Diane  01-January-2007 

The beginning of every New Year brings much speculation as to what may be in store. Fortunately most people view it as one of opportunity for positive and beneficial changes. Hopes are high, and that creates energies that can bring about their fulfilment. On behalf of the Galactic Federation I will give you an idea of the likely outcome, as this year is one full of exciting possibilities.  

Firstly, the U.S. Government will come under increasing pressure from the people, because of their refusal to name a realistic date for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq. It will help give additional power to those who are preparing ways to remove Bush and his Administration who will be faced with no way out, but will be reluctant to resign. It is therefore difficult to see them lasting the full year out, regardless of any attempts they make to hold onto power. These changes have every possibility of occurring by the autumn, thus leading to the end of the war in Iraq.  

Around the end of the summer, the first real signs of dissent will be shown by the people of Israel, over the lack of efforts to find a peaceful solution to the Palestinian problem. It will wake up the authorities to the mounting changes around the world, against allowing the continuation of war. It will result in the laying down of a lasting foundation for peace, and the people will be quick to respond and put their differences behind them.  

Gradually the rising demands for peaceful co-existence, will lead to people all around the world putting pressure upon their respective governments and other organisations such as the United Nations. In fact there will be worldwide demonstrations until peace is not only declared, but also seen to be brought into being. The people will not be fooled or accept false promises or hopes, and there will have to be positive moves that can be openly seen to bring peace about. 

It is likely that legal wrangling may prolong the outcome of events to bring official world peace. In that case the first major projects of the Galactic Federation may not commence until early 2008. However, we will if necessary be prepared as authorised to enforce peace treaties, to ensure that rebel forces do not break them. We can provide non-violent technology, and ways that can permanently disable electronic and conventional weapons, should attempts be made to use them. 

Mother Earth will soon have to release some of the pressures upon her from the build up of negative energies. However, if it is likely to result in any serious threat to the people, they will be moved to safe areas for the duration of the changes. No one will suffer in these circumstances, and any losses will be made good immediately. 

After peace is declared, First Contact projects to restore the environment will proceed with all haste. People of the Earth will join the Galactic Federation in operating schemes that will raise living standards very quickly. Initial emphasis will be on the Third World countries in respect of water, food and shelter. However our resources are massive and as such, no one area will be overlooked at the expense of another. 

The Masters will return when it is safe to do so and peace has been established. This event might not occur until 2008, as it is by no means easy to bring the various countries together in a common peaceful agreement. Their return thereby brings an important issue into the open, regarding the truth of your creation and connection to the Source. It will be fully explained, along with the purpose of your journey through duality within the lower vibrations. They will also end once and for all, the dissension and disputes that have divided the various religious groups. Those who cannot readily accept the truth and remain attached to their old beliefs, will be honoured for their freewill choice. However, they will inevitably delay their growth and opportunity to move onto the path leading to Ascension. 

We simply ask you to allow events to proceed while you concentrate on a positive outcome. Your visualisation and accompanying energy will help it manifest all the sooner. Ultimately all will work out as foreseen and intended, however remember that predictions rely on the outworking of many different factors. They are affected by peopleís thoughts, actions, and energies that are pervading Earth at all times, along with those from the higher dimensions. Also in the background are actions that we take, that are calculated to bring the needed changes into fruition. Then again there are the edicts from the High Councils that oversee your evolution, interpreting the Creatorís desire to see Man at last emerge from the dark.  All of these factors have a bearing on the timing of events, so perhaps you can now understand our reluctance to try and be too precise in our predictions. One that you can however be assured of is that the end of this cycle will come soon, and absolutely no action taken by Man can prevent it. 

I am Diane of the Galactic Federation, and my message is one of encouragement to see you move happily into the last few years of what has been a monumental journey for you all. Look to the future and hold your vision always in your heart, and know that the precise details of the final part of your journey are not as important just now as you may think. Just know that you have chosen the pathway out of duality, one that is brightly lit by your growth in consciousness and increase in your vibrations. You are coming together with all others, who have also made their choice to follow it through to Ascension. Your Light illuminates the path that others will follow, you are truly the Wayshowers. 

We see a wonderful Light that is blossoming all over the World. Its power is attracting more people who are also opening their minds up to new possibilities, that will lead them away from the old entrenched ideas and attitudes. The year 2007 will be seen as the one when the people took back their power, to mould events to bring fulfilment of THEIR desires. Often we have told you of the hitherto untapped power of your consciousness, but we can see it growing and coming into its own very rapidly. 

Time is still speeding up, and it shall result in a quicker response to your wishes for change. We for out part welcome opportunities that will come our way, allowing us to appear more frequently to you. Our presence can be taken as your assurance that everything is under our safe control. Be joyous and walk in the vibration of love, and you will not be touched by the darkness that prevails. It is soon to start disappearing from your midst forever, then truly your Golden Age will appear over the horizon, to lift you up. 

May your Love and Light shine out, and ensure that 2007 is one of happiness through your consolidation and the fulfilment of your highest desires. 

Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.