Atmos  11-July-06


Dear Ones, you worry about your circumstances as you travel your final journey upon this Earth. This is normal for most of you whether you are aware of Ascension or not, and more relevant to those who do not realize they are immortal. You all look for something to cling to that will carry you through life, as do those who have no real goal and are still searching for a purpose.


Again although it may not appear so, each of you are working to a life plan and those who carry the dark energies are no exception. How else could it be if you are to progress in an orderly way. It would otherwise simply be chaotic, whereas behind everything that happens is a plan that ensures your spiritual evolution. If you look at your history you will see a clear pattern of growth that is triggered by important events that often follow a down turn.


If you are going to learn through experience you cannot have Heaven upon Earth, otherwise your opportunities to grow would be very far and few between. Earth is a school for souls desiring to experience in ways that will allow their consciousness to expand. To make any sense it has to be arranged through your soul contract, and Higher Beings assist you to ensure your life plan is completed.


Freewill is given to you, and it is usual to allow for the manifestation of situations you have agreed to in your pre-life plan. Being important to your overall evolution, if by chance you elected to by-pass certain events, you would only have to confront them on a future occasion. For those who are not ready for Ascension it may not be so critical, as they will continue to experience in the 3rd dimension. For those who are preparing to leave this dimension behind, it is imperative that they see out their karmic responsibilities. Because it is the end-time, many will find that this life is particularly challenging. It is the time to present Karma to you that you can now handle because of your growing awareness and understanding.


Given that you are somehow as individuals able to work out your Karma together, it is one of those remarkable achievements of planning by Spirit. You may touch other people on your journey, but only the key players will become involved in the serious business of clearing Karma. When you come to think about it, what is even more astonishing is that through it all Humanity manages to continually evolve. As a whole you are ever moving forward, and it is achieved by planning the incarnation of special souls who are your leaders in the many fields of human experience.


Because spiritual laws allow for the balancing of the Dark and Light, you will perhaps see that until the cycle ends one or the other is not allowed to achieve total dominance. Now with the end well in sight it has been decreed that the Light shall be victorious, and it matters not what happens where the dark are concerned, as they cannot overcome the Light.


The Light is always superior to the dark, and it is the powerful force that is now transmuting the dark energies. Look at the larger picture and know that the vibrations are uplifting and the dark are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain their hold. They can only achieve their goal by effectively making a prison out of Earth. This they have been striving to do for millennia of time, and they do it by taking away your rights.


The Light has been allowed to balance this out, and in a way that is far more subtle. Great Beings have come to the fore ready to stand in as soon as the last cabal have been removed. They have enormous influence and a charisma that attracts people to them, and they are beacons of Light within the dark. Most important are the energies being sent to Earth that are uplifting the consciousness of every one who is responding to them. The dark try to bring people into abject fear and make it difficult for them to release from such energies.


We have suggested on many occasions that you center yourself and stay within the space you have created. It will be your protection, and enable you to remain calm regardless of what is happening without. It is still very good advice, as it is possible to view what is happening around you without being pulled into it. Remember that unless your Karma requires that you are involved in some way with the darks activities, you can sit back and know that they will not be able to touch you. As soon as you fear what you see, you are inviting the energies to be attracted to you.


If you feel it necessary and helpful to your peace of mind, learn how to place protection around you through the use of Light visualization. It will help to keep negative energies away from you, and also entities that are of a low vibration that still walk the Earth. This is why any teacher will encourage you to practice such sensible precautions. Those of you who take drugs and excess alcohol are prone to experiencing the attachment of such entities, which seek experiences with people who have an open aura that can be entered. You have probably read of their experiences, and it is extremely unpleasant.


Generally speaking, people have only a limited understanding of how the various life forms interact. For the moment concentrate on the positive aspects, and try to find those special quiet moments when you can contact your Higher Self. In meditation or prayer you will lift up your vibration, and it is also a time when your Guides or other Beings can approach you. Try to take the calmness and peaceful feeling around with you, and be sure not to be caught unawares. You will be sorely tested at times by what is going on around you, but keep your emotions in check and you will not fail.


I am Atmos of The Galactic Federation, and along with my colleagues also from Sirius watch your earthly activities with interest. We see the Light reaching high levels that suggest it will not be long now before the dark is defeated. Hold each other in your loving energies and know you can create your own protection.


Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.