Ker-On  24-July-06 

Events are developing very quickly upon Earth, and it is clear that decision time is being forced on to many people who are involved in determining the path of Humanity. Either you choose to stay on one that leads to continued death and destruction, or pressure is brought to bear to change your present course. 

With every escalation of the wars upon Earth, we note your rapidly growing mass consciousness that calls for an end to hostilities that exist in any shape and form. In a period when your sensitivity has increased twofold, your reactions to what you are seeing in the Middle East causes a great plea to resound in the heavens. You are pleading for peaceful reactions, so that a halt can be brought to the carnage and destruction. 

Those that are responding bring pressure to bear upon those in power, but it is difficult to persuade the hawks that peace is a viable option. Man has been used to controlling situations through force to weaken his opponent. The idea of peaceful solutions only comes into play when the horror becomes too much to bear, and political pressure from outside is mounting. Man looks to gain from war, and it is not simply a matter of defence as is so often claimed. 

By now you are becoming wise to the idea that situations are contrived to the advantage of the stronger powers. There is inevitably an agenda that is waiting to come into force. The dark can in some ways be very patient, but they seek to take their opportunities as they arise. They realise that they are facing increasing opposition to their plan for the domination of Man, but try to ignore the inevitable reality of change. The time has arrived for a different approach to Earthís problems. Trust will never be restored until leaders emerge that are able to show their peaceful intent. 

Dear Ones of Earth, as painful and distressing as these times are the negativity has to be cleared. As unthinkable as it may seem, all of you have contributed to this situation at some time in your previous lives. Many have still not changed, and they are here at present to register the result of their wrong thinking and actions. You have many amongst you who find glory and excitement in war, and still harbour a lust for killing. Karma will decide their fate, and through their experiences they will one day understand the error in their choices. 

Meantime the forces of Light grow in strength, and their voice is heard above the noise of war. They move another step forward calling for an end to Manís incessant fighting, and their day will soon arrive. The energies of change are bringing Light to bear upon those of the dark, who are prepared to exert influence and bring about positive change. Remember that no one is beyond change, and many now have doubts within them as their conscience begins to surface and causes them to question their beliefs. 

The scales are tipping in favour of the Light and its influence is becoming felt. It is a force that cannot be repelled and is growing every day, as more people weary of the way that Man carries out his affairs. We for our part help by arranging support for people of peaceful intent, who are prepared to push themselves into the limelight. It takes a certain quality and presence to insulate yourself from the fear being generated, but these dear Beings do exist and they are here at this time for that purpose. Some fail to rise up, but that is not held against them as they can still contribute through their love and support of others. 

The whole point of the movement of Light is that it draws its strength from its numbers. It is so vast spreading across the continents, and has created an ever-growing circle of Light that continues to transmute the dark energies. At the same time it is lifting up others who aspire to link more with their higher consciousness. There will soon be an explosion of Light, that will manifest the intent that you have expressed to bring permanent peace to Earth. 

You are poised to bring far-reaching changes, and they will snowball as others follow your lead. The Light must manifest your intent within the lower levels of Earth, as it now draws nearer to you from the higher levels. Everything first exists in thought and you are to see the fruits of your labours. Your cries and prayers for peace have been heard for a long time, and they have not gone unheeded. 

However there are the Laws of the Universe, that ensure all action occurs at the correct time and reflect the results that you seek. These are always balanced against karmic considerations that also have to be fulfilled. Great Beings of love oversee you world and its inhabitants, and that includes all life forms. There is a fantastic interaction between all types of life, but Man with his freewill is the dominant species. This brings with it much responsibility, and is the reason you accrue karma through your travels. You are here to learn and manifest your Higher Self through your experiences. 

One of the least considered aspects is your relationship to Earth itself, and it is abused and very much taken for granted. Your concerns for it are often only centred on self and how it affects you, little realising that you were appointed the Guardians to Earth. Now you reap the results of your lack of caring and love for Earth, as it reacts to your inconsideration. Mother Earth is a conscious living Being, providing all that you have ever needed with little acknowledgement from you as to her place in your life. 

Man is now rapidly learning many lessons held back for these end times, and you cannot move on until they are taken into your consciousness. It is a hard time for all concerned, but the Love of the Creator for all creations has decreed that all shall be brought to a conclusion very shortly. Look around you and give thanks for what you see, as it came to you in its own perfection. Soon you will be restoring all to that same perfection before this cycle is brought to its end. Go about your work with your eyes and heart fully open, and you see the beauty even within the outworking of the events being played upon Earth. 

I am Ker-On from Venus, and come on behalf of the Galactic Federation who await their call to openly approach Earth. That time is almost upon you, and through your devotion to the Creator you are holding the Light that is bringing the final stages so much closer to you. Do not lose your faith in the goodness that prevails upon Earth, as there are many who need your help at this time. By your example you will help others weather the storm, and the outcome is assured despite how it may otherwise appear. We emphasise that you are already victorious and there is no way the dark can re-write the end times. Stay strong in your vision of the future, and let those of the dark go their chosen way. Know that great love always accompanies you and it is both your strength and your shield. 

Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey.