Ag-agria  06-July-06


You chose the cycle of duality as one in which to have your experiences. Even now some of you are choosing whether to take the opportunity for Ascension, and there is no pressure upon you to do so. In repeated cycles you are continually making decisions that suit your evolutionary path, and it may not for example always be in the Human form as you understand it.


There were times on Earth when you were amphibious and had gills that enabled you to remain under water for long periods. These are not to be confused with abnormal bodies resulting from genetic engineering, carried out in Atlantean times. There were abominations resulting from their experiments, and your myths and legends record such Beings as the Mermaid and the Minotaur. Every so often you find some evidence of genetic displacement, and people have been born with scales such as the fish, or other appendages. It is also not at all unusual for babies to have prominent tails that are the result of hybrids of Humans and Reptoids.


Do not be worried by this knowledge, as properly conducted genetic changes have improved the Human Race. It has been carried out by very advanced techniques over a long period of time. It is your immediate space families who have advanced your capabilities to modern Man as you understand it today. There have been mistakes, and your Bible recalls the time when a complete experiment was halted. Realize that the souls coming in at such a time knew what they were undertaking, and they lost nothing as far as their personal evolution was concerned.


Your own Earth Scientists have already experimented with the Human Form. As is the case with many of them, they secretly carry out their work on humans because it would not be approved. The danger of creating hybrids, is that some will only be able to house automatons. It would not take much for you to appreciate that your present bodies are marvels of creation. They can house intelligent Beings such as yourselves, and allow for every expression of emotions. As you may have found out, some Beings such as your Greys have no emotions and find the concept difficult to understand.


If we told you that you were an experiment, it would sound as though you were godless. It is not you personally but duality that is the experiment, and the Creator desires to know how you would handle freewill in such circumstances. When you took up the challenge you little knew what it would entail. However, you willingly allowed yourselves to leave the higher dimensions behind. You were assured that you could not loose your soul, and no matter what depths you fell into, you would always retain your God spark. It was with joy and happiness you entered upon the path of duality, and it was considered an exciting opportunity to further your evolution.


You are those great Beings that set out millennia of time ago, and now your awareness is being restored so that once again you may scale the dimensions that lead to home. Already you are experiencing the changes within self, and it is one of understanding how your growth in consciousness can be expressed in your daily life. You are beginning to see things from a completely different standpoint. Firstly you are recognizing the divinity within each soul, and treat them with respect for what they are. With it comes an understanding that all are equal, and that they have their unique place in the Oneness of All That Is. You see not the separation that appears to exist, but the free expression given to all souls in this cycle.


You learn not to make judgement against another Being, as you are not yet blessed with all knowledge. It will come, and you will rise up with superconsciousness fully restored. It is an almost impossible level to understand in your present vibration. All is in fact speeding up and you are already on the path to Ascension. There is no ego involved with it, and it is a natural progression as you evolve. Every single soul will eventually return to the Godhead, and the “breathing in” will not be complete until the very last one has returned.


Now you will understand that in the coming together All become One again. Every one you now see carrying out their role in duality, will eventually rise up again and there is no exception. That must ease your concern about the fate of those who still dwell in the dark energies. Do not condemn them, rather send your love in recognition of their everlasting connection to the Creator.


These are testing times for you, and we do not intend our remarks to be considered flippant, but all life is a game. Like the pieces on the chessboard, they go back to the start again once the battle is over. You can play the game as many times as you like, but always they are there and intact for the next one. What you perceive as harm and destruction has no lasting effect, as all will eventually return to its original state.


Try to see beyond the outer happenings, as we have already told you that the restoration of Earth will be completed before Ascension. We also guide those of you who desire to ascend, so that your transition may be successful. All is being made new again even as you look for those signs that would tell you so. It is ongoing and will speed up before long, and we shall help you to understand exactly what it will mean to you.


I am Ag-agria of The Galactic Federation and we closely follow developments on Earth. We will ensure you enter the new period of activity unscathed, and the threat of war will not be allowed to change the course that has been set for you. Do not fall for the tactics that are meant to evoke fear, and stay fully in your Light. We are with you, and protect you always.


Thank you Ag-agria,

Mike Quinsey.