St. Germain  20-July-06 

Our plans proceed with only minor adjustment, and as formidable as the task is we are pleased to report that it is on track to achieve its goals. It involves thousands of our allies upon Earth, and we bring their efforts together so that we may soon make the announcements you eagerly await. As we often take care to point out, our ways are legitimate and in accordance with the law. 

We encourage positive actions, and you have excelled at keeping the pressure upon those who support the dark forces. We shall gladly say that you are not put off by their rhetoric and false statements, and certainly cannot be deterred from your path which you know to be true and worthwhile. This is one situation that the dark cannot buy their way out of, although they think nothing of massive bribery and corruption to achieve their aims. 

Our plan is of long standing with a clear objective in view, and we are pleased to say that it is soon to take a quantum leap forward. The dark have to continually change their plans, and lack real purpose beyond trying to destabilise areas that they desire to control. It is a policy that will no longer bear fruit, and will be the undoing of what they hope to achieve. 

People are much more informed and interested in worldly affairs. They are also wiser to the methods of the dark and not so easily fooled. However, their compatriots sit at the head of almost every other country, and there is an attempt to bring all under global control. In spite of how it appears, this is not easy even for the vast power of the controlling Illuminati families. Behind the scenes we are laying the foundation for major changes. It shall start with the keystone to our plan, that of introducing a new financial system that is based on precious metals. 

Your media, which is controlled by the dark, is filled with stories of death and destruction, and that is their way of causing despair and lack of hope. You who have become aware of the agenda of the dark see beyond the immediate effects, and counter it in your own way. You have a saying that it is darkest before the dawn, and this is the time you are now in. Without your understanding, it would be incomprehensible that out of the headlong rush into oblivion that another way is revealing itself. 

The Light has settled upon Earth and grows day by day, touching the hearts of more and more people. There is a new confidence that has come into being since the Millennium, as if someone switched your path to a new track. That was indeed the case as Humanity signalled its readiness to rise up, and attracted the support it needed to be successful. Through the Spiritual Hierarchy great Councils convened a meeting. It was decided that Man should be given the opportunity to show that the Light could bloom on Earth, into a formidable force for change. That decision has been proved to be wise, and in a relatively short time you have responded well to the new energies. 

The dark have no answer to the Light, and can only continue their fear tactics hoping to halt progress. The inevitable will happen and events are about to occur that are beyond their control. They will shout and scream, but it will be to no avail and they will fall foul of the very actions they thought would carry them through. History is full of stories about dictators who thought themselves impregnable, and you will find that they bring about their own destruction. Your last cabal know that the truth is coming out about their devious actions, and they are unable to silence the growing numbers of people who stand forth prepared to speak the truth.  

We have mentioned many times that people will be in for a great shock when they learn of how they have been manipulated by a whole succession of leaders. Some have been looked up to and recognised for carrying the Light, but overall the Illuminati have ensured that their supporters have come out on top. Their blatant tactics have shown their arrogance in believing themselves to be beyond the law. Two consecutive Presidential elections have been rigged to falsify the result, and you are paying dearly for not having called the people involved to account for their actions. 

However, all is not one sided to say the least, and the Light has been allowed to counteract the dark. As a result you have for the first time started to understand the ways of the dark. You have seen, and continue to see your rights eroded as the laws that should protect you have been weakened or overridden. This has brought a response and a movement that looks to restore your rights written into the Constitution. These were not Manís Laws, but God given through Man to ensure your freedom. 

It will not be too long before this period of time will seem but as a bad dream. Changes will come so quickly that you will not dwell upon the past, although you must fully understand it to appreciate your immediate future. You have heard frequently about duality, and it is the reason that you have previously been unable to permanently ground the Light. As soon as you have overcome one challenge the dark have been let loose again, and so your path has repeatedly swung in one direction and then the other. 

Now you are in the final straight and the time of the dark is ending. So look upon what is happening now as their last gasp, and the final act in their attempt to conquer you. The end times have been divinely decreed, and it is not within the capabilities of any mere mortal to change them. You are well on the path to Ascension and a wonderful future awaits you. You are all acting out the last scenes having learnt your lines well. If you can see this time as the end of a great experience that will now come to a conclusion, you will realise that it can no longer hurt you unless you allow it. 

I am St. Germain and tell you that everything planned; including duality has been approached with great love and consideration. It was never intended that you should find your own way out without help. It has always been there, and now you shall see the magnificence of the Beings of Light as they come closer to you. You will be blessed and healed, and released from your traumas, never to return to this level of being unless you so choose. 

Raise your consciousness sufficiently and you will find it will carry you through these testing times. Make allowances for others who cannot yet do so, as some are unable to break away from the negative energies that have engulfed them. Eventually the Light will awaken them, but it is not easy after millennia of time living in the dark. Through your own progress and the bringing of Light to Earth, you are helping every one else to rise up, and all will eventually be brought into the higher levels of consciousness. The Creator has planned for all to return to the path of Light, and you may rest assured that your fellow companions will not be left behind. The Creator is all Love, and Love is the motive power behind all things and it exists for all Infinity.   

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.