St. Germain  06-July-2007


Already this month has seen a great upliftment in energies, and they will continue at a faster pace. You have truly turned a corner that has brought the changes forward, and more certain to manifest in accordance with the Divine Plan. Without your input progress would have been slow, but now your consciousness is being awakened it is bringing more souls into the Light of Truth. Consequently you are experiencing the first signs of the changes, that will lead to a greater revelation of your purpose in being on Earth at this time.


Each of you are not only gaining as individuals, but the mass consciousness is also expanding at a faster rate. As events unfold it is touching more souls, and many who have been in a state of confusion are seeing things more clearly. You are coming together in thought and action, and it is people power at its most potent. Even those who stand in the dark are unable to ignore what is happening, and they too feel the physical changes within their bodies.


What is taking place cannot be totally ignored, as it is like your children’s game of hide and seek, there is always a time when “we are coming ready or not”. Events are backed by First Contact and the coming of great Beings, and many will have to do some serious soul searching. It is a time of decision that will determine if those who are undecided wish to follow the path to Ascension. Many have made their choice and whilst there is an attraction in moving into a New Age, some are simply unprepared for such a change.


At all times the best advice for anyone in doubt, is to follow his or her intuition. No one but them can truly know what they have planned, although it may not yet be part of their waking consciousness. In time there will be no lack of guidance or information, and all channels of contact with the masses will be used. Great programmes of instruction have already been formulated, and eventually everyone will be given the opportunity to understand the meaning of the end times.


Some sources interpret change only in terms of chaos, and measure it against prophecies from long ago including biblical visions. We allow for all beliefs, but inform you that you changed your evolutionary path towards the end of the last century. You moved into one that allowed for more peaceful changes, although some physical disturbances are unavoidable. It is because you took another path that the dark have been left behind to fall into a pit of their own making. However, in doing so they cling onto their power refusing to accept their inevitable failure.


You are instrumental in moving events forward, and determine the speed at which the dark finally concede their position. There are none so blind as those who do not want to see, and the dark leaders ignore what is staring them in the face. For eons of time they plotted for success in these closing years, but see it quickly moving beyond their grasp. The more they try to avoid defeat, the more they are revealing the truth about their activities. They are just but one step from being removed, and their demise is unavoidable.


Meantime, you who are the Lightworkers continue to grow in strength, and you are coming together with like kinds. Your power is enabling you to march onwards to your goal knowing that you cannot be stopped. Your success will help bring Mankind out of the Dark Ages into the Light of Truth. Promoting Universal Love will be recognised as the means to achieve success in these times of much selfishness and greed. Abundance is about to change your concepts with its intent to share the wealth of the world fairly. There are many poor humans who exist on a pittance, and that will be remedied as a first priority. There is more than enough wealth to go around to give everyone a reasonable standard of living, and you will be given the tools to do it.


With freedom from slavery and the restoration of fair and just laws, a glow of happiness will come over the Earth. Peace will be possible in regions that have historically been unstable, and old feuds and differences put aside for the greater good of all. It is only your dark leaders that have perpetually kept you at war, and prevented Humanity from expressing its Oneness.


Now the vibrations are rapidly rising up, it is becoming easier to find the Light within and the motivation to express your true selves. You originally came from levels of utter peace and harmony, and were able to express your Love unfettered by the constraints that you have on Earth. That is all changing and you will be able to bring out the higher aspects of yourself, that have been shrouded by the cloying energies of the dark forces. You are breaking out of the lower vibrations, to become beacons of Light that are joining together and bringing about the changes you desire.


Heaven is rejoicing as you awaken, and many Great Beings are able to draw closer to you and their influence is lifting you even higher. These are truly the most moving times, when at last you are able to exercise free expression of all that is pure and wholesome. You are on the high road that leads to victory, and a successful conclusion of this cycle of duality. The chains that have held you down are falling away, and you are breaking loose from the influences and guidance of those who have served the dark forces.


There is not much longer to go before great events will manifest, and you will truly know that you are at the end of your journey. In nature there cannot be a vacuum, and Light will come flooding in where the darkness clouded your eyes to the truth. It will be there for those who are seeking it, and all shall have the opportunity to follow a new path. The Creator has decreed that you shall once again join your fellow souls, from the higher realms in the great upliftment that is taking place. Be in peace and love, and see the beauty and Light that lies beneath the outer covering of your Brothers and Sisters.


I am St. Germain active within your realms, and stand at the helm of Humanity ready to lead it onwards to Ascension. My success is also yours, and it will be the completion of my many lives that have directed you onto the Path of Light.  As always, I embrace you with my Love and carry you forward to victory.   


Thank you St. Germain

Mike Quinsey.