Diane  27-July-06 

Are you not full of expectations, as you see situations around you that cannot go on much longer. It is the plight of the people and the state of the Earth that causes concern, and it is difficult to imagine that it can continue without some form of intervention. It would be unbelievable if voices were not raised insisting that immediate changes were made. You have to remember that the vast majority of people do not realise that there are forces beyond Earth, that take an interest in your problems. They look around at authorities that seem not to care, and carry out their orders from the dark side with little question. 

You stand in a world that has lost its way, and in spite of all its experience over millennia of time has no new ideas as to how to find a solution. The planet dies bit by bit and informed people tell of how the decline must be reversed. Yet those in power seem prepared to sacrifice everything to fulfil their own agenda. So much has happened in a single lifetime that it is difficult to ignore the speed at which undesirable changes are taking place. It would not be unreasonable to conclude that unless the headlong rush into oblivion was stopped, future generations will have nothing left to sustain their lives. 

The future is being written now, and indeed the path set a long time ago. Once you lose sight of the fact that it is in your own hands, you lose your way and with no direction in mind it becomes one conflicting mess. It not just that “no man is an island” as it also applies to nations, and you cannot operate without consideration as to what your acts do to another. What you have now is the greatest nation on Earth trying to exert its control on everyone else. 

It is clearly time for a leadership change, but not more of the same. Men of vision must be allowed to step forward and bring a different influence to bear. To this end we shall more openly arrange for those opportunities to come about, but it clearly relies on some major changes. We too have a plan that cannot be revealed in detail, but suffice to say that it will involve action that will bring about the initial changes. We could change all with such speed that it would astonish you, but we come back to our mandate which is to bring you more into our plan so that you are seen to part of it. Otherwise it would appear that we are taking over without your approval or co-operation. 

Is war and everything it represents acceptable when you sit safely in the comfort of your own home. It should not be so, and if Humanity is to come of age and move on it has to bring such pressure to bear that changes are inevitable. People power is not a new idea and has brought major changes in your past, and there has never been a time of such urgency. 

To your credit there are an incredible number of groups  that are gathering support to oust your last cabal, as they are recognised for what they are with their covert agenda for world domination. They do not parallel what happened in Germany, as the dark energies from World War 1 were still active. They had to be cleared, and brought to power a Dictator who reflected them. In America you have the Illuminati who have long planned for global domination to feed their desire for wealth and power. Their plan is for their benefit and no one else’s, and this is why it has enabled them to keep it secret for so long. 

To you it may appear that the dark forces have been let lose without any control, but that is not so. They are a result of Man’s way of thinking and they challenge the very basis on which it was formed. In the present cycle Man has always sought ways of elevating himself over others. From small beginnings tribes and clans have sought control through power. Through the capture of others who have were integrated into their groups, they have gradually grown and become formidable forces. 

With the creation of Royal families with all of their wealth and power, a firm grasp was maintained over the rank and file. Ever since, you have been obliged to conform to their dictates that have been supported by their favoured religion. Together they have firmly ruled Man although their influence has been severely eroded in recent times. These are the yokes that you have to throw off to take back your individual sovereignty. However, it serves no good cause if they are simply replaced by yet another form of oppression. 

You say that there must be another way, and see that co-operation is a key to it. A world where caring about others results from understanding the Oneness of everything. Nations that treat all people as their Brothers and Sisters, and see Man as one big family that relies on each other for its sustenance.  The recognition of the Source of All That Is, knowing that the different names given it have no meaning that can separate one person from another. Looking beyond the physical, and seeing God in every person knowing they are a reflection of what you are. Understanding there is no separateness in Heaven, and it is possible to manifest that Oneness upon Earth. 

Many of you have recognised what is needed to direct people to another path that can leave duality behind. It is intended that Ascension is the opportunity that enables those who are ready to leave the present time, and accompany the new Earth on its journey into the higher dimensions. In bringing the higher energies to Earth that enable such changes, you are also raising the vibrations and leaving the dark energies behind. They are transmuting, having no place in the new vision for ascended Beings. 

When you can apply yourself to what is needed to transform Earth, you make it possible for us to come to Earth. The final meeting between us will enhance your ability to help create the new Earth. Together we shall transform the old one and Man will be able to express his/her true self, knowing that all are revealing their true God selves. 

I am Diane one of many that come to you from Sirius and are members of The Galactic Federation. I bring much loving encouragement to help you maintain your focus on what is required at this time. Live your dream now and it shall become manifest very soon.  

Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.