St. Germain  24-January-2007 

Love is the key to almost everything in your lives. In its many expressions it can and should figure in your actions, thoughts and deeds every day of your life. It is the measure by which you may calculate your progress on the path to Ascension. 

Feeling love is a re-action within Self to outer happenings, a beautiful picture, a passing smile, a friend, selfless dedication and so the list can grow. What is it that brings love to the surface; I would suggest that it is your Spirit within, as it acknowledges the Love and Light in what you see. It is a seeing beyond the physical sight, a feeling captured in an instance that resonates with you. 

How many times have you smiled, or shed a tear upon seeing someone else make a loving sacrifice for the good of another? What is it that prompts self-sacrifice even to the extent of giving up your life? Love is a powerful energy, but unconditional love is giving without thought of recognition or reward, and putting others first with no consideration for Self. 

You may ask what is it that can cause love to be cast aside when it is such a powerful energy. Looking around you there will be people who seem to lack love and compassion, yet you will know that deep within there is a light that can never be completely extinguished. It has been darkened in ways that are not apparent, and overpowered by negativity that can go back many lifetimes. 

The journey back from the dark is long and hard, yet in this present time upon Earth there exists the most wonderful opportunity to make dramatic advances. Because the path to Ascension has been opened up, it is a one-off opportunity to lift up at an unprecedented rate. With the will to succeed it is within the grasp of everyone, although clearly not all will accept the challenge.The Light is being spread around to a degree that exceeds any previous level. The Light Grid on Earth is now in place, and it is helping create the New Earth that is manifesting at an ever-increasing speed. 

Lightworkers, and those consciously developing their ability to raise their vibrations are at the forefront of those that are showing what is possible through their own example. Their mere presence is sufficient to provoke curiosity amongst others, who wonder what is the secret of their charisma and charm. My friends, it is the love energy that permeates their very being and spills out like an overflowing fountain. Many of you are treading this self same path and as you might say, the skies the limit. Yet there is in reality no limit at all, and you will forever encompass greater areas of space around you as your energies grow. 

You are and always will be a reflection of the Creator, and the power you have is unfolding now. It will serve Humanity well, at a time when great steps are being taken by the heavenly forces to imbue you with even more. It is a great time for every soul who has had the slightest aspiration to rise up. I would say be bold and believe in yourself, as you have capabilities beyond your immediate concept and understanding. If you have not yet found the key, you must start to love yourself and you see how this energy starts with you. You cannot love others unless you can accept yourself, and forgiveness is a quality that you would do well to apply to Self. 

You have often been told that you are the only one who judges Self, and sometimes you can be very harsh. Duality has deliberately tossed you into trials by fire, but the dark experiences will eventually be removed from your memory. However, what are left are the rich experiences by which you have evolved. This is how it will be when you ascend, and the painful memories will have been erased, having no place in the higher vibrations. 

My Dear Ones, you are on the verge of a momentous leap forward, and it will set the scene for the last few years. Go with the flow, and allow it to move forward without pinning too many expectations upon it. It will just happen in accordance with the Creatorís wishes, and lovingly given to you through the myriad of Lightworkers both on and off Earth. Of course there is a plan of which you are aware, but allow it to free flow and everything will fall into place. 

You are co-creators with God, and the time has arrived to take that responsibility seriously and fully understand the power you have inherited. When you accept the Will of God, you will have no difficulty in taking your place back with the Masterís. Some of you still doubt your greatness, but know that you only gave up your mastery of life to experience the lower vibrations. This you have done so well, and rightly the cycle now ends on a high that gives you your first glimpse of the higher realms. 

You will take with you memories of loving relationships, and find that many of these were set up with souls that accompanied you throughout your earthly experiences. You will meet again and rejoice in your reunion with your soul family. The idea of parting from your Earth companions may daunt you, but remember you have all come from other realms and intermixed for the purpose of experience. What could be more natural than to return to those who hold a special place in your life? 

Do you not already have a special feeling about what is happening, as subconsciously you know exactly what is to occur in these end- times. Are you not excited at the prospect of what lies ahead; you should be as it will be your Golden Age of wonderment and magnificence in the glorious Light of the higher dimensions. 

I am St Germain addressing you my Brothers and Sisters, reminding you of your divinity and origin. Reminding you also that this is the time to remember who you are, and live the love that you carry with you. Treat all as equal and you will live your lives as the Masters you are, the Creatorís Love incarnate. 

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.