Atmos  26-July-06 

Nothing can stop the onward march of Light, it is your destiny and choice that has brought you to a path that leads to Ascension. These last days are more a matter of cleansing than anything else. The peak of dark activity is part of it and inevitable, and as painful as it is it will have fully served its purpose. Think back to just the turn of this century, and you will know that there has been a sudden growth of Light upon Earth. Although you may be unable to see it this way, there is balancing allowing incredible Light sources to lift you all up. 

Each day for you is a saga that opens up before you, and holds your attention as you wonder where events are leading you. One thing for sure is that we will not allow the Middle East crisis to draw the whole area into an all out conflict. The time for such wars has passed, but in those areas there are deeply embedded energies of hatred derived from ancient times. These must be cleared by those souls who have been instrumental in placing them there. They are at present unaware of the reason for their presence, but will fully understand in course of time. 

The whole world is one where karma is being played out. Man is seeing first hand the result of his thoughts and actions, and this is all part of the learning process. Of course you feel for others that are suffering, and there is much compassion and love being expressed. It is helping to lessen the after effects, and enable a swift return to normality such as it can be expressed at this time. You cannot take every problem into your hands, and it is best left to those who are here to deal with them. However, your positive thoughts to heal the hurt that has been felt will quickly help change the situation. 

Some of you ask why we do not involve ourselves more in your worldwide problems, and we are very much aware of them and do what we are allowed. We can monitor events and arrange that our allies become involved where possible. As much as it would give us great satisfaction to be more openly involved, it is your place to bring matters to their conclusion. This is not being unkind, as we cannot live your lives for you but assist you at every turn as we too have our own responsibilities. 

With individual help and guidance we work together, and as a team are laying down the foundation for the changes that are already manifesting. If you do not know this as one individual, you can certainly sense the speeding up of time and a new mood amongst people. You have an expression about “all things being a means to an end” and this is very apt in your present circumstances. Let matters reveal their place in the scheme of things, and see that all will come together for the final days. The Light is already with you and growing rapidly, and now has the capacity to bring sudden changes. 

Always try to see the broader picture and remember that you would not be here on Earth at this time unless it was part of your experiences. Everyone in their own way has something to offer that will contribute to these end times. Our reliance and faith is placed upon those who came to bring the Light. Follow your intuition and you will find the path you agreed to tread before you incarnated. Support those who represent your ideals and ambitions, as we indeed do ourselves. We have the advantage of knowing your strengths, and along with your Guides we urge you to do that which is your forte and gives more power to the forces of Light. As we sometimes tell you, the real battle is not being fought upon Earth but in the higher levels. Currently you are not just winning, but as we have often correctly stated, you are already victorious. 

We would like to see all people of good intent standing aside, and not getting emotionally involved with matters that tug at their heartstrings. By all means send your love and prayers where they are needed, but do not succumb to the despair and anger that is prevalent upon Earth. It is difficult because as Humans your lives are spent re-acting to circumstances around you. It has always involved your emotions, but realise that they are under your control. No one can force you to re-act except that you allow yourselves to do so.  

Very soon the changes will have put an end to the ability of the dark forces to dictate what happens around you. You will see the end of their empire and it will crumble very rapidly never to rise up again. We will ensure the that there is no going back to the old ways, and those who do not have love in their hearts will no longer claim the positions of power. We know exactly who is prepared to lead you to Ascension, and they will come into prominence when the dark forces have been expelled. 

The time for coming together is here now, and it is only the agenda of the dark that has prevented it. They stir up and foment hatred because it is essential to their plan. When peace is declared you will see a remarkable release of the negative energies, and in its place a great cementing of friendship and mutual help. Man is not naturally the warlike monster that walks the Earth at present, but is benign and peace loving given the chance. 

There is a growing tiredness and frustration with those in power who totally ignore the wishes of their people. This will not last for much longer and the sheer strength of your thought power will bring changes. There must be a response and that will be through higher laws than those on Earth. All along you have been creating your future, but you have been unaware of this latent power. Now you stand on the verge of seeing some of the most remarkable events manifest themselves, and they will clearly show how powerful you are.

I am Atmos from the Galactic Federation, and want you to keep things in perspective and know that you cannot see everything that is happening across the world. The movement for change is not simply contained in the West, but because of their considerable power and influence they do tend to lead the way. That will continue to be the case, but in the near future it will be driven by their love for their fellow humans. You have so much to give and soon you will have the opportunity to open the floodgates of kindness and understanding for the benefit of all of mankind. 

Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.