Atmos  04-July-2007


How wonderful it is to look upon Earth at this time. We see you as sparkling diamonds in the firmament and the Light shines forth for all to see. The change from merely a few decades ago is truly remarkable, and you have taken the opportunity to advance yourselves by bringing it to Earth. What you have set in motion is an unstoppable force that is carrying all with it. There are so many subtle changes taking place, that many with no knowledge of them are nevertheless feeling their effect.


For example, if we were to take you aboard our ships, one of the first things you would notice would be the feeling of complete peace and harmony. These are levels of vibration that you have not yet attained upon Earth, although as individuals you sometimes achieve them in special moments. Coming into our atmosphere you could not fail to be impressed by it. When you come together in groups like-minded people can achieve a similar level, but once you disband it is lost. You would be surprised at what a difference it is compared to Earth, when your space is continually invaded by lower energies.


The important thing upon Earth is that by bringing in a higher vibration, you are causing an upliftment that has a general benefit to all. Gradually those dear souls that have slumbered for a time are feeling changes within. It can be disconcerting for them as they begin to feel a loss of self-control. However, it is within their capabilities to awaken to what is happening. You as Humankind are a force to be reckoned with, even if you cannot identify with exactly what we are referring to. Your potential was seen eons of time ago and it is so exciting to see the fulfilment of it, and you are truly great Beings


You take easily to the changes within self if you go with the flow without questioning what is happening. Nevertheless, if you seek knowledge and wisdom it is within, also along with guidance without. As you become more a Light Being you can so to say, enter the lion’s den without fear. Belief in yourself is paramount in your ability to carry the Light, and maintain your level of confidence in the face of efforts by the dark forces to unsettle you. They never give up their insane plans to hold onto control, and now they see it slipping away they lash out frantically at all in their way.


What you are seeing is the final dying thrust of the dark to stay in control. For millennia of time they have had their own way, and conditioned you into obeying their edicts. They have reflected back to you the lower energies that have prevailed upon Earth for a long, long time. It is therefore appropriate and indeed necessary that you are instrumental in clearing them. It is all within your necessary experiences, and you will be far greater Beings for it.


You will know without a doubt when you have “moved on” and will find that you have the ability to stay centred within your own space in absolute peace and balance. Others will notice your peaceful mien, and your mere presence with others will have an uplifting effect. Even your words will carry the energy and they will affect all living forms. You can be like a tonic to one who is feeling ill or down.

Changes are not welcomed by those who are self centred, as it moves them out of their comfort zone. However, there will be no exceptions to the differences that the higher energies are making. The energy does not impose itself upon anyone, but if you are carrying the Light to any extent it will look to bind with you and thus bring about alignment. There is and always will be free choice in such matters. Evolution is a natural progression as a result of your experiences, but some choose to do so at a slower rate than others.


You have to remember that apart from the initial flow of souls to Earth when you left the higher realms, many souls have joined you at later times. There are “new souls” that have chosen the challenges of duality, and naturally they have only just started their journey. Once you have completed yours, some of you will willingly come back to help them evolve, and who better than one who has successfully completed the cycle.


Away from Earth in the higher vibrations you will find a strong feeling of Oneness, and the most natural development is one of caring and serving others. It is done without thought of reward, and out of Love for the creations of the great Lords of Creation that manifest the Creator’s desires. Heaven as you call it, is your normal home amongst the stars and you are all space travellers. Your search for knowledge and experience never ceases, and you have all Infinity in which to do so.


Those who are rising up are becoming sensitive Beings to what is happening around them. Fortunately with growth into the Light, you also acquire a great strength of purpose and resilience against the intrusion of the lower energies. You do not literally battle against them, but transform them through your power of thought. Visualising all around you in its perfection attracts those conditions into being, and changes ultimately occur. Think of this on a large scale, with millions of people endeavouring to bring changes to the planet. This is what is actually occurring and it is an unstoppable force for change.


Your future is therefore assured, notwithstanding the fact that other forces for good are allowed to assist you to manifest the Divine Plan. There is unity, because many of you on Earth at this time know subconsciously that you elected to play your part in manifesting it. Focus as always on the final goal, which for many Lightworkers is one that will lead to Ascension. Through visualisation you are using the power of creation to ensure it is drawn to you.


I am Atmos a friend from Sirius, and from on high admiring your great intent and desire to achieve victory for the Light. We of the Galactic Federation are you urging you on, so that our time to come to Earth is speeded up. It now approaches rapidly and cannot be prevented by the efforts of the dark. We will bring you love, and fulfilment of your dreams for peace on Earth – and it will be for all time and carried into the Golden Age. 


Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.