St. Germain  19-January-2007 

You approach the time long awaited that is Heavens way of bringing this cycle to a close. For millennia of time different teachers have told of the “reaping of the harvest” and it is soon to take place. Many of you entered your present lifetime knowing that you would be given the opportunity to awaken in these end-times. This has been your inspiration, and it has carried you through some very hard times. You have always had the inner knowing that something great was to occur, and it has been your strength and comfort when you have been at your lowest point. 

God is not cruel, but all loving and you have never undertaken more than you could deal with at any time. Many Guides and Master’s have presided over your evolutionary plans, and each lifetime has been connected in such a way as to advance your spiritual progress. You have been in the melting pot for quite a long time, but have gradually refined your vibrations until today many stand in readiness to ascend. 

The inspiration that you receive comes through your Higher Self and the more you are in tune with it, the easier your life becomes. Guidance is always given in your best interest and ignoring it will inevitably lead to problems, and possible karmic consequences. How many times have you learnt this fact, and realised the hard way that it comes from ignoring that voice within your head. However, all experience has its value, but it delays your progress when you go off in the wrong direction. 

The ego can be a very demanding voice that inclines towards the fulfilment of your desires at a very material level. The balance comes from recognising that your decisions must not encroach the freedom of others, or cause them hurt. The Seven Deadly Sins are manifest when the focus is upon Self and the satisfaction of Self. This brings about the challenges that have presented themselves time and time again, so that you may lift up and overcome the lower Self. The ego does not go willingly, and you will need to be strong willed to become the Master of your feelings and emotions. 

Those of you who have found your true path will find little difficulty in overcoming the ego. You will have set your sights on letting your life reflect your newfound ability, and accept the promptings of your Higher Self. It is about finding that perfect balance and harmony for your mental, spiritual and physical requirements. In duality you are tested to the extreme, and if you can hold to your principles and desire to raise yourself up, you will be well on the way to having mastered its challenge. 

With so many of you now progressing at a rapid rate, you are exercising much power of Light to mould events to alter the outcome. This is why we can predict with certainty, that you are about to become a great influence in the immediate future. The Light is superbly growing by the day, and it will sweep away the accumulation of dross that has bound Mankind for millennia of time. The time for the absolute truth is emerging, and with it will come people with a preponderance to aspire to higher ways of living.

Your real Self is trying hard to manifest while you are still in a physical body. In this respect you will raise your vibrations and will participate in changing your cellular structure. The body is subtly and almost un-noticeably changing all of the time, as it builds a vessel capable of retaining the new energies. It is part of the process of your return to a Being of Light. Those who are progressing in this way will also notice that their power of thought becomes more potent. They will be able to exercise more control over their body, particularly in matters of self-healing. Their affect on others will also be noticed for the calming influence that it brings. 

All in all, those of you who are well on the path to Ascension are noticing how the changes are altering your very way of your life. It is also accentuating the differences, which are evident from the alternative choice of staying in the third dimensional energies. The two paths will continue to become more defined, and there will come a time when everyone will have to make a decision as to which one to follow. 

Many are finding they have the ability to break out of the Earth matrix, which has long held them captive. This is essential if one is to find their true Self, as the dimension you are in is truly one of a false reality. Real if you wish to make it so, but reflecting very little of what you left behind when you undertook to experience duality. The beauty of the higher dimensions is way beyond Man’s imagination and is rarely seen on Earth, although Mother Earth has provided many glimpses in the natural beauty of her planet. Man has carelessly and selfishly despoiled what he has been given, but in time all will be restored. 

What you understand to be Heaven is not a figment of your imagination. It comprises of the higher dimensions where beauty and harmony abounds. It is where Spirit resides in almost absolute perfection, in its multitude of expressions that are of the highest creations inspired by the Creator. It is the destiny of many of you who are well on the way to Ascension, and you have created a place for yourself that will become your heavenly abode. 

Is the waiting not worthwhile when you are so near to achieving a great leap forward? You are at the culmination of many lives at all levels of experience, and the fulfilment of your desire to plumb the depths of the lower dimensions, and still rise up again. Your journey is effectively over, so enjoy the playing out of the final days knowing that you will never look back once you have ascended. 

I am St. Germain, ever with your interests at heart and ready to lead you in grand fashion through the final years. It will be a time of great reunions with your many friends in Spirit, and Beings from the outer realms. A great Love will cloak the Earth, and there will no longer be a place for those of the dark forces.  

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.