Ker-On  26-January-2007 

The stakes are high as both the dark and Light face each other in the final confrontation. However, there is no real contest as the Light has already been declared the winner. Both sides must accept the outcome that has already been ordained, although the dark deny their position in spite of the evidence to the contrary. The great revelation for the people has been their own enlightenment, which has brought out the truth. 

Now the truth reverberates all around, and has resulted in the people’s awareness fully opening up. The truth is bringing home to everyone that their responsibilities are manifold, and that the future of Humanity and the Earth is in their hands. It is you who have the power to mould the way events manifest. Far from being unable to determine your own future, you are very much dictating the pace at which it evolves. 

Humans are impatient, and yet at the same time have an innate capacity to absorb and resolve the problems that are thrown at them. Now there are massive public demonstrations taking place, and these will send a clear signal to those in authority that it is time to take notice of them. Ignoring the will of the people will only result in an escalation of such actions, and without your approval and support no power on Earth can survive for very long. 

You approach the dark from one side, and we come from the other one and it is a formidable force for good that will take over. Many undercurrents are taking place in both the military and government, and shortly those who are moving against the dark will declare their hand. Matters are poised to explode into action, and after what seems an interminable period the dark cabal will suddenly be forced out. They believe they are untouchable and hide their true activities, not realising that we are totally aware of them and their roles. 

Your strength in these times is our support, and although we cannot reveal the full extent of our activities you will know sufficient to realise that we are in charge. Force is not our way of working, and we achieve our results through careful planning, and because of our superior knowledge of what is taking place. No plans of the dark are unknown to us, and we regularly sit in at their meetings without their knowledge. 

Now everything is nicely balanced, and with the help of our allies we shall not only support your actions but also ensure they are successful. America will be the model for all others and changes will come thick and fast. Once other countries see that changes are inevitable, they will concede the right of the people to determine their own future. We for our part will represent the higher forces and the Creator’s plan for Humanity. Together we will establish the  plan for the final years, and be assured we shall achieve our objectives. 

By keeping your eyes on the tasks ahead you will have no need to look back, and recriminations or action against those of the dark will proceed in an orderly fashion according to Cosmic Law. No one can escape having to face the result of their actions, and you will therefore have no need to spend time contemplating what will happen to the dark cabal. They will certainly be removed and placed where they cannot interfere with the future of Mankind. 

Many fine and trusted people are awakening to the challenges that are presenting themselves, knowing that their very purpose for being here in this momentous time is to fulfil their life contract. You will notice many new names suddenly popping up of those who know it is their time for action. The movement for change gathers pace, and the political scene will continue to be the focus of attention. The power brokers will have their authority removed, and be overwhelmed by the power of the people. Now your actions will be co-ordinated as is evident from the mass demonstrations taking place. 

You will have noted that we are making more open sightings of our craft, and this is also part of our plan to bring our activities to the notice of the public. The authorities are already well aware of our existence, and the threats that otherwise prevent them from being truthful are wearing thin. You can expect a sudden removal of the gag that has been in place for many years. It is no longer valid to make the excuse of holding back the truth about us and our craft, to avoid panic and fear amongst the people.  Not only are we accepted by more of you than ever, there is a healthy interest in understanding why we are here. 

Soon the truth of our connection to you will be made known, and we know that you will accept us without reservation. We come with so much to offer that has been denied to you by those who prefer to keep you in ignorance, and also in bondage to them. The shackles of the dark are falling away, and indeed it is the truth that is setting you free. Many work tirelessly to awaken you and it is time to reach out and claim that which is rightly yours. 

You are sovereign Beings who are meant to come into the Light, and once more be free of the restrictions and repression of those who have held you back. The course of duality has run its time, and it will give up its power over you. Leave it behind, and take away its ability to dictate the way your lives are run. Keep your eye on the future and envision that which has been promised. Use your energy to manifest the new, and do not give succour to the dark by responding to their actions calculated to keep you on fear. 

A new phase of life has commenced although it is difficult for many to see the signs. Be assured however that already the preparations are well advanced, and we shall soon be able to share our detailed plans with you. You know by now what we have outlined, and we are excited at the thought of being able to openly come amongst you. 

I am Ker-On from Venus and just one of many who contact people on Earth, and our object is to keep you informed as to developments. We also wish you to you understand that we of the Galactic Federation as your Divine Representatives, operate with much consideration and love for humankind. 

Thank you Ker-On

Mike Quinsey.