St. Germain 28-July-06 

Dear Ones what is happening in the Middle East is bringing about a mass revulsion by people throughout the world. It has become the focal point of all your feelings and desire to see change. It is painful to see the suffering and senseless carnage, which is against all their instincts and love for their fellow human Beings. 

Know however, that by the very nature of what is taking place, it has brought a crescendo of protest into being. It is creating a massive thoughtform of energy that cannot go unanswered for much longer. Your powerful thoughts, prayers and protestations are bringing much pressure to bear upon those who are responsible for the darkness. You are creating the very means by which the Light can serve its purpose and transform the dark energies. On a daily  basis people of good intent are coming to the fore, and the power of the Light is increased by their very presence. The dark see it as a question of who will concede their position first, and we tell you that what you have set into motion cannot now be stopped. It is only a question of time before the inevitable will happen, and the insidious and evil march of the dark will be halted. 

You hardly need be told that a critical point has been reached, and it will not be allowed to result in an all out war. Humanity has called time upon those who trade in death and destruction, and as a result a new era is about to begin. You may not have weapons or use force, but the collective energy you have brought into being that calls for change cannot go unanswered. Behind you we pave the way for your success, and you will show the world that love has not died. Although your only weapon, it is the most powerful force in the Universe. 

There is immense value and personal gain for you if you are to be seen to win this battle through your will and intent. It is about your evolution and taking the lessons of your experiences with you. That value is demeaned if every time you relied upon others to make good what you have created. This is not meant to sound unfeeling, as we have nurtured you like parents to their children. We know that unless you experience the result of your actions, you will not overcome your weaknesses. 

The Spiritual Hierarchy guide our actions, and many times we have taken steps to prevent you from destroying your Earth. We do not stand idly by and allow the Creator’s plan to be thwarted, and please remember that the whole purpose of this cycle is to experience duality. You were not coerced or forced into it, and accepted the challenge to prove that you could overcome the dark energies. It is of no consolation to know it is much like a game, and that when you are finished every player will move on to their next challenge. I am saying that there is no such thing as death, it is an illusion that has seemed real because many of you have forgotten that you are immortal. 

Can you not see how far you have come in your spiritual development in recent times. Not too long ago you were completely submerged by the overpowering force of the dark energies. However, you have held onto your Light and lifted yourselves up, and in so doing have helped others to follow your example. See the positive aspects in a situation that has been created by Man, which can now be used to bring about those changes you dearly seek. 

You take life very seriously, and your heart is overflowing with love for all of those who are the victims of war. It will reach them on a higher level and give them great comfort. They are wonderful souls who are fulfilling their life contracts to awaken others through their sacrifice. When their life is completed, you may be assured that there is much rejoicing and celebration. They have through their love for others, made the ultimate gesture to give their life so that love may prevail. Understand the reasons behind what you see happening, and use it to send healing love into the world. 

Our reasons for asking you to stay centred and calm, is because we know you get caught up in the emotions of the moment. Your anger is understandable but it does not help the situation. You cannot shut yourself away from what is taking place, but resolve to be on the outside looking in and send your love and prayers to where you intuitively feel it is needed. Those who do not recognise their own divinity or the Oneness of life also need your love. They will awaken in time, and will be remorseful and saddened by their actions. 

All will be healed in time, and the lasting memories of the carnage that you have seen will gradually fade away. You have had such experiences many times, and you do not need to carry the details around forever. Think upon it, how could you cope with knowing every detail of all the lives you have lived. No one asks you to do so, but to simply take with you the lessons that have been learnt. 

All having been said, you are in a time that bodes much change and these have already been set into motion. Some fear that in spite of our promises that nothing is happening, and this is far from the truth. Have faith and know that all will turn out well, and for those who aspire to go forward with Ascension the path has already been created. 

The Creator has not left you to fend for yourselves, and through divine directives a great assemblage of Light Beings is about to descend upon Earth. Many loving souls surround each and every one of you, and if only you will set aside those precious quiet moments to make contact, you will receive their loving guidance. They already protect you, and you would be surprised how many accompany you on life’s journey. Take comfort in their presence, and allow them to serve you in the way that you serve others. 

I am St. Germain and as ever leading you to greater heights than before. Also be aware of my guiding hand and immense love for you who are the Light of the world. Call upon my strength and love to carry you through these testing times, and I am there. 

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.