Ag-agria  15-January-2007 

Dear Ones, everything is coming together very nicely, and we are able to advance our plans on the basis of your growing consciousness. There has always been a degree of waiting involved, as your input needed to reach a certain point where our joint actions could be more coordinated. All along we have planned to work with you in the final period of cleansing. It has been going on for many years, and without our help your planet would have been in an advanced state of decay. This particularly related to the pollution of your atmosphere due to the release of atomic explosions. 

The sadness we feel for the Human Race arises from your leaders rejection of our help, which has been offered on a number of occasions. However, no experience is without its benefit, and the lessons you have learnt have pushed you into recognition of the dark forces. There was a time when you could not see through their devious ways, and they manipulated you for their own gain. 

With a greater freedom to exchange information you have become more aware, and it has been a most important development towards your awakening of the truth. At a time when the media is largely controlled by the dark, it has become imperative to have your own voice. Even now that freedom is under threat, and you will have to be alert for attempts to curtail it. Still many people are unaware of what is happening, but the existence of many independent news sources is beginning to come to their notice. 

This year has already started to show you where you are heading, and it will be intensive in bringing out the truth of many incidents that go back quite a number of years. These will open your eyes to how the Illuminati have had a major influence behind the scenes, and virtually controlled almost every aspect of your lives. As they now flounder and find their power ebbing away, we also use our influence to make sure this momentum keeps going. 

Our allies knowingly or otherwise are guided, and often this takes place during your sleep period. Many of you have strong links and contact with us, and although you are not strangers to our ships, we veil your memory so as not to distract you from your daily tasks. You may recall a number of occasions when you have awoken and felt unusually refreshed and energetic, and this is the likely reason. Once you lay your body down to rest it will renew its energy regardless of whether you are out of the body. Having spent time with us, you return fully invigorated and very much at ease. 

On the face of it you may get the impression we are separated from you because of our location off Earth. That is far from the truth, and just as your Guides are close to you so are we where you have a commitment to work with us. These arrangements are laid down before you incarnate, and usually apply to Lightworkers who have already had experiences with us. Indeed, many of you have come from the same planets as those of us, who are in the forefront of the plan being carried out by the Galactic Federation. You are the ones from Sirius, the Pleiades, Arcturus and Orion, all of who have been regular visitors to your planet over millennia of time. 

On Earth you have become used to being separated from each other, by various means imposed upon you by the dark forces as a means of control. They have focussed your minds on the differences between you, although these are largely contrived. Man is naturally peaceful and benign as shown in times of national disasters, where differences are immediately put aside. It is your nature to share your love, but you have been taught to hate and revile others. Fortunately, world wide travel, television and the Internet have opened up other peoples homes and their customs, and you have realised that there are in fact only small differences between you. 

You are becoming aware of the Oneness of the Human Race, and this will allow you more easily to accept us also as part of your family. Why otherwise would we have followed your evolution and helped you at critical times. The answer is that we are all one at a soul level, and recognise the same Deity and have our essence in the Supreme Creator. It makes no difference whether you have different names for God, there is only the One of All That Is. 

You sometimes argue over small details, and have indeed fought wars in the name of your religious beliefs. Yet, there is but the one Truth and soon you will be able to learn about it, and should start to accept that you may have to give up some of your cherished beliefs. If there is to be a coming together, it is to say the least desirable that you find that common ground between you. It will of course become much easier once the contrived threats of war and terrorism are removed. Over millennia of time you have been pawns in the games of your leaders, and led to believe that you should fight for their causes. Very few times has Man accrued any benefits from such action. 

We know that war has provided many souls with opportunities to serve their fellow man, and many have done so with an honest desire and sacrifice of self. However, such acts of war are only born of the greed and avarice that leads to them being started in the first place. Humanity has spoken loud and clear that it now time for world peace, and if those of the dark do not take notice they will find that we will use our Divine authority to intervene. We would rather that these changes were achieved through your endeavours, and that possibility is still very much alive. 

I am Ag-agria of the Galactic Federation and I will be one of many making early contact with you, as there will need to be preliminary approaches before the mass landing can take place. You need have no concern about the manner in which we shall do it, and the way will have been prepared well in advance. It will be a truly remarkable time as the old will no longer have a place on Earth. Indeed, the new Earth will start to emerge and you shall see it before the cycle ends. You are to become Cosmic beings with Superconsciousness, and if you desire you can start to bring that greater feeling of Oneness to you. Stand in the Light and Love that personifies your true Self. 

Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.