SaLuSa  30-January-2009


You have a saying that it always gets worse before it gets better. Certainly that applies to the period that you are going through now. It is the continuation of the collapse of much you have held dear in the past, as the foundation stones of your world are unsteady in the face of change. What they have supported is an inadequate system of inequality and the enslavement of Mankind. It is therefore clear that it must be swept away, if you are to take the opportunity to move forward into the New Age. Reverting back to the old system is no longer an option, and as a new direction is indicated we know that people will seize the chance to make a new start.


The Lightworkers, who have helped to project the vision of a new Earth and a new beginning for all life forms, are able to keep their heads above the waters that are sweeping the old away. They hold onto their vision knowing that it is already beginning to manifest upon Earth. Those who do not understand the reasons for what is happening, are more prone to cling onto the old ways that in spite of the chaos have given them comfort. Some of course feel that they are safely out of harms way, and believe that no major changes will happen to them. There are these groups living out this period with faith in their different beliefs, yet as the changes become more apparent and are seen as beneficial to everyone, will slowly be drawn together.


With each change that indicates a move in a different direction to that previously experienced, so it will become evident that a new era is being born. The lead will come from America, and other governments will have to bow to the pressure applied upon them by their people who see the path to take. This time, if there is talk of a world government, it will not be one that intends to impose its rule over all others. It will be rule by consent and be representative of all of the countries involved. There will be a genuine policy of operating above board, and intent to comply with the consensus of all governments. Do not therefore fear moves that talk of a world government, as its aims will be far removed from the one that was to be set up by the Illuminati. This idea is one that for the time being remains within the energy of possibilities.


Freedom is coming into being in many countries, and small beginnings such as your Freedom of Information Acts are just the tip of an iceberg that represents the total freedom of every citizen of the world. It has quite a way to go before it gathers speed, but Man will ensure that it brings the truth out of the way various governments have dishonoured themselves, and broken their oaths to serve the people. You are now seeing such revelations on an almost daily basis, but they only scratch the surface of the hidden history of subterfuge, corruption and criminal actions over an extremely long time. In some ways it may be a distraction for many people, but we hope rather than look for recriminations that you will let the laws of the land take over. It is far more important that you apply yourself to focussing upon your gaol, which for many is the opportunity to ascend.


We know that there is much suffering just now on many levels, and it is understandably occupying a place in your lives. We wish to say that there is a solution to all problems, but many cannot be addressed until we can share such tasks with you. If you welcome us into your lives we will walk with you, and talk with you. We will impress you with what to do by planting ideas in your subconsciousness, and that will enable us to eventually carry on where you have left off. This is a time for serious contacts to be made, as we need every soul of Light to advance the idea of our coming, and ensure that it is understood to be one that has divine permission. The more of you who create a powerful energy for open contact, the sooner we will be able to appear. There is an ultimate deadline for such contact, and you are therefore assured of our eventual arrival on Earth.


We help Mankind already, and part of our mission is to ensure that the balance between the Light and Dark does not change in any adverse way. We work in the background mainly through our allies or spiritual helpers that are your Guides. Those voices you sometimes “hear” are not always a product of your own mind, but ours when we wish to direct your efforts in a positive way. However, always be discerning as to what you believe you are being prompted to do, as there may be lower entities trying to intrude. It can happen for example when your “defences” are open through excessive alcohol or drug-induced stupors. It is extremely unlikely to affect those who are working on a higher vibration, as they do not attract such ones. There is an exception when one of the Light is tested, but they will almost certainly recognise it as such. Psychic attacks can happen to anyone, and more likely those who “open” up because of their mediumship. However, in the course of their development it is normal to become aware of the possibility, and know how to handle it.


It is appropriate to remind you that you are not just your physical body, which is why you can move out of it in certain circumstances. Near Death Experiences are a dramatic example, as obviously they are so called because the soul afterwards returns to the physical body. Dreams that carry more realism than the often nonsensical ones, may well be out of the body experiences. Most of you leave your bodies during your sleep period, but few bring waking memories back with them. However, the meeting of loved ones often has a great impact upon you, and you may awaken with a powerful feeling of the experience. The is not intended to be a religious teaching, but simply how it is for all of you regardless of your beliefs.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and will mention that spiritual understanding goes very deep, and it is only placed before you according to your ability to assimilate it into your being. As you say, you must learn to walk before you can run otherwise you will become confused. As Ascension draws ever closer, be assured that there will be many of the Masters appearing on Earth. You will be given a greater spiritual understanding, sufficient to help you through the remaining years. Glorious times are coming, so please give love to those around you with all of your heart and soul. All are seeking and being drawn back to the Source however they perceive it, an energy we call the Creator.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.