St. Germain  03-January-2007 

Dear Ones, what a wonderful year lies ahead, one that will fulfil many ambitions and dreams and culminate in a great growth in your consciousness. You are well on course to see the power of your thoughts finally manifest the conditions that will lead to wonderful changes. The Light upon Earth is reaching new levels that promise a rapid decline in the power of the dark to influence the outcome. They will try, but find the obvious signs that will clearly convey to them that their hold on you is quickly waning. 

Meantime, you are attracting more Light to yourselves than ever before. It is beginning to lift the mass consciousness, and people who were previously bound by the dark energies are starting to break away. This is a wonderful time when great opportunities exist for Lightworkers to really expand their influence for good. 

Be ready to open your hearts and minds, to anyone who should invite your comments to explain what is happening in the world. It is a worrying time for those who are not initiated into the Light, one that appears to spell doom and gives little hope for a different future to what is now apparent. This is where as leaders you are placed where your knowledge can do the best good. Remember, that where you are is the correct place for you, and you will meet those souls who could benefit from your understanding. 

On our side of the veil we see the soul lights growing brighter, and as soon as there is intent to seek greater truths, we direct their paths your way. There are millions of you throughout the world who have come at this time, specifically to give of yourself and lift others up. It is a pleasing sight to see the culmination of many lives and experiences used at such an important time for humanity. You have worked hard just so that you could be amongst those who have been chosen for special missions. You are the healers, seers and teachers who stretch out a helping hand to others less fortunate than yourselves. 

Heaven rises up to your dedication and love, and your work will not go un-rewarded. In the higher realms you have created your heavenly abode where perfection is the keynote. On a testing day remind yourself of the reason you are here, and renew your strength by lifting your thoughts so as to communicate with us, and we will link with you and give of our energy. Service to others is why you are all brought together regardless of your individual levels of attainment. Of course you are naturally attracted to others who share a similar vibration, but it was never intended that you should do so in any manner that would isolate you from those of lesser vibrations. 

The coming months are to be a bit of a crazy time, when one moment you will seem to reach new heights, and in the next one you will be brought back down to Earth. Whatever happens always keep your eye on the greater goal, and know that this way you cannot be deterred or deflected from your path. You will feel day-to-day changes, but overall you will be moving up into the higher vibrations. Everything is changing, and look to your younger generations for the wisdom and love they have brought with them. They are also here for a special purpose, and they will come into their own as the months roll by and people will understand that many are extremely evolved souls. Already you have become aware of some who have started their mission, and they will help immensely when the time comes to change the world.  

You just do not realise the number of masters who are already with you, and they do not advertise their presence but get on with their work with unparalleled dedication. Heaven has not allowed matters to completely take their own course, and freewill is tempered by the need to ensure that the path ahead is clearly defined, and lit up so that you may find your way. If you could but see the marvellous interplay of energies that are upon Earth and also reaching it from the higher dimensions, you would be greatly uplifted. Large pockets of light continue to grow exponentially, and a glorious show of many colours permeates the darkest of regions. 

It is becoming progressively difficult for the dark ones to contain themselves, as the incoming energies are impinging upon them. They feel restless and sometimes disorientated as they try to ignore them. There is only so much that the dark souls can withstand before they have to be removed. The result is that madness or insanity often occurs, and your history will show that many tyrants have fallen as a result. 

Great souls are preparing to put themselves forward to lead man out of the present crisis in the Middle East. Yet, there will always be opposition from those who cling onto their power, and fear loss of status and their wealth. A new breed of leader is emerging who will be recognised as such, and will know the path to be taken to bring peace back to Earth. People are ready for to support them, and have now seen through the present regimes that with little exception are not representative of the people they govern. 

Changes will come and for a time seem confusing and chaotic, but be assured that within it all is a plan that will bring that peace and freedom you seek. It has to start in earnest very soon, and this year will give clear signals that the end of the old era is in sight. It has in its own peculiar way served its purpose in enabling Man to recognise his divinity, and take back the power that was given away with little resistance. Over millennia of time Man conceded his position to those who promised much but gave little in return. 

The wealth of the world is to be shared by fair distribution, and our allies will soon be in a position to take the first steps that will show the intended changes in your financial systems. There are many events forming that will hasten the changes, and they will gently come into being for the greatest good of everyone. The media are a problem to the necessary declarations that will need to be made, but there will come a point when even changes in their reporting attitudes will have to be made. 

I am St. Germain, ever at the helm and with your every thought that brings Light to this beautiful planet Earth. I bless you and commend you for your understanding and patience at such demanding times. Know we are with you all of the way, and you will never lack support or guidance when you are dedicated to the Light. We love you immensely and salute you all.  

Thank you St.Germain.

Mike Quinsey