SaLuSa  8-January-2010


When certain people hear about the end times, their reactions border on one of horror or believing it to be a fairy tale. Yet when you look at your lives, it is full of challenges that do go to extremes. It is part of your learning process, and desire to see how far Man can adapt his physical body and develop his mental faculties in the lower vibrations. Instead of being a dream when free of the dimensional limitations, grand ideas and visions of the future can become your reality. Clearly you can only go so far in your present dimension, and your technology has reached a point where you are ready to become travellers in Space. Therefore the end times resulting in the closing of your cycle of duality, are the stepping-stone to the next stage in your evolution. Your spiritual understanding is perhaps your most difficult aspect to bring out, as you are surrounded by so many views and opinions as to exactly what is the truth. For eons of time you have looked up to others purporting to hold the truth, and there have been occasions when you had no alternative but to do so. Literacy is not something that has always existed, and as a result superstition has often replaced knowledge.


Another difficulty is dealing with the number of old prophesies for this particular time. As a result some people still believe that extreme catastrophic happenings are coming to Earth. Yet, by and large messages received from spiritual sources in recent times indicate otherwise. Of course some physical changes are inevitable, but not to the degree that millions of people will die as a result of them. Bear in mind that prophesies are an indication of probabilities, and as you progress they can change, or should I say you change them. It is down to your levels of consciousness, and since they have risen dramatically over the last century you are enabling more peaceful changes. It must of course not be forgotten that we of the Galactic Federation have our own part to play, and are so technologically advanced that we will alleviate much of the potential damage and destruction. So Dear Ones, do not be fearful of the end times, and be assured regardless of what happens Ascension will take place.


The potential exists for many events to come to the fore that will clearly indicate that massive changes are on the verge of commencing. It is now a matter of “marching time” as with all of the confusion caused by the dark Ones, it is difficult for you to see the true direction you are going in. Once the truth starts to come out, and our Federation can start its open contact with you things will change quite quickly. Truly exciting times are upon you, and you will not have long to wait before they come into being.


As we often advise you, as messages come your way and you have any doubts about the content, go within and trust your own judgement. There will always be those messages that conflict with others, and that is in the nature of differing levels of consciousness. Words carry energy with them, so ask yourself how you feel as you read them. Clearly if you find a message uplifting it will follow that it originates from a higher level. There is always a question as to how precise the message is in its meaning, and whether the channel has been able to put it into suitable words. Sometimes the wrong word can completely alter what it was meant to convey.


As the truth eventually comes out from both our Federation members and the Master’s, there will be lot of “gnashing of teeth”. It is because it means that some people’s cherished beliefs are laid bare and found wanting, and is not entirely your fault as for thousands of years you have been subjected to many different beliefs. Indeed, some have been forced upon you with the threat of death if you disobeyed. Therefore over hundreds of lives, your sub-consciousness has been filled with so many different beliefs. This is another important area needing cleansing, and is why the truth will be presented to you by those souls whose higher experience can be trusted. It is why we have repeatedly suggested to you that you do not hold too rigidly to your beliefs, and allow for change. You are after all only just beginning to awaken from the long sleep. You have the truth within, and when it is presented to you again it will resonate deeply with you.


There really are so many Dear Souls involved in the process of Ascension, both on and off Earth. They mainly come from higher dimensions and different civilisations, that have been travelling with you on your journey. This should indicate how loved each one of you are, and how important the completion of Ascension is viewed throughout the Universe. It is in keeping with the promise made by God that the whole Universe shall ascend. What a special occasion you are approaching, and one that is unique inasmuch that you will ascend with your physical body. We hasten to add that by then it will have been restored to a perfect expression of itself, free from any deformity, illness or aging. It cannot be any other way, as you will be entering the higher vibrations, where nothing of a lower vibration can exist.


We will love to see the expressions on your faces when the first of our members is presented to you. Any apprehension or fear will vanish immediately as you realise how similar they are to you, and you will learn that it is because they are part of the human family. Of course there are other types of humans, more familiar to you because of the presence of the Grey’s. If any of the differences bother you, look at the root races upon Earth and see how much they differ one to another – yet all are human. You would have to see Beings from another Universe to see life forms quite different to yours, but remember that like you they have come from the Source Of All That Is. They are every bit as much a God Spark as you are.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can I can sense the Light arising amongst you, which can also be detected by our instruments. It is seen as an auric glow that links all of a like vibration, and as it grows it becomes incredibly powerful attracting even more Light to Earth. Be assured all is well, and that you have now progressed so far in a relatively short time, that you have moved beyond the interference of the dark Ones. Keep your love and Light shining out, as that is the most important act you can carry out that will help others.


Thank you SaLuSa.

 Mike Quinsey.