Ker-On  31-July-06 

Many will have heard of Galactic Wars and will not need to be told that by their very nature they have been devastating. When technology reaches certain levels of advancement, it has immense power and the capability of extensive destruction. You have not seen anything on the scale of the advanced weaponry used in bygone eraís by the Anchara Alliance.  

The reptilians decided that everything in the Universe was for the taking. They conquered and destroyed, and lacking spiritual perception and understanding they cared not for any other Beings right to determine their own path. Millions of years ago this solar system way out on the edge of the Universe came under their scrutiny, and battles took place for its control. There were already advanced civilisations on some planets such as Mars and Venus, and at great cost to themselves they were able to repel the invaders. Such was the ferocity of the attacks upon them, that both planets were severely damaged. 

This Universe is dedicated to duality and is the playground of all those who desire such experiences. The end times that are now in your sight are affecting the whole Universe, and you will understand why your little blue Earth and its civilisations cannot interfere with its completion. This will also tell you why there has to be an optimum date for the real changes to commence, as accordingly all must be ready. 

Over millennia of time you have been with the different Star Nations, and your descent to Earth has been just one experience amongst many. You have not always been on Earth, and have come and gone as various civilisations have peaked and faded away. There are those of such antiquity that there is no trace of them at all. Each era has developed different ideas and opportunities for learning, and like your present cycle has been planned by Higher Beings so that its objective would be reached before its completion. 

Having been present in duality for eons of time, each of you has experienced lives with all manner of different life forms. You usually identify with your current experience, and will consider yourselves to be Earthlings. However, your real families are the Beings from constellations such as Sirius, and that is why they have a special interest in your development at this time. Every person on Earth has come from other planetary systems, and your common link is that you are all humanoid. 

If you consider that all of your experiences have moulded you into what you are today, you will equate quite readily with other Beings. Forget for a moment what the outer body looks like, and you will realise that they must have a consciousness very similar to yours. This much you should have learnt from your understanding of the similarity in the way that the Beings from other planets live. Where you have had contacts with ETís, it has often been their purpose to enlighten you with details of their home plant, and their beliefs. 

You could go to another Universe and totally lack comprehension as to what you would see. There are some life forms that are nothing like anything you have already seen or imagined. However, in this Universe you will find a similarity in other species that very much mirrors yourselves. Certainly on a spiritual level you will be equal, as all are on a path back to the Godhead. Some Beings that visit Earth are not in fact as spiritually advanced as many of you are now. Technical advancement has nothing at all to do with spiritual knowledge, but when they come together they are used for the good of all. 

Planet Earth considered to be so special, and given much attention because it is unique. It is where Beings come to learn through the hardest challenges that they are likely to face. As you might say, you are dropped into the deep end, and have to find your way out. The souls that are permitted to experience on Earth come from all over the Universe, and are those who aspire to leave the cycle of duality. They do this through standing side by side with others, who have all but lost their recognition of Self as a Being of Light. 

You have been in a hell of your own making, but valiantly stood up to the forces of the dark. Those who have succeeded now have the ability to recognise their true selves as aspects of God, and stand tall in their Light. They also help others to rise up, and those that are still struggling do nevertheless benefit as all experiences help the growth of consciousness. Man has had to learn through repeated lifetimes of the need to reach the highest expression of Self. In the fire of physical life the dross has gradually been burnt away, and now you stand ready to acknowledge your divinity. 

You are on the threshold of understanding your true purpose for being here at this time. You see around you fellow travellers who have come from far and wide. As Humanity you prepare yourselves for the final revelations that will complete your journey in duality. Now the Light of Understanding bathes the Earth in its healing energies and it will bring about upliftment for those that are ready. You have all chosen the hardest path to Ascension, but in so doing have given of yourselves to others who struggle to throw off their darkness. 

The stage is set for the grand finale that will see an end to the dominance of the dark forces. They have almost exhausted their attempts to control the Earth and its people. The Light is now so powerful and increasing all of the time, and you are beginning to see the first signs of it manifesting major changes. As with most significant events they will happen quite suddenly, and bring a halt to the dominance of the dark. 

I am Ker-On from Venus and advise you that change is inevitable. Already the building blocks are in place both on and off Earth. It is now only a matter of bringing the two together, and that is under the control of the Spiritual Hierarchy. What is happening on Earth is a microcosm of what has happened in the past, and the Light will rise supreme and victorious. 

Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey.