Diane  31-January-2007


Dear Ones you are seeing all around you much activity, and from many different sources great pressure is being put upon the dark and their minions. Also, many people are consciously picking up indications of how this reality is shaping.  In consequence there are many more messages being circulated that are sometimes out of agreement with each other. Furthermore there are also a number of sources that carry a bias that does not truly reflect the situation, and you must use your intuition to decide what is true. Finally, there are intentional messages of disinformation that you should have no difficulty in identifying.


These situations come about through the sensitive times you are in, and the number of different realities that have been created. Accept that there will be a certain difficulty in finding a single source of messages that can be relied upon every time, and simply be alert and careful as to what you accept. Having said that, you are the one who must be discerning and I say again use your intuition.


The changes that will enable a new phase to start are progressing to expectation, although the legal challenges over the Iraq War and 9/11 are necessarily slow. The good news is that it is all coming together and the results are not in doubt. As the truth comes out many of those in high places will hold their heads in shame. The pressure is telling on them as they have secrets to hide, and some may yet turn their back on the dark. The uncertainty can only help those working for the Light, as they close in on the ones who lead the dark activities.


We are taking steps along with our allies to prevent matters being escalated in the Middle East, as the whole area is in a state of chaos. Fortunately the organised demonstrations against the Iraq war are awakening many people, including government representatives. Their collective efforts may soon result in a political uprising, and we wait to see if it gains ground.


For those dedicated to the Light the energies manifesting on Earth continue to grow. They can now stand in their own Light that affords protection against the negative energies. Already in the short space of time that has elapsed since the New Year commenced, so much has been happening. Unfortunately your media has a bias to support those in power, and you will be hard pressed to find the real news. Your Internet still provides the best source of information, but again you need to be intuitive about what you accept.


The greatest boost to our plan has been the upsurge in public interest in the affairs of the nation. It is galvanising people to take action now that they are beginning to understand what has been taking place. We have told you many times of the immense power you have when you come together in a common cause. Furthermore, it gives us the authority to assist you in your freewill choice.


We would say the stage is set for the grand finale, and we see no reason to doubt the outcome. It may not seem so clear cut to your understanding, but we can see far ahead and we know the path you have stepped upon. As always we confirm that nothing will stop the people fulfilling their choice to ascend, as it is the path set out by the Creator for the completion of this cycle.


Meantime your Universe moves into the higher vibrations and you are carried with it. Very soon those vibrations that cannot be raised will ensure that another path is opened to release them, and for Earth that means those Beings that desire to stay within it will move away. This is quite normal at any stage in evolution, but is usually not on such a scale. The time of choosing has by no means passed, and many opportunities will still be given to those who are undecided as to their future.


Many of you have travelled with Mother Earth ever since you dropped into the lower vibrations, and your experiences have enriched you and made you the future ambassadors to other planets. You will understand this better when your consciousness is fully restored, and even now it is growing faster than at any previous stage. You are great Beings, and often do injustice to yourselves as over millennia of time you have been taught that you are unworthy.


Believe in yourselves and use your power to open up those dark areas that defy the Light, because they have no answer to it and it will bring change. Direct Light to those who you see at the forefront of the dark activities and surround them with it, and before long it will reach their heart centres. There is no person on Earth who can indefinitely deny the Light.


Our appraisal of what we see happening leads us to believe that you are just months away from seeing dramatic events that will start the changes in earnest. As always stay focussed and live your vision of the future now. It is near to manifesting and your continued help will hasten it along. Intervention will always remain an option, but with your new found strength and progress you have made there is no immediate concern or need for it.


I am Diane of the Galactic Federation, and I feel very much in sympathy for you and your as yet unrewarded efforts, but all that is to come in ways that are presently beyond your expectation. We who come to you from Sirius, and are so very close to you and have been since time immemorial, and we fully understand your concerns. Be assured that everything will work out fine.


The energies that surround your Earth are being grounded, and the upliftment is helping you along. Draw these energies to you, and feel the peace and calmness that results. Carry it with you wherever you go, and you will be doing a great service for everyone else. You now have the opportunity to be the natural loving Beings you were before you moved into this dimension; become again that which you really are as Gods in the making.


Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.