Ker-On  07-July-06 

What is a day in your life, just a mere fraction of the time you spend on Earth. For some it can be very repetitious and nothing very exciting seems to happen, but it is not necessarily the outer events that are the most important. You observe what is happening around you, and are accessing the information and placing it in your belief system. It shapes your perception and understanding, which is perpetually changing around. 

You only have to think back some ten years to realise how quickly you can change your outlook. Pre-Millennium there was apprehension and uncertainty at what the future might hold. Some of you were positive that the end times were upon you, and ready for the Apocalypse. The reality is that they were, but you surpassed the likelihood of a catastrophic ending of the world. 

You are still not certain about the power of your thoughts, but be assured that they hold the key to your immediate future. You are familiar with the idea that “you are what you eat”, and that is a true statement. However, “you are also what you think” and it is a powerful statement as to who you are. When numbers of you get together with similar thoughts in mind, they manifest in a way that becomes part of your reality. It may take time, but you will have set in motion an energy that will bring a result in the course of time. 

The concept of NESARA and its benefits is one example of how you have brought about its full potential. Through the unstinting efforts of many of you it has become widely known. It has made you think and realise that abundance can be a reality in your time, in spite of the existing system that has allowed the privileged few to plunder your wealth. Instead of accepting the status quo, you have come to realise that there could be another way that can lead to a much fairer distribution. This is an example of your power of thought that grew from the seed of an idea that was born of necessity. 

You have fully taken up the ideas that formed the basis of NESARA. It has helped you to focus on your rights, and rightly demand that your sovereignty and freedom are restored. For many years it has gradually been eroded to the advantage of those who wish to place you under their total control. Now the energy of change that you have created requires that you re-claim that which is your birthright. You voice your opinions with authority because you realise that you have the true law on your side. 

By having been made aware of your rights, it has brought out a forceful determination to reverse what has happened to take away your freedom. The Illuminati exercise their control through the attraction of power and money, and many buy into their ideas for this reason. However, the privileged few do not represent the whole, and millions of people are creating the thoughts that will reverse that situation. Having made that decision which is in accordance with the laws of the Creator, you attract outside help such as ours. 

The Galactic Federation has been charged with the authority to give strength to your determination to return to your true selves, and remove those obstacles that have been placed upon your path. It has also been appraised of the vital changes that must precede the lifting up. Bear in mind, that although the Federation is composed of Beings from other planets, it is also one whose motives and ideas are spiritually orientated. Overriding any action that is proposed is a vast Hierarchy of Spiritual Beings that are beholden to the Creator’s plan. 

You need have no concern as to what the dark forces plan, because they have no backing other than from their own cohorts and minions. Their plan is not the one acceptable for the end times, although within certain boundaries it has had to be allowed. Remember that freewill is applied all round, and it is your choice as to which path you follow. 

By now many of you will have heard of the Anunnaki who have now left Earth. They were attracted to it some 6000 years ago by the low vibrations that still existed following the demise of Atlantis. They also saw that Man was superstitious and in awe and fear of his Gods, and took advantage of that situation for their own advancement. They exercised their freewill to control Man, and even today it still has an effect that has infiltrated many teachings. 

Now you have grown in your understanding of the Light, and unlike before you now attract those Beings who are of the Light. They come to lead you out of the dark energies, so that you may prepare for Ascension. Of course your history correctly shows that great Beings of Light came to Earth at various intervals, and this was in deference to those who stood aside from the dark. There has always been a balance maintained between the two. 

Now you stand at the crossroads and soon there will be a definitive path that offers the opportunity to ascend. The alternative is to proceed much as if no changes had occurred at all. Absolutely no one is placed at a disadvantage, and you would all have been aware of the coming of this period. You will have worked towards this time through many previous lives. Those who have desired Ascension have worked conscientiously to walk a path ensuring success. That has been open to anyone who felt they were ready. 

In all that happens there is an overview by Great Spiritual Beings that control your destiny. They make their decisions with Love and every consideration as to what is best for All. They are bound by the Laws of the Universe that are applied evenhanded. Even the dark is included as they too still hold the Light within them. It matters not that some have lost their way or deny their God, they have all infinity to find the Path of Light once again. 

I am Ker-On from Venus and ask you not to waver when the end is so near. The end is a new beginning, and both will overlap until the Light takes total control. It is manifesting at ever increasing rates, and you must lift up with it. Victory over the dark forces approaches ever nearer, the battle is won. 

Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey.