Diane  05-July-06 

Inasmuch as you have all created your present reality, so your thoughts, deeds and words have created that which is to come. Creation is a continual process allowing for many expressions of your desires, which will take many of you out of duality and into the higher dimensions of Light. 

You find your correct level through the Law of Attraction, and it ensures that everyone will have found it by the beginning of the new cycle. You have worked hard and long to reach this critical point in time, and your Guides have also worked closely with you to ensure your success. Having come this far there is no longer a chance of failure, and your success is guaranteed by your own higher vibration. 

Once you achieve a certain level you place yourself out of reach of the lower vibrations, and they can no longer have an effect upon you unless you allow it. You will have developed a calm detachment from what is going on around you. In this way you give no energy of yourself to the dark forces, and easily deflect their attempts to embroil you in their activities. 

Almost without realising it, you have lifted yourself up and find that you have complete control over your emotions. You have become one of the “meek” that are to inherit the Earth, and in this case the new Earth. This does not mean the “weak” and you stand tall in the power of your Light. It is in this quiet knowing that you find your strength that has no boundaries or limitations. 

You are already manifesting your Light, and as you add to the Light quotient so the consciousness of Man is also raised. You are instrumental in bringing down the Light through yourself and anchoring it upon Earth. Multiply these actions by the Light of the millions of Lightworkers that encircle the Earth, and you have the necessary ingredients for your Ascension. Spiritual Beings will come to Earth specifically for that purpose, and will highlight the final phases of your path to Ascension. You need have no concern as to how you will raise yourself in those last important years. Progress will be rapid, and without the distraction of the dark you will be able to concentrate on your soul evolution. 

It is not that what you face is daunting or unknown to you, as you have travelled a similar path before, except that it is lost to your waking memory. You are returning to your real home and what could be more natural to you. You have been in the shadow worlds for so long that you have forgotten who you really are. Now you are beginning to realise how great you are, and held in great esteem and revered for your undertaking to experience duality. 

What you are bringing into the Light is millennia of experience that will assist the evolution of those who follow. No one else need travel the exact journey you are about to complete. Know that everything you have gone through is of value, and every act and deed has added to the wealth of information available. 

You are beginning to understand the truth about yourselves, and we do not say you are great simply to boost your egos. It little matters how low you have dropped into the ways of the dark, and there is no need to chastise yourself. There is always a way back to the Light, and no soul is damned to stay in the dark forever. You may create your own hell, but when you are ready to emerge once again many will be on hand to assist you. 

On Earth you talk of lost souls, but in reality this is only temporary amnesia until you can lift yourself into the Light. Many may feel that they have lost their way, but sooner or later a chance will present itself showing an opportunity to get back. The Creator has nothing but Unlimited Love for all creations, and every chance is given to them to find their true selves. 

The truth is simple and only complicated through Man’s lack of understanding. You will never lose your inner quest for it, and no matter how many times you go astray you will always come back to it. These present times are those in which the truth is manifesting, and as it does all else will fall aside. There will no longer be a hiding place for those who perpetrate their false teachings upon Man. Perhaps you have already noticed how much discussion is centred around the various religious beliefs, and these must be brought into the open. No one religion is beyond the need for examination, and soon all will be appraised by the Masters returning to Earth. 

What you see happening around you, are the final upheavals that must necessarily precede the manifestation of the new Earth. It is part of the cleansing of negative energies that are holding up your next steps towards Ascension. It seems chaotic, but behind all happenings is a carefully laid plan. From our vantage point we can see more clearly than you where the most help is needed. We respond to your needs, and quietly work behind the scenes on your behalf and with divine authority. 

I am Diane a Sirian, and a member of The Galactic Federation fleets that encircle and protect Earth. We ensure that there is no outside interference with our plans. No one comes to Earth without our permission, and you can conclude from this that those ET’s with bases here and also on the Moon are known to us. Freewill is something that extends to all, but no one shall take advantage of your still limited consciousness. You are as yet unaware of the protocol that is applicable to visitors to Earth. They cannot come and go as they please, and answer to higher forces that monitor their presence. 

You are safe and being looked after, to ensure that the end times are reached with the fulfilment of the Creator’s plans. There is a certainty that you are now becoming aware of that tells you the changes are about to commence. We shall be watching over you, and you may be sure our Love will see you through these testing times. 

Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey