SaLuSa  25-July-06 

Dear Ones, I am back with Michael after a period away from my Mothership, as duties take us far and wide. My speciality is in the application of energy and it keeps me quite busy. As you progress you too will decide to dedicate yourself to a particular branch of service. Unlike the demands placed upon you in your earthly occupations, you will enjoy your chosen service and have adequate time for other interests. 

When we can create whatever we need you may feel life is lacking in excitement and challenge, but that is far from the truth. The Galactic Federation has a duty to look after its member nations that stretch into the far reaches of this Galaxy. Life expresses itself in so many different ways, and the multitude of planets offer their own unique challenges. They are of all different sizes, and also have various atmospheric compositions. Some systems have two or even three suns, and like your Earth a number of moons. 

They are all expressions of great minds that create conditions for the experience of intelligent life forms. As you have learnt within your lifetime, there are different creations of vehicles that house the soul. All are perfected to function in a particular environment. So whilst you may see forms that are alien to you, there is an embodied soul present that is the same as yours. 

All life is continually experiencing in its quest to acquire knowledge and understanding. All life seeks to understand itself and everything around it. As the consciousness expands, so you become more refined and naturally move upwards into new levels of a higher vibration. Exploring the Creator’s Kingdoms is exciting and never lacks interesting discoveries. The beauty and expression of a wide variance of creative skills is never ending. You too will have soon developed to a level where you also will be co-creators. This is also a natural ability that will be restored with superconsciousness. 

Words can hardly convey how wonderful and exhilarating it will be for you to leave duality behind. To travel freely where your fancy takes you, and join up on missions with others who also share your interests. You will naturally move into groups that have the same objectives, and you will find that sharing extends to becoming one in consciousness. This in no way diminishes your individuality, and it is quite the opposite as you gain from such associations. 

What is extremely difficult to describe is the utter bliss and feeling of ecstasy that is the result of being in the higher vibrations. It is as though you are already enjoying the perfection of everything that brings such harmony and balance. It vibrates with the Creator’s energy that even so is controlled at each level. If it were not you would find yourself being attracted directly back into the Source of All That Is. 

There is a system that operates through life forms who control the output of energies. They are passed on through great Beings who reside in what you know as suns, and are like powerhouses that generate the required energies that are needed to sustain life. Everything around you is constantly in a great interplay of movement and balancing. Yet it is all so delicate that changes have far reaching effects. 

It was not that long ago that you really thought that you were the only life form in the Universe. Your ancient history shows that it is not the case, but you lost your previous knowledge after the Great Flood. You became detached from your earlier civilisations, the remnants of which were scattered across your planet. In fact it was quite normal in pre-flood times for you to receive extraterrestrial visitors. Very much like you are soon to experience, they helped people to advance themselves and overcome the problems of existing in the lower dimensions. 

In reality you have never been without visitations from us, but there have been times when it has been necessary for us to keep out of sight. You will gather from that information, that we have a hierarchy of command that determines the extent of our contact with you. Behind us are many different councils that with their experience have ensured that Humanity has followed its ordained path. Since your present cycle began, our brief has been to have only a minimal contact with you, so as to avoid deflecting you from determining your own future. 

We cannot interfere with your freewill but now come at your request. For almost the last hundred years we have been allowed to make ourselves known to you. This has been part of the plan to gently enlighten you as to your true origins, and make you aware of a Universe teeming with life. Your governments rejected our approaches to help bring peace to a troubled world. Unfortunately the material greed and lust for power was too strong for those controlling your destiny, to agree to our terms. 

Now there is a different approach and it is the people themselves who have cried out for change. Your leaders no longer have total control, although they administer their increasingly tough and repressive laws upon you. You have spoken and we have responded, and changes are about to occur that will put an end to war and quickly bring the peace that you desire.  Permission to manifest the changes has been granted to us, by great Lords that have jurisdiction over all of you. Our actions will no longer be viewed as interference but compliance with your demands for action, and the fulfilment of the Spiritual Hierarchy's decrees. 

I am SaLuSa and pleased to be back with my fleet. We are saddened as to what is happening on Earth, but these incidents are amongst the last that will be allowed. We must soon leave the old behind and swing into action and create the path to Ascension. Through it you will be joining us, and all of your family that awaits such a grand reunion. Much love and tears of joy will move us all as we meet once again. 

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.