Ag-agria  21-July-06 

Have you ever wondered who or what you really are, because it must have occurred to you that you are not your body? You have taken different incarnations as either a male or female, and what would be the point of it all unless there was some value or gain in it for you. 

You hear of the visitations to Earth by various types of ETís, and by description you know from other peopleís experiences what they look like. You also know a little of their similarity to human Beings, as far as what you would call their personality or character. ETís have often approached you with messages of warning about the dangers of using nuclear bombs. On other occasions they have made specific contacts for the purpose of enlightening you about their beliefs, and their home planet. 

You will have found that most of your contacts with Beings from within your solar system acknowledge the existence of God. Others from outside may not always mention it, but when asked they will acknowledge that there is a great intelligence behind all creation. Your understanding of God is not always correct, and many have yet to accept the simple fact that God is Love in absolute totality. You try to interpret God in terms of a Human Being, believing that because you have been told you have been made in Godís image, God is also humanlike.        

You tend to consider ETís as having sinister designs in taking over Earth, and it is clearly not helped by the actions of the Greys and their ďabductionsĒ. Fear is an element that has been introduced in more modern times, and science fiction writers have contributed to that by having no boundaries to their imagination. However followers of messages from ETís will find that many writers are very intuitive, and much they have written has proved to have been based upon the truth. 

When you read your ancient history, it is clear that ETís have always been a part of your evolution. Even your Bible and other holy books contain references to ETís and their craft, but like many strange passages it often comes down to the ability of the readers interpretation. Now with your own exploration of Space and understanding of the Universe, the existence of ETís is becoming more acceptable. You are beginning to understand that the Universe is teeming with life forms, and Space exploration is a natural development of all forms of intelligent life. 

You sometimes talk of Space people as if they are vastly different to yourselves. The truth is that you are also Space people, and only differ from them to the degree in which you vary in intelligence. By now, you would have been much more aware and even more advanced but for the secrecy between nations about their knowledge of Space. There is of course an intention to keep you in the dark about UFOís and ET contacts, and virtually all of your developed nations hide the facts. This has proved to be quite futile, as the majority of your Earth population now believe in life in outer space. 

The great changes that are soon to come, will remove the secrecy that has shrouded the truth about ETís. They will also make clear the degree to which they have been helping Earth and its population for eons of time. If you think about it, would you not be surprised if your older Brothers and Sisters did not monitor and assist your development. We are far from being strangers to you and we are truly your family, linked by evolution far beyond any historical records you may find. 

I pose you a question that should make you think, and that is where do you think you have come from if not from the same source as all other life. Those of you who believe in a God will no doubt accept that when you were breathed out, you travelled through the dimensions experiencing to your hearts delight. That is indeed the purpose of leaving the Source, but where were you before you entered the Cycle of Duality? You dropped down from the higher dimensions where you were Beings of great Light, and that has not changed except that you have forgotten whom you really are. 

You are in a Universe within which you can experience duality on a number of different levels, and on different planets. My Dear Ones you too have your roots in the other ET civilisations, and before not too long you will be introduced to those you left eons of time ago. In the interest of providing experience that is appropriate to your evolution, it is possible that you have spent time away from Earth. Your memories of such occasions have been veiled from you, but all will be made known to you in due course. Such knowledge would have detracted you from your present path, which has required that you completely immerse into your earthly experiences. 

Life has therefore seemed quite simple to you whilst you have been in a limited consciousness. Through the loving intent and wisdom of those of the Spiritual Hierarchy who have planned your time in duality, you have come to fully believe that you are only your body. You have largely forgotten who you were previously, but with the higher energies being beamed to Earth your consciousness is expanding. 

Even in times where you have reached a low point, you have never lost your connection with your Higher Self. Although sometimes unable to correctly understand your relationship to God, the Light has always been with you and given you the strength to lift you out of the dark. Now you are on the threshold of a momentous return to full consciousness, and prepare to leave duality behind as the cycle closes. You will leave with the benefit of every experience that you have had, and then you will really know who you are. Know that you are gods, and have always been as a cell in the body of the Creator. You embody the Love energy, and it is now returning to you with all speed. 

I am Ag-agria and give of my understanding to enlighten you to your true selves. I share my love with you in the Oneness in which All exists.  

Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.