Ag-agria  5-January-2007 

You are becoming more aware of the uplifting energies, and how they are affecting your consciousness. The more it grows the less likely you are to be  drawn to the dark energies. You will have built around you a protective cocoon of Light that deflects them, and the difference in you will be noticeable to others. Your demeanour will be one of calmness with the ability to radiate your Light to all who may cross your path. 

This year will see you consolidating your position, and you will be doing good work simply by spreading your Light to all around you. It will help others by bringing a feeling of harmony and peace amongst them. Bear in mind that the majority of people do not have your understanding of what is taking place on Earth. The outer events and the higher energies have an unsettling effect, and your presence will help bring calmness. 

The best way to ward off the dark energies is to meet them with Light, and be assured that they have no answer to such power and no control over it. Fear and anger must be contained as otherwise it feeds the very energies that need subduing, which makes it essential that you stand firm within you own centre. This is something you will get used to with practise, until it becomes a quite automatic. These testing times will provide you with confirmation that you are able to enter the midst of negative energies and emerge unscathed. 

Self-control is so essential as matters in your daily lives pressure you most of the time. Walk tall and hold your head up high, and you will literally be a shining example to others. These are times when people are searching for the truth, and you are amongst those who can help them. They will sense your higher vibration, and are more likely to engage you in conversation without realising why they are drawn to you. Because of this they will remember what you have said, and it will leave a deep impression upon their consciousness. 

The changes that are quietly taking place are lifting the mass consciousness, and it is setting the stage for the advent of the coming period. We need people to be receptive to the idea of our coming to Earth, as it was not too long ago that such ideas would have resulted in much apprehension and fear. Fear of outside contact is deeply ingrained in the psyche, and comes from distant memories of times when the dark entities visited Earth.

It has been a difficult journey for you all, and not helped by superstition and deliberate misguidance by those who feared learning the truth about their origins. In the past Man has felt comfortable with the old accepted views of life, but this is now rapidly changing. Instead of feeling insular and isolated upon Earth, the whole panorama of Space has been opened up by your probes and greater understanding. It is accepted that intelligent life most certainly exits on millions of planets, and that many would be similar to your own. When the idea of inter-dimensional travel is understood, the distances that are involved become irrelevant, and the amount of light years involved are no longer a barrier to making contact. 

It seems strange to us that when your history is dotted with reports of visitations from Extraterrestrials, that such evidence is ignored. This relates to your mass consciousness, and we are delighted that over the last 50 years there has been a marked change in this respect. The Space Age has opened your eyes to the possibility of life on other planets in your solar system, and the probes on Mars and your Moon have provided evidence of the presence of space travellers and their bases. We are pleased that the truth although often deliberately hidden by your authorities, is nevertheless understood by many New Age pioneers who are prepared to stand up and be counted. 

Your relationship to us is one of long standing, and we are linked to you in ways that will be explained in course of time. We have monitored and guided your growth of consciousness, and will continue to do so. Soon however you will be able to stand on your own two feet, as we look to you as equals and in no way lesser Beings. We will meet you in good time, and you will be helped to prepare for your Ascension. It will be our loving act for you as you become fully conscious Beings. 

Even although many are experiencing a growing consciousness, you have not yet reached the milestone of being able to recognise the emergence of your true Self. The human form has served you well, but now is the time for a change to bring you more in line with the new energies. The body is taking on the new form with crystalline-based cells and this will enable you to enter the vibrations of the higher dimensions. 

Your body will signal to you when personal changes are needed, and you will find that as they occur your life style will also change with it. More refined and natural foods will become more satisfying, and your intake of heavy foods will become considerably less. This is a natural development and you will move to it without needing to force it upon yourself. Health will benefit and you will perceive a new lightness in your walk. 

We are your future selves and we are ready to introduce you to a new and more satisfactory way of life. Come aboard our ships and see how we live and feel the wonderful harmonious energies that exist. We are happy and lack for nothing that serves our needs. Much is of our own creation and instantaneous, and this is a level that you will also reach in the final period of Ascension. Again this will be quite natural for you as you are already co-creators with God, but have little awareness of ow your powers have shaped your reality. 

I am Ag-agria a Guide to Michael and a member of the Sirians who belong to the Galactic Federation. Our role will be one of renewing loving friendships that have held fast for thousands of years. You will soon feel at ease with us, and we will come as Brothers and Sisters from the great family that honours the Creator of All That Is. You are One with us and it shall remain so forever. 

Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.