St. Germain  04-July-06 

Dear Ones there is a special feel about today, and it is generated by the expectation that minds will be turned to thoughts of peace and goodwill. A feeling that people try to capture and hold for as along as possible. It shows how powerful you can be when your focus is placed firmly on what you desire to manifest. Many people will address you and emphasise the need for peace, and ask for your prayers and thoughts to bring it into your reality. 

Virtually everyone seeks peace but often it is selfish and has terms that exclude other people. Peace that does not include everyone is shallow and destined not to last. The vision of a World Government that could bring the desired peace into being is admirable, but you cannot go against the Will of the people or use force to achieve it. 

Peace is obtained by common consent, and must honour the freedom and sovereignty of every single person. A cursory glance around you will tell you that you are a long way off from achieving it, and as long as you treat some as inferior or lesser than yourselves it will remain so. Peace is about loving all souls equally and recognising their right to exist. Understanding the Oneness of all life, and treating it with respect and dignity. This is sadly lacking at present, as those who lead you fail through the bad examples they set. 

Why should this condition of darkness exist at a time when so much is being done to awaken people to the Light? It is because you have created this reality over millennia of time. It cannot be changed overnight, but its effects are being lessened by the bringing down of higher energies. The dark energies can be transmuted, and this will weaken their ability to pursue their aims. World Government such as they envisage is one to create central control over every one of you. 

As with each individual, so with each country there is a designated path that is to be taken and it must follow its course. Like one big family there is no reason why they should not come together and work in harmony. Clearly you cannot work in isolation and it is intended that the powerful help those less fortunate. However, the powerful have used their position to dictate to others, and this is against any hopes of worldwide peace. 

You will already know that the Third World countries are kept down, and their populations decimated by illness and disease. Attempts by some organisations to alleviate the situation are largely ineffective, and often financial help is used corruptly. The Government and populations of such countries are targeted for takeovers so that their riches may be plundered.  

Clearly if ever peace was to have a chance, so much would have to change. Great Leaders are in waiting, but cannot gain control of forces that are dedicated to the masters of the dark forces. Massive changes are needed at many different levels, and it is currently beyond you Dear Ones of Earth. 

Today your thoughts go out to everyone with extra feeling, knowing the turmoil and disruption experienced through wars and natural disasters. You think back, and find throughout your history that there is rarely peace for anything but short periods of time. Even in your own lands you no longer feel secure, and not every threat comes from outside. 

America has had its greatness seized by the dark forces that would plunge it into endless confrontations. Unless a major change of direction takes place, that elusive peace will not be found. However, the problem has long been recognised and will not be allowed to fester much longer. This is the year that notable changes will take place, and a new path opened up that will lead to the manifestation of your dreams. The power to change the course of Humanity lies in your hands, and we shall assist you by joining in with your prayers. 

Be assured that every thought and prayer is known and acted upon. Independence Day revives memories of when you came together as one Soul of the Nation. A Day when you recognised your destiny, and laid down the basis for your spiritual development in a material environment. A Day when you recognised your role as Guardians of the Planet. 

Celebrate this chance to reawaken to your glory and still lead the world into the Light. It will come, and your prayers will be a powerful contribution to removing the dark energies that stand in your way. Your destiny must be fulfilled and so it will be, and once more you will stand tall and love shall guide your footsteps. There will be a wonderful coming together, and old battles and differences will no longer have a place in your hearts. 

Recognise the One Family that you are, and how you have all played your part in bringing about the experiences that have taken you through duality. Now many of you have reached the end and ready yourselves for the next stage. It is time to start the climb back to the Source of All. The Creator set this cycle in motion, and now the Creator requires that it be drawn to a close through the process of Ascension. 

Your true independence will only start with Ascension, and then shall total freedom be yours forever. No human can deny you that which has already been decreed, and you can put your present problems into perspective knowing that they will only be short lived. The preparations have been made, and all that remains before they can start is to remove the dark forces. That plan is already in being and soon the most glorious events will commence upon Earth. 

I am St. Germain come to enjoin you to see through your present reality and its lack of foundation. It is to cease very soon, and should no longer have the power to direct your lives. There is a new Love and Light already here that will take you into the beyond. Go with it and leave the lower dimensions to those who find their solace within them. Let this day be one that re-affirms your commitment to Universal Love, and therein shall you find all that you desire. 

There are great gatherings in the Higher Realms of those souls who stand with you today. They pray for your release from the illusion of darkness, and light your path out of it. They lift you up that you may see the truth for yourselves, and that you are no longer subservient to those who would hold you back. On occasions like these Love and Light find their way to Earth so that you may experience the harmony of the spheres. Come all of you and join us in a great presentation of Unity and Oneness. 

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.