St. Germain  10-July-06


I wish to remind you that in your present role on Earth, you are an aspect of yourself chosen to play out particular events that are important to your evolution. You bring with you unfinished business, and also situations that you have previously enacted one way, and now desire to play differently. These are decisions you make between incarnations, with a view to advancing along your evolutionary path. Each and every one of you goes through these times of decision-making.


You do so standing aside of your previous personalities, as the important issue is your overall spiritual progress. You are able to understand the result of your thoughts and actions from within the center of Self, and it reaches out to all those souls that were also affected. At present you can only observe other peoples re-actions, but you do not know of their true feelings or what goes through their mind, and do not therefore have the full picture. The result is that you begin to understand the responsibility you carry with you during your lifetimes.


The outworking of karmic situations therefore challenges you to make decisions that are commensurate with the lessons to be learnt. Your chances of being successful are enhanced by accepting that you are all One. With this understanding you are more likely to work to the principle that what you do to others, you also do to yourself. You will certainly have reached an advanced stage of understanding when you can view others as yourself.


You are all connected with each other, yet many of your world- wide problems result from believing that you are somehow separate. Many make judgements based on peopleís color, or which country they live in. If only more of you could realize that you are souls that exist within the body of God. There will come a time when each and everyone of you will recognize the god within each other. Whatever your beliefs, you are All One choosing to experience in the cycle of duality.


With Ascension coming ever nearer, so the vibrations rise ever higher. With it so will your consciousness, providing you make your physical body a suitable receptacle to receive the higher energies. You will find spiritual progression a quite natural development, and as time progresses it will become that much easier. Of course you have to apply yourself to it, and by your very desire to ascend you attract the incoming energies to yourself.


Clearly people are at all different stages of development, and you cannot necessarily determine how far any particular individual has progressed. By their actions and words you will know the Lightworkers, because they have grasped the truth of Oneness. They live their truth for all to see and are Masters incarnate.


Do not be afraid to express your truth when challenged, the times of concealment have long past. Man has always had a reluctance to stand

up against established beliefs, and in bygone ages the penalty for doing so was often death. It is incumbent upon those who carry the truth of the Light to be open and invite discussion. There is a great seeking of the truth, and people are more receptive to it now than they have been for some time. The general level of consciousness has risen, and will continue to do so because of the ever-increasing vibration upon Earth.


It will not be too long before the Masterís return, and that will bring about revelations of Manís true purpose and destiny. There will be no question of the truth being misunderstood, and those developing a higher consciousness will intuitively know it to be so. This period of time will be beneficial to everyone, as the facts will impinge on their consciousness regardless of whether or not they accept them. Every minute detail connected with your experiences travels with you, and will be instrumental in determining your future actions.


If you look back a short time, I am sure on reflection you will agree that your consciousness has expanded. Use your understanding to help others who are confused by what is happening. They observe a world going crazy and seemingly hell bent on destruction, and fear disturbs their mind and body. This is when you can gently enlighten people with the truth, and calm their fears. Make it known that they are in a cleansing period prior to the Earth being made new. Let them be aware that those who aspire to ascend with the Earth, can no longer be held back.


Lightworkers will have no hesitation in seeking the path that leads to Ascension, as their time in duality is drawing to a close. They are preparing themselves for the changes, and find they have less attraction for the material things of Earth. The higher dimensions beckon with all of their beauty and harmony, their peace and tranquillity, a heavenly existence that can only be dreamt of in your wildest dreams.


Whilst still upon the Earth, wait no longer to manifest your true self, and be exactly as you visualize yourself, and lift yourself up and flow with the new energies pouring down upon Earth. Allow your love and Light to illuminate everything around you. Your energy along with everyone elseís is helping to manifest and ground the new energies. The old vibrations are breaking up and will soon disappear having no place where the new Earth is concerned.


I am St. Germain, and I would wish to see you acknowledging in all whom you see, your Brothers and Sisters.Their problems are your problems, and it is time to recognize that your destiny lies with each other. The warring must cease, as until it does so there can be no coming together essential to the next stages in preparation for Ascension. I say go about your day to day existence determined to light the way for those who still dwell in the dark and ignorance, let your Light shine out and bring hope and joy into their lives.


Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey