SaLuSa  4-January-2010


Time is as ever speeding up, and events are also moving on and destined to fulfil your expectations. There is a point that has been reached, when we may have to exercise our options to bring matters to a head. We would rather that changes are seen to be the result of your mass consciousness, which is bringing reality to your visions. Many more people are questioning the old ways that some still cling to, and are promoting ideas that will change them forever. Each of you can add your power by focussing your thoughts on what is for the good of all. Ascension will come to pass regardless of what paths you create, but it will be much more to your liking if you move with it in a harmonious way. Bear in mind that a section of your population still expect apocalyptic changes, and it is where their focus is centred. Be assured therefore that everyone’s contribution to the Light is of great value, and helping create a peaceful passage to the end of this cycle.


Although you have not been aware of much that happens behind the scenes, we know that you have sufficient evidence of moves that are in the right direction. We believe that you are noticing that more people are questioning the authorities and their policies, and will realise that is creating more energy for change. This approach causes a reappraisal of existing practises, and it is opening the eyes of those who have been oblivious as to how they have been used. The power of the dark forces very much relies on their ability to gain blind obedience from their servants. However, it is changing as the level of consciousness is rising and bringing the truth to many more people. You are all part of the means to an end. according to how you project your vision.


We have our role to play and it will not make any difference to us if changes are necessary. The fact remains that Ascension will proceed regardless of how difficult it is made, but we do not anticipate problems. All options have already been considered, and we are totally prepared for any major changes to our plan. For example, if we were authorised to speed up Disclosure, we are primed to carry out a mass landing. By this we do not mean an overwhelming show of our presence, but one where the result would be impossible to ignore or refute. Disclosure would then follow, as it could no longer be kept back from public knowledge. There is clearly a vast difference between the usual sighting of our ships, as against a flyover and landings that would follow. As we often inform you, we monitor your levels of consciousness and we can therefore gauge your likely reaction to our open contact.


Our own focus is upon the leaders of the various countries, and some of the smaller ones are far more receptive to our coming than the larger ones. Power is not something that the politicians or their institutions are prepared to give up. However, with the changes that will come, it will be re-assigned in such a way that there is more sharing and smaller units. Furthermore, you the public will have far more say in what is done in your name. With more spiritually aware souls at the helm, it will become easier to guide you through the final years in a peaceful and happy environment. Our input is course imperative and will ensure a speedy and acceptable conclusion. You and the Earth are to ascend, and our orders are to make sure it occurs exactly as planned.


Considering the vast nature of the changes that are lined up and ready to lift you up, it is wonderful that so many of you can see the necessity for them and how beneficial they will be. It is only fear or lack of faith that prevents more people from awakening to the importance of the times that you are in. Sometimes it is a lack of belief in the existence of the Creator, and because people cannot see the order and creative powers that is behind everything that exists. It you are looking for a God that has a human appearance you will not find one, as at the level God exists all is pure Light. The Universe is God, and all that is within it is part of God, therefore God is within you and you have no need to seek God outside of you. You are a God spark as is every other form of life, whether it is animated or otherwise.


The whole panoply of the Universe invites your attention, and once free of the lower vibrations you will travel wherever you please. Your Cosmic Self will move instantaneously from one location to another by the power of thought. Your evolution will continue under your own direction, but as always higher beings will be pleased to advise you if so required. You will be as a God in your own rights and the master of using your creative powers. Wherever you go you will find that life abounds, and if you desire such an experience it can take you to other Universes or parallel dimensions. Your future is exciting and fulfilling, and there is space without end that you can explore.


You will soon forget time as you now understand it, as you will move into the “Now” with no lines drawn between the past, present and future. Everything just “Is” and continually evolving, and although it may seem unlikely to you now, nothing ever remains inert. You can create and un-create as nothing is ever lost or destroyed, and only subject to change. In your present dimension you can detect changes much more easily, as matter of a lower vibration does not hold its form as well and for as long as it does in the higher dimensions. As you are beginning to realise, life as you will come to understand it will be vastly different and more fulfilling than it is now.


If your are pulled into earthly matters that are not for your best advancement, just imagine what lies ahead and be thankful that the Creator’s Plan for Man is so beautiful and rewarding. What are a few more years in duality against what you have been promised. This period is in fact most important to all souls, offering an opportunity to move out of this cycle for once and for all time. It is the golden chance to leave duality having wiped your karmic slate clean. There is no place like Earth at present, where so much help is available to everyone offering a way out that will fully restore your consciousness.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius and glowing with joy at the signs of Man reaching out to the Light, and finding within the heart the love that knows no limitations. The Golden Age is truly within your reach and deservedly so.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.