Ag-agria  29-January-2007 

You cannot fail to be moved by the energy that is building up on Earth. We have mentioned previously that the mass consciousness has been increasing exponentially, and it has now reached a high level of power. It is without a doubt bringing the changes about, and you only have to look around you to see the reverberations. People, who have hitherto been oblivious to what has been taking place, are awakening and joining the ranks of those that are becoming enlightened. 

There is only one result, and that will be the capitulation of your present Government. That moment is approaching quite quickly, and the pressures that are being applied upon them are holding up their plans. They try to ignore the obvious outcome and in their arrogance believe they can still avoid their fate; they certainly will not and they will have to face that unpalatable fact before much longer. The legal pressures alone are forcing their hand, and each time they try to run slipshod over the law they are alienating many more people. The disenchantment with the Government is now causing much dissension amongst its own ranks, and this will play a big part in their removal. 

Meantime, the Light upon Earth increases faster, and the stage will soon be set for changes that will eventually allow those dedicated to the Ascension path to take great steps forward. There will be leaders rising up for this very purpose, and they will be recognised for their spiritual qualities. The division of the people is not deliberate, but is unavoidable if those of the Light are to be allowed to freely progress. These are times when the different levels in peopleís consciousness are becoming noticed, and it has the effect of separating them. Those of the lower vibrations are not necessarily at ease with those who aspire to exist in the higher ones, yet they are often curious as to why and how they have changed. Lightworkers have a calm way of life, and their aura of peace attracts people. 

Now more than ever is the time to speak your truth, as sooner or later there will be many revelations about the true purpose of life. Nevertheless there is no need to impose your beliefs upon another. The truth will eventually come out in such a way that it will not be denied. It will cause much soul searching, but will clearly replace the many misconceptions that are related to religious teachings. The One Truth will be accepted by the vast majority of people, until only the rigid and inflexible attitudes of the minority will remain. 

Through these changes, what you now know as politics will change remarkably into what you might call a one party system. Because your representatives will be selected as spiritually aware Beings, only the one movement will be necessary. No longer would an opposition serve any purpose, as decisions would be made in the best interests of all people. Indeed, the whole manner and organisation of politics as you now understand it will change beyond recognition. When you add in the financial changes that are well advanced to ensure abundance and a fair distribution of wealth, you will see why the present set-up must be collapsed. 

We of the Galactic Federation have worked with people in high places that are able to handle the changes, and will continue to do so until complete control can be handed over to them. It is not our place to take over your planet, but we will work alongside you for as long as is necessary to ensure all is completed according to the Divine Plan. Of course we will be on hand to assist you in many different ways, and our tasks are to mainly relieve you of the difficult projects that appertain to the Earth itself. 

The new Earth is beginning to manifest, and it is another factor in all of the actions that are causing a speeding up of the changes. You are at the heart of all of them, and many Beings come to you in support and bring their powerful Light energies. The Angels, Masters and Elders come close and their presence is your assurance that you will succeed. Do not be distracted by the dark, as they play out their last attempts to avoid the truth of their failure to subdue the Light. The victims of their actions are karmically involved, and will nevertheless gain from their experiences. All has its purpose, even if it is not given to Man to fully understand it at the time. 

Help those who have gone astray, because it is only through touching the Light that they will understand a better way of life. The Light and Love is the cure for all ills and can change the very fabric of society. Through it the way will be recognised as one you have travelled before, and one you must travel to return to the Lighted Realms. Joy and happiness await you once the burdens of Earth are released, and harmony and balance will be restored. This will happen in the immediate years, and we see so many of you ready to make that quantum leap that will carry you forward. 

There are many paths that lead to fulfilment and completion; do not be concerned if others have a different plan. In Godís Kingdom you are granted absolute freedom to express yourself as you desire. No one way is considered superior to another, as all roads lead to home.  You all chose to experience duality, and so you shall also choose the next adventure you undertake. There are an incalculable number of Universes, and these are for you to explore. The time ahead is full of exciting opportunities that will carry you far, in your quest for knowledge and understanding. 

You will traverse the realms containing myriads of different life-forms, knowing that all has its beginning in the Source of All That Is. You will see magnificent creations that have manifested in the purest Light, massive thought forms that are perfection within them. There are colours beyond your present imagination in crystalline cities of dazzling beauty. All of this awaits the new Man that is rising up like the fabled Phoenix. 

I am Ag-agria from Sirius, and delighted to present you a vision of the future. It is yours and you shall claim it as the great souls that you are. Your journey is both ending and beginning, yet in reality it is but the same one. We come in Love and greet you as our own, and delight in your coming of age.    

Thank you Ag-agria                         

Mike Quinsey.