrination.


You are not alone as the awakening gathers pace. Seek and you will find many like you, and in coming together you can help each other to find the Light. Can you reach out and be that loving and peaceful soul regardless of who crosses your path, and recognise the Oneness of everything? It is by no means easy to change from lifetimes of conflict and confrontation, where it has been a struggle and only the fittest survive. However, there is now a wonderful opportunity to walk a different path, one that leads away from the old constraints and allows for freedom from oppression.


What you have accepted as your normal way of life is now in the course of changing, as you are receiving enlightenment and knowledge of your true reality. The truth belongs to everyone, and what has been hidden from you is now being revealed. The greatest truth is that you are all Gods in the making, and you have the Light that can be nurtured and restored to its former glory. You are co-creators of your future that is manifesting now, and nothing can stop you reclaiming your heritage as Divine Beings. You may not always feel that you are, but accept that it is not just your potential, but is your unalienable God given right.


I am Ag-agria from a Sirius and one of Michael’s guides with a message of upliftment and encouragement for you all, as these are such important times. I am privileged to address you on behalf of the Galactic Federation, and soon we shall serve you more directly. We will bring help to quickly alleviate many of your pressing problems to do with your environment. However, we will also be the bringers of truth and spiritual enlightenment. We are your destiny and your future selves, and you will embody all that is necessary to return to your former greatness.


A positive approach to the future is essential; simply see beyond the dark picture being created by those who control you. You are capable of being leaders who can light the way for others, and do so with Light and Love. You see our lights in the skies and we will continue to make ourselves known to you. First Contact looms nearer and as ever we are fully ready to make those initial contacts with you. Our existence can no longer be denied, and overwhelming evidence of our presence throughout your history is emerging. We come in peace and love for our fellow souls, who have given their approval for our imminent arrival upon Earth. That will be one of great joy and happiness, that at last we can walk freely amongst you.      


Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.