Diane 02-July-2007


This is the month when the speeding up of the vibrations is taken to a new level. There are a number of key events this week of which 777 is considered by us to be the most important. The energies coming to Earth will be reaching an all time high, and we look to you who are the Lightworkers to ground them upon the Earth. You can do this by allowing time for meditation, and bringing them through self. You may be unable to participate in all of the events, but remember that if you cannot be available for the actual time given for any of them, you can set aside time on the day. You will still be adding the results of your efforts to those being made at the appointed time.


We admire the resolute efforts of so many of you who are determined to make a difference, and when you come together your power is increased exponentially. With a whole series of events to get this month underway, it promises to be one that will be looked back upon as a major turning point. Michael notes that today is U.F.O. Day and hopes that it might be a special one that will have some significant sightings.


As we have recently told you, we have increased the level of our sightings, and we do it in such a way that we are at no risk from your military. We can adequately protect ourselves against any new technology that you may have discovered. Our first approach is to put ourselves outside of the range of any attack upon us, although most craft are able to cloak themselves in a magnetic protective shield. On many occasions when the intention has been to use weapons against us, we have disabled them before it can happen.


American Independence Day is one celebration that should bring home the importance of your independence. You should reflect on how it has been severely eroded and that it is time to take it back. For millennia of time you have been held back, and having been granted the powers of the Constitution should question why these have been continually taken way from you. They will be restored but need the awakening of people’s awareness to the facts now, so that it will stir a movement that will increase more quickly.


Many of you will register the new energy levels, and as you become one with them it may well show itself as a slightly faint feeling, and a lightness as though your feet are not really upon the ground. You will quickly integrate them and following it will find a new measure of that peaceful feeling of harmony and balance. Later in this month you also have a day set aside to “fire the grid” and this will result in similar effects. Due to time differences not every one can participate at the appointed time, but again I say you can still link in with that event. These opportunities to come together in a common cause are doing far more good than you may at first realise, and they result in much harmonising of the energies.


Literally everything around you is energy and your thoughts and actions have an effect upon it. Just think of the power you wield when you come together and become one in your dedication to bring changes in. The various groups or individuals all over the world create a web that spreads out and gradually transmutes the dark energies. Without raising a finger you can help rid the Earth of their presence upon it. The energy of love that is sent out by the dear souls who carry out such controlled and dedicated events, has a most potent power that is the foundation of All That Is. Is it no wonder that miracles occur when the belief is strong and positively directed for a particular purpose.


The Dear Ones of Light do not need to express anger or become impatient, or even question what is taking place. They know that the Creator and many great Beings from the higher realms lovingly guide the affairs of Man and the Earth. Allow yourself to go with the flow but move into action when so desired, and you will be doing all that could be asked of you. Many of you will be familiar with the biblical story of the widow’s mite, and it truly tells you that every contribution to bringing about change has an effect. If you feel unable to fully join in the proceedings perhaps lacking experience of meditation, always remember that prayer is a powerful tool that anyone can use.


As a result of your efforts this month, a new energy will emerge and be part of the ongoing raising up that is taking each individual to a higher level of consciousness. Unbeknown to you it will further weaken the efforts of those using negative energies, and they will struggle to exist before the Light. You will in one way or another be very instrumental in helping cleanse the Earth, and Humankind in general will be the beneficiary.


We see your month of July as a turning point that will now result in a speeding up of the changes, and the long awaited path to Ascension will be seen to open up. All of the time your physical bodies are responding to the new energies, and for some of you there will be a definite healing effect. In the long term all will eventually change as you are prepared for the final upliftment. Each major step forward is empowering those who are led by the Wayshowers, and a great army of Light grows daily. Your increasing power to bring about change, also brings with it a caution to be fully in charge of your thoughts. As you know, energy follows thought and it would not honour you if they were in any way negative.


You have continuously looked for signs of change that will tell you that your efforts are succeeding, and over the next few weeks those of you who are sensitive and discerning will find your proof. You are fulfilling the responsibilities that you have undertaken, and we work with you to ensure a speedy conclusion to this cycle. Great times are yet to come and your unstinting efforts shall bring to you the manifestation of the New Age, your Golden Age.


I am Diane of the Galactic Federation, and along with my group from Sirius and other members are greatly excited and happy for you. You are achieving what you set out to do, with a wonderful enthusiasm and love for your Brothers and Sisters. We likewise are ever sending our love to you all, and are here to serve you at all times.


Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.