Ker-On  8-January-2007 

Your minds are expanding at an impressive rate, and this will prove to be year when great strides are made to integrate with your Higher Self. With your ever-expanding consciousness, you will develop a greater understanding of how spirit and matter interact. It will advance your perception of what is taking place in the higher realms, and how it is affecting you upon Earth. It is when you have this understanding that you can fully participate in your own preparations for Ascension. 

Each time there are waves of energy being passed to Earth, you will become a conduit and be able to take them into your body. Mother Earth receives much energy in this way, and there are other direct sources such as the Central Sun. Everything around you is energy coalesced into one form or another. Understanding this means that you have an appreciation of how to use your own power to create. This requires faith as instant creation is not quite within your grasp. However, it does mean that you understand the power of thought. 

There is a coming together of people with common causes, and you will see that when thought is focussed upon its goal, it has a marked effect often bringing the result required. At this time, there is worldwide a marked dissatisfaction with the Governments of the day. There are some exceptions, but particularly in the West they no longer enjoy the peoples trust or confidence. This is causing a collapse of the current political system without signs of new ones to take their place. This is the point where we shall have more influence upon you, as we guide you in the direction of thought that will manifest ideas that bring the new into being. 

You look for changes knowing that the old no longer serves you, but it is not always clear as to what to put in its place. Dramatic changes must occur to allow you to completely break away from the dictates of the old regime. Concepts that are new to you will be placed in your consciousness, and they will lead to new ideas surfacing. This will set in motion a string of ideas that we can capitalise on when we are officially allowed to meet you. You will then find it easier to accept our ways of thinking, and the projects that we are to do together. 

Naturally, our mass arrival will be well covered by your media, who will by then have recovered their place as bastions of free reporting. We will have much to do to quickly enlighten you as to our connection with you. Also it is necessary to map out a plan of action, which is more a matter of acquainting you with very detailed plans that already exist. They cover the pressing needs of your people and the environment, while the new political system is set up to reflect your return to freedom and sovereignty. 

A busy time lies ahead but it will be for the right reasons, and a very rewarding and satisfying time. A new sense of camaraderie and co-operation will take over, and Humanity will at last understand the Oneness of All That Is. The mass consciousness will expand more quickly than previously, and racial differences will disappear. It will all advance you rapidly onto the Ascension path, as the dark energies are transmuted by the great Light growing upon Earth. You are so near to these changes, and many are already beginning to pick up these new vibrations and are envisaging what is to come. 

The tremendous Light of Love being generated will touch everyone, and clearly some more than others. It will lift people out of the morass of misery and unhappiness, and those who felt alienated by society will find new hope. Reparation will made to those who have suffered through no fault of their own, and poverty will soon become a thing of the past. Fairness and equality will overcome many problems, and spiritual development will become much easier in a climate of friendship and co-operation. 

At a time when the dark are trying to impose their will upon you, think forward to the coming changes and empower them now. See nothing but positive actions, knowing that the Light is supreme and shall carry you victoriously through to Ascension. It is those of the dark who should worry as their plans are in disarray, and they now use every means to try and stay in charge of their future. Their fate is already sealed and they can be left to fall into the hole they have dug for themselves, as there is no escaping it. 

There are a number of revelations coming to the surface, and once they start there will be no stopping the truth from coming out. Those who no longer fear the dark will take a brave stance, and they will immediately be supported and protected by us. It will be hard to keep up with developments, but you will begin to see the pattern in it and will understand its meaning. It will be out with the old and in with the new, but be patient as there is a massive program to uphold. 

All of the time these events are taking place Heaven will rejoice at your release from the dark, and prepare to draw closer to you for the final steps that will set you free. Time such as you have been used to is also changing, and the speeding up will become even more noticeable. Your own concept of it will alter, and you will become less inclined to live by the present ways of being dedicated to linear time. 

I am Ker-On and I come from Venus bringing the vibration of love on behalf of the Galactic Federation. We are your forces of Light and we are connected to you every second of the day. We know what is happening, and stand by to protect you. We are your assurance of success and completion.     

Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey.