St. Germain  14-July-06


As we have often informed you, we have the advantage of seeing into the activities of Earth. We presently see much happening and the Middle East is continuing to become unstable. Much of this is deliberately brought about by the dark forces, who look for situations that can be used to sustain the chaos.


For our part we closely watch the developments and have what you would call inside knowledge. This enables us to counteract some of the plans to escalate the problems. We use the existing circumstances and turn them around to prevent matters getting totally out of hand. As usual the conflicts are fully in your eyes, and it challenges you to take some action to bring calmness and find a peaceful solution.


The voice of those who seek world peace grows stronger, and this gives us the authority to proceed with our plan to bring a halt to wars. As with any individual so with humanity as a whole, we need your “permission” to intervene. Your freewill is the guiding force, and as much as we would like to bring an end to your problems right now, there are other considerations.


What you are going through is conditioning you so that you will know the right response in future. It is generally accepted that Atlantis really existed and met its demise some 10,000 years ago. Imagine the trauma and lasting effect that experience had upon those involved. It would be natural that you would say “never again” and here you are traveling a similar path that also spells disaster. That is, it would if you did nothing about it, and that is your challenge this time around.


Deep within the psyche of so many of you is the memory of the last days of Atlantis. The end was dramatic and quick, but the landmasses were already breaking up a long time beforehand. You saw the signs that pointed the way to destruction and failed to stop them. This time you face a similar problem, and it is no good looking the other way otherwise the inevitable will happen. To your credit there is a strong movement of various groups, that are seeking to bring a halt to the last cabals insane headlong rush into war. Your efforts are making a difference and help defuse the situation. You are much more powerful than you realize, and the thought form for positive change gathers pace.


This time around you vowed that you would not idly sit by and allow the dark to operate with impunity. Many are stirred into action as a result, and your combined efforts are paying off. Do not for one moment believe that the dark are too powerful to topple as they are not, and already they are frustrated in their efforts to get a greater grip on the people. Every individual effort makes for a formidable force for good. You really are winning this battle, but are unlikely to realize it until the outcome is clearly seen.


There will come a time not too far away when you will look back with incredibility, to think you were instrumental in bringing peace and change to the world. We have never wavered in our expectations about you, and the plan for the end times is safe in your hands. The Creator could alter things at a stroke, but that is not necessary or indeed desirable if you are to leave this cycle with your heads held high. You are far enough down the road to victory to not turn back, you only need to keep focused on the outcome you desire.


People of the Light understand their responsibilities to Man, and never stop working to create the conditions that are favorable to an end of the darkness that engulfs your world at present. You have spent far too long wasting your energies and time preparing for one war after another, and it is now becoming widely accepted that you cannot continue to go on this way. The movement for change continues unabated and it gathers strength through the efforts of the many various groups working for peace.


There will come a time when you will look back at this period, and find it unbelievable that you succeeded in bringing peace to a world that was in turmoil. You will already have risen above the lower dimensions, and know for certainty that there will be no return to the days of old. Your new experience will be in the realms of Light and you will have no worries or the burden of physical needs, and will become co-creators with God. Your every need will be created instantly through your power of thought. You have yet to feel the beauty and joy of the higher dimensions, with their unending creations and wonderful Beings that inhabit them. The pain and heartache of life upon Earth will soon be forgotten, amid the happiness and everlasting love that will surround you. This is your real home and it awaits your return.


I am St.Germain and I am your Guide through this time of change, call on me if you need my strength. I am serving in love to each and every soul, who is also held in the Love of the Creator.


Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.