Atmos  10-January-2007 

The emphasis this year is about your growing consciousness and how it can be applied to your general benefit. First and foremost it is for your greater understanding, but in the scheme of things it also benefits the mass consciousness. The higher the vibrations, the easier it is to awaken to the opportunity for growth. Nevertheless, everyone has the personal choice as to whether they walk the path of greater awareness and on to Ascension. 

Your responsibility is to Self, but any progress that you make benefits the whole. This is why this year will see an unprecedented rise in consciousness, and the manifestation of your desires to see change. Indeed, you have created the blueprint already and a new Earth is beginning to blossom. Out of the chaos, the new energy is enabling the first signs of your creative ability to come into being. Only the diehards can fail to be affected by the truth of your changing society, that has already brought political changes. 

Mankind cannot help but become aware of what is happening all around, and with careful consideration it will be seen that the old is breaking up. It is for many an uncomfortable period, but you should try and perceive the greater results that will benefit everyone. The clamour for peace grows stronger and the dark cannot continue with actions that directly oppose it. They will try, but the destiny for Earth is now out of their hands and belongs to the people. 

The enlightened ones both on and off Earth are setting in motion irreversible energies that will bring peace about. The agenda of the dark is consequently losing its power to continue on the path that would have led to global control. It was in fact foreseen that this would be the outcome, but with freewill always a key factor it was by no means certain. Now however, you can continue your lives with the positive assurance that it is the will of the people that is paramount and is leading the way. 

On a note of caution, we would remind you that the dark will use anyone who can be confused and serve their cause. It is still necessary to be questioning and not take things on face value, but be guided by your intuition. In words whether verbal or written there is an energy that is carried with them, and it is this that you will use to evaluate them. By now many of you find that you get a “feel” about things or people and often first impressions are very valuable. 

You are growing all of the time and your awareness is taking you further ahead in your ability to understand and contribute to what is happening. For example when you learn about attempts to draw you into negative situations, cast your Light upon the people concerned and counteract their words with your own. The power of Light far exceeds any energy that the dark ones can produce, and it is your assured protection. Bear in mind that the dark have no such energies to call upon, but instead try to pull you down to their level through fear, when you become ineffective. 

If we said life is a game it would sound frivolous, but if you consider the amount of playacting that takes place it is not without foundation. You decide what role you wish to play, and that is your God given freedom of choice. However, it comes with responsibility and your choice should therefore be carefully calculated. The factor that is ignored, or perhaps in some instances not accepted, is that one day you will called to be responsible for your actions. This is where your growth has come from, but you are far removed from the days when you first slipped into the lower vibrations. Today you are high on the ladder that has brought you into the Light and Truth about yourself. 

Now you are preparing for another great leap forward that will allow you to permanently leave duality. It has been a great learning curve that has brought you a far greater understanding than you have ever held before. As you are merging with your Higher Self, so the speed of your awakening increases. Soon you will find your creative abilities returning, and before the end of this cycle will use them once again with full knowledge of the power you have. 

In fact, even now you have more power than you are aware of which is why we encourage you to believe in yourself. Know that you have the ability to manifest the changes you desire. This not only applies to outer ones, but also those that you wish to see within Self. You will not give your power away if you consciously accept that your thoughts precede action. This is why we warn against being in judgement of another, as you cannot know what is in their life plan. 

Be aware that everyone is being led upon a path that will enable full expression of themselves. You could say that there are no limits to your aspirations, but you will have mapped out certain opportunities prior to coming to Earth. These will sensibly be in line with those necessary for your growth. See that even now although you may believe you know your life plan, that sometimes it has many twists and turns. Be intuitive and always learn from those situations that you find yourself in. 

The emphasis now is on what you can do for yourself, and the direction you want to go into. As soon as you have a definite desire, many unseen helpers will draw closer, and you will find opportunities opening for you. Some feel that life is one continual fight and have difficulty in finding a way out. Perhaps you should take a step back and evaluate what it is you are trying to achieve. More often than not your problems involve other souls who are around you, and it is possible that you are trying to direct each other’s lives. If necessary let people go their own way, as your prime responsibility is to Self. 

I am Atmos from Sirius and of the Galactic Federation, and offer my words of help and comfort. We are well aware of the hard times you are experiencing, and the difficult period you are currently going through. However the Light is strongly beckoning at the end of the tunnel, and you will not have much more to endure. Positive energies now abound upon Earth that are all around you, and our Love accompanies you wherever you are – you are indeed blessed.    

Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.