Atmos  22 - January-2007 

Know that everything is made up of energy, expressed as sound which also has its complementary colour; hence both can be used for healing purposes. You have your auric colours and also a sound, that identifies you as a unique individual. It is for these reasons that no matter where you are we can locate you if we so desire. In time, there will be circumstances where we shall need to contact you, and it will therefore be achieved quite easily. 

We can also read your auric colours, and they tell much about you. With permission we could also read your Akashic records, and the collective information gives us a very good picture of you as an individual. In any event many of you are known personally to us as we have had contact over a long period of time. When we come to you for your help, we will already know your capabilities and you may be sure that your expertise will be fully used. Rest assured we know who have volunteered their services, and you need not worry that you will be overlooked. 

Before long we shall have made the First Contact that you eagerly await, and we shall quickly organise groups that will respond to our mutual needs. We will do much that can be achieved at a distance from our ships in Space. Indeed in some situations this is by far the easiest way. There will also be a need for representatives to liaise for us with your local populations. This will help give people more confidence in their dealings with us. It is not that we expect resistance, as by then we will already have made worldwide broadcasts to explain our presence, and our plans. 

Once it is seen that we genuinely greet you in brotherly love and offer our hand in friendship, we expect a marvellous response all around. We come to fulfil the Creator’s plan, and to address your crying need for help both for yourselves and your planet. These are our first priorities, and the full forces of the Galactic Federation are already supporting our action. They are in fact well advanced, and we have massive craft in which to hold and transport all of the equipment and supplies we will need. 

As time progresses you will be ready to hear the truth about your history, and more importantly the plan for the remaining years leading to Ascension. From out of chaos we will turn things around, and all of the benefits we have promised shall become yours. The return of your Freedom is paramount, and when you also have peace and security we know you will be able to apply yourselves to your tasks wholeheartedly. We will remove the worries and fears that blight your lives now, and you will feel free and unrestricted to follow your own desires. 

For a time, we shall still need many of you to work in industry or commerce, but as it becomes fully automated it will more in the way of a supervisory capacity. You are not yet aware of our full capabilities with our computer technology, and they are so advanced that you will be able to interface with them. Through programming their intelligence and reliability it is greater than Man’s. Many of you have now seen our craft and realise how remarkably advanced they are, and most of their functions are computer controlled. You will have a lot of exciting technology with which to familiarise yourself. We will give you a jump-start and see you taking to it quite readily. 

In a comparatively short time life will change much to your delight and satisfaction, and "work" such as it may be called will be more leisurely and not so overwhelming or hard. Choosing exactly what you want to do with your life will be quite a new experience for you. Leisure or work time will seem little different to each other, and you will be pleased that your efforts will help restore the Earth. Positive changes will see much that is non-essential or of a low vibration removed. This will apply to building materials that blight the plane and choke its natural resources, and much re-structuring will be done. 

We will quickly take you to a point that you should have reached a long time ago, but for the Illuminati who have deliberately held you back. Profit, greed and power have meant that you have been effectively held in a time warp, whereas you should by now have benefited from many new inventions that would have given a better quality of life. These times are coming to a halt, and known technologies that have been suppressed and hidden away will be revealed for everyone’s benefit. 

The power of the people is growing so fast, that it is causing ripples in all government establishments. Politicians are being called to stand up and be counted, and reminded that their first responsibility is to the people. They ignore them at their peril, as the people will not be fooled any longer. Believe in your new found power, and use it wisely to oust those who ignore your demands. You are having a marked effect that is making your leaders feel uncomfortable, and their total command and control over you is not as strong as it used to be. 

A New Year has commenced, and a new outlook promises well for you and there will be great strides made through your persistence and actions for peace. This is to be your year of fulfilment, and what you have worked for will not be denied much longer. We are behind you and give added strength to your cause, and victory shall be achieved for the Light. You have waited long for this time, and you can go ahead with your plans knowing that completion is assured. 

I am Atmos of the Galactic Federation, and look to lift your spirits with news of the changes that are so near to happening. I also remind you of the massive support you have, and the millions of craft and personnel that comprise these forces for the good of all. Like you we presently bide our time, and we wait for the correct moment to commence our contact with you. Meantime we see the Light continuously growing, and your upliftment well under way. 

Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.