Ela  12-January-2007 

From our beautiful home far from your precious planet, we converse about the end times that you are experiencing. We know that you are beginning to understand how you are shaping your destiny, and also the timing of events bringing about change. A great outpouring of energy is occurring through your awakening, and it is sending a message far and wide that you a ready to create the necessary opportunities to ascend. 

Your concepts of what you are creating hardly touch upon the reality that awaits you. In duality and the lower vibrations there is little that reflects the higher dimensions. However, somewhere in the recess of your consciousness, are far distant memories of times when you enjoyed the realms of near perfection. Having been veiled from you they are gradually returning, and you inwardly know that a great transformation awaits you. 

Sometimes in your lucid moments of contemplation and meditation, you sense the beauty and harmony that is possible. It strengthens your resolve to stand forth and direct your energies onto the path that leads back to the Light. We welcome these signs, as it tells much of your intent to break away from the controls and domination of the dark forces. Whilst your experiences were necessary for your evolution, the time has arrived when you may withdraw. 

For those who are embroiled in the lower energies and feel trapped there are ways to escape, but it requires an open mind to see the new vision that is being created by Man. We, and others who guide you towards the opportunities for change, link our energy with yours to lift you up. Once you are embraced by the higher energies, you will open another avenue of experience that is essential for your advancement. To those who struggle to find their path, we say look around you and see how others are directing their lives, and their motivation. 

Many of you are shining examples of what can be achieved by a positive approach to life. You stand outside of the accepted ways that are entrenched in society, that have been built on the basis of control and oppression. You are the pioneers that have led the way out of the old paradigm, that has held mankind prisoner for millennia of time. You lead the way, and the Forces of Light accompany you and encourage others to follow.

We are where you are destined to be in the course of your evolution, as all progress regardless of how long it takes. However, these times are particularly important to you, as the opportunity to ascend comes only on specific occasions. Every single soul has had the same opportunity, and immense help is being given to inspire others to follow. Before long the conditions on Earth will right for the end times to be spelt out to everyone. There is still time for those who falter to make up their minds, and follow a new path. 

Live your life in the way in which you would wish all to do so. Create harmony and bliss wherever you go, and see the difference it makes in people around you. You have a power that is little understood, but in time you will have full knowledge of how it works and how to use it. In our realms, using our creative powers is considered quite normal, and we use Light to mould it into whatever we desire. At our level of consciousness we have total control of ourselves, and our desires are of the highest order in line with the Christ Consciousness. We exist in peaceful co-operation with all other life forms, and our dimension is one as high as any concept you could have of Heaven. We are in an energy of pureness and holiness, and connected with the Creator’s energy at a level that would be too powerful for you in your present dimension. 

We feel absolute delight and joy at the thought of many of you rising to our level. Words cannot describe the utter bliss and peace that we experience, and but for the fact we know of higher dimensions going on into infinity, we would believe that we were in the highest. You are tired and weary of your constant battles in duality, and it does leave its mark on you. We would say come to our crystal healing temples, and we will restore you in surroundings of the most wonderful range of colour rays. You would be energised and renewed so that you would feel as you have never felt before. 

Sit quietly and contemplate what I have described, and to some extent you will be successful in bringing an experience to yourself that will touch the higher vibrations. Whatever your vision of the future, it will far transcend anything you have experienced on Earth. Your Golden Age is aptly named and will be home to those who have returned to their status as Angels. By then the old Earth will have disappeared, and in its place will be the new one in all of its pristine beauty. The old Earth was a centre of attention for reasons of its involvement in duality. The new Earth is also to attract much attention, as the home of souls who have literally come through fire and conquered the dark energies. 

Many in your Galaxy closely follow your achievements, and when peace has been established you will have many visitors eager to meet you. The importance of what you are about to achieve cannot be too highly stated, and your potential is already attracting so much attention. The manner of your Ascension will be unique, and involve very special souls who will come to be revered throughout the Universe.  

I am Ela of Arcturus, and also a member of the Galactic Federation. We serve you, and will bring our particular abilities which include advanced healing methods for both you and Mother Earth. We shall lift you up in mind, body and Spirit, and Universal Love shall accompany the most marvellous display of friendship and service to each other. .

Thank you Ela.

Mike Quinsey