Ag-agria  12-July-06


From our point of view which is far broader than yours, we see your two realities becoming further apart. It is not that everyone on Earth is aware of them, but we see people having to make a choice. For a long time there has been growing evidence of two separate agendas, and many now see that a clear split is occurring. You can no longer sit in the middle or pretend that the specter of continuing upheaval will somehow go away. The dark have the intent to continue creating chaos, and are relentless in their striving for world domination.


However, the forces of Light are also becoming bold, and are taking a stand against those who they see as bent on bringing disaster and confusion to the world. The awakening of people has accelerated, and they are becoming wiser as to what has been going on for many years. It was not all that long ago, that you could generally speaking trust your government to work in your interests. Unfortunately those who put self first have infiltrated it, and corruption has become a normal aspect of day-to-day working.


There are no weapons involved in the fight for supremacy, but the Light has right on its side and is helped by those unseen forces that oversee the affairs of Earth. We are of course very much a part of your unrelenting desire to bring back peace, and restore your rights. A measure of any law is whether it is based on compassion, and addresses the needs of Humanity to alleviate want and suffering. What you see now is a government set on taking away your rights, and instigating even more draconian controls than ever before.


Within each person is a knowing of what is right or wrong and it comes from your Higher Self. The challenge is to rise up against those who would trap you into total obedience to their laws. They are simply there to enable them to force you to comply with restrictions of movement and free expression. Their way is to progressively make it more difficult for you to oppose them by holding you bondage to them.


Humans have shown that they can be very brave and resilient when faced by unreasonable demands. Your history is full of brave actions that have overcome mighty forces. Today you stand in the same position, and when your saviors appear they will need every bit of your support. Indeed you already have many fine souls that have come to Earth with a mission to hold the dark in check, and some have become very well known for their activities. Know that these people are aware we support them, and it helps give them the courage they need to fulfill their tasks.


You could be forgiven for thinking that the dark have all of the power, but this is far from the truth. It is just that those working for the Light go about it quietly and without fuss. The greatest help to bring about the needed changes is awareness, and through your Internet the truth can be freely expressed and disseminated amongst people. This is vital but even so discretion must be used, as naturally the dark also have their websites of disinformation. Those who make a point of keeping up with the latest news, do not however usually have any problem in discerning which ones they are.


Understand that as with spiritual messages, those that engender fear are not from the highest sources. Fear is the main weapon of the dark and their aim is to cause confusion and chaos. If you follow messages from the Galactic Federation, you will note that matters related to the dark are explained, but never put before you in the manner of creating fear. In fact, it is the opposite as we set out to allay your fears, and acquaint you with the loving support you get from the higher dimensions.


You will find that when we arrive following the time First Contact can be announced, it will have been achieved by peaceful means. That is our way and all of our members have renounced the ways of force and aggression. Yes, if we have no alternative we will defend ourselves, but that is a last resort. Your dark forces may raise their hand against us, and they have Starwars to control the space around your planet. However, their efforts would even so be quite futile against our advanced technology. We have often shown them that we can deactivate their nuclear warheads, and they know that we are totally aware of all of their hidden bunkers. Be assured that we can protect you and ourselves if any attempt was made to introduce weapons of mass destruction into space.


We in fact participate in Earthís activities more than you can imagine and we do not look for publicity, and equally the dark do not wish you to know that they can be held in check. To be candid, they do not want to admit to our presence and certainly wish to keep secret the number of meetings they have had with us. When Earth and its people have been in danger from your nuclear experiments we have warned your governments, but of course they largely ignore them because they put their own selfish interests first.


You have literally been kept in the dark over so many issues, and the Illuminati certainly believe that ignorance is bliss. The truth does however get out and you have much to learn about the last 100 years. With Space exploration so many secrets have been uncovered about your deep past. Both old and new bases on the Moon and Mars have been photographed and investigated, but of course you are not intended to know of them. There are also ET bases on Earth and some are by authorization of your government. You are deliberately kept in the dark about such matters, and even worse given false information.


Dear Ones, I am Ag-agria of The Galactic Federation, and I tell you that when we arrive on Earth, we shall uncover and reveal all of the hidden secrets. You will be given true details about your Earth and its place in the solar system, and your history that has always involved contact with ETís. There will be no need to conceal the truth any longer, and you will find it easier to accept your connection to us. We truly are your family and we shall greet you as such.


Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.