Diane  13-July-06


With all the attention on the anticipated act that will remove the last cabal, do not forget to concentrate on your own development. This may be the end of their reign, but it is the beginning of the most exciting period in your life, indeed it will be extraordinary. You have expectations, because along with the many teachers we have prepared you for this time.


You will be overjoyed to find that the changes proceed at a very rapid pace. They will exceed your visions of what you have imagined, as it will be an incredible journey that will take you into the higher realms. The plan is to move along very quickly, and events will happen simultaneously across the world. The size of the challenge is formidable by your standards, but with our unlimited capabilities and resources all will proceed satisfactorily.


An important factor will be to keep you fully informed as to what is taking place. To this end we shall ensure that there are communications through the various media outlets. We shall have our own channels that are operated directly from our craft and our information will go worldwide. There will naturally be some doubts as to our motives, and we will need first to clearly explain why we are here. Particularly as many will have only heard of our existence just prior to our arrival.


Apart from assisting you and Mother Earth to prepare for Ascension, you may wonder how far our help will extend. It will be complete as far as the restoration of Earth, and help bring the new one into existence. These actions are as necessary as your own growth in consciousness, to bring the new You into being. There is much to learn at a spiritual level so that any misconceptions are removed. The most important fact to note is that you enjoy infinite life and immortality. Whatever way you view the completion of this cycle, understand that everyone will move on to exactly the correct level for the continuation of their evolution.


It should also be pointed out that any person incarnating at this auspicious time, would have known in advance what opportunities presented themselves. There is not a single soul that will not have gained by experiencing these end times. This dimension in duality offers the quickest path to advancement through your experiences. As hard as it may be to handle the challenges thrown at you, it is also the most rewarding one to be in. Nowhere else could you evolve at such a fast rate, and as you are immortal you may wonder why there appears to be some urgency in our comments.


The fact is that there is no pressure upon you to hurry your evolution, which is why provisions have been made for those who remain in the 3D vibration. The Creator’s plan is perfect, and allows for your choice in accordance with the freewill granted to you. The urgency if any is to ensure that those desiring to ascend do not lose sight of their goal. It is sometimes easy to get distracted, and at worst experience doubt and falter in your preparations. Whilst you have a lot to do, at the same time immense support will be given. Each stage of Ascension will be carefully explained, and it will present no problems to you. Many Beings will follow us after First Contact, and many will also be identified that are already amongst you who will take the positions of leadership.


What will delight you is the way the vibrations will rise up after the dark energies are cleansed from the planet. You will notice the difference, as the higher vibrations will energize you and bring you an unparalleled feeling of peace and harmony. At the same time your body will be changing as it goes into the final stages of cleansing, which started for some of you many years ago. It will be easier to lift yourself up after the lower energies are transmuted.


You will have many wonderful experiences, as you are introduced to the Angelic Beings that will travel with you on this journey. Oh yes, they certainly exist and their soul is as yours and a part of the Creator. They are powerful yet represent all that is gentle and caring, and have nothing but love for you all. You have already had angelic protection through your time in this cycle, and many will get to know their personal Angels. The Masters will attend to your spiritual evolution, and it is most essential that you move up with a clear understanding of your place in spirit. The Truth Is, and there is no more time for anything but the truth to be taken with you as you ascend.


Be ready in your mind to accept that you have had many lives experiencing all manner of beliefs, worshipped many different gods and fought for them. Now you will put those experiences in their place to serve you another day. Nothing is lost that serves others, and that is your destiny. One God answers to whatever name you wish, and has always been at your side regardless of how far you have strayed. One God that is All Love to each and every one of you.


These present times are playing out their last acts of duality. Let them run to their natural conclusion and know the end is near. You really do not have much longer to wait, and what is a little more time to ensure the perfection of the final acts against the whole cycle you have been through. Rather than become impatient or frustrated, look at the positive gains that await you. Think further ahead, and begin to taste freedom and release from the stranglehold of the dark. Your day is coming, and what joy and celebrations we shall all have.  I am Diane of Sirius, and suggest you keep yourselves wrapped in the Love and Light that is around you, and is your protection.


Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.