SaLuSa  26-January-2009


Events are leading towards the changes that you have sought. Some will address your material needs, whilst others will make the way for the spiritual expression of Mankind. You have for long been in bondage in many ways,  and have been led to believe that God is outside of you. The truth that your teachers have tried to convey to you is that God is within, and is not illusive or unapproachable. After all, since you are sparks of God it also follows that you too are gods in your own right. You cannot therefore ever be separated from God, although many feel that way. As you become more aware of the truth of your real self, so you will release those concepts that have held you back. You will be freed from limitation and realise that your progress towards Ascension lies largely with yourself. In reality no one else can achieve it for you, and it is your intent and actions that will carry you forward.


Whatever else happens Ascension is the goal of Mankind, but at the same time cleansing the Earth is also to be part of your experiences. This comes from the fact that the Earth is moving towards Ascension with you, and also needs to be in readiness for such an opportunity to leave this dimension. Bear in mind that all that is has a consciousness, and responds to outer influences and is always on the move. It may not be perceptible to you that nothing ever stands still, and that all is energy and in a constant state of flux. Clearly not all energies around you are beneficial, and some can adversely affect your health. Your cities are no place for those of ill health, and it is why you recover and feel more rested when you get away into the countryside. Some radiation is so potent that it is utterly debilitating and destructive. Whether in the workplace or home, you have to careful not to expose yourselves too long to any appliance that emits harmful rays.


In the future you will change over to appliances or machines that have completely safe energies. Generally speaking all motive power will come from the free energy that is all around you. Your governments have been aware of it and its applications for many years, and some have adapted it for their covert operations. The ancients were also aware of free energy, but were not sufficiently advanced to apply it to the extent that you will be able to do very soon. We simply await the time when we can safely contact you, and introduce many new concepts that will ease your daily tasks and provide a better quality of life. Speed and efficiency will make more time available to you, and that applies to land, sea and air. These changes are all part of the plan to uplift Mankind, and they will take place with extensive help from us.


At present the material changes must seem a long way off to you, yet in reality all is ready to proceed at a minutes notice. You must give your new administration time to settle in, and for the legal processes to make the changes lawful. Then we shall approach President Obama with a view to receiving approval for our first official flyover. That will be the start of a new era for Mankind and affect the whole world, as every country can benefit from the advice and new technologies we have to offer you. Health is a big issue everywhere, and we shall help you eradicate all forms of pollution and disease making toxins in your food, water and air. We will also introduce you to advanced forms of healing that are on many occasions instantaneous.


Dear Ones, what is a short wait now compared to what you have been through, bearing in mind how much benefit you will gain from our coming together. We come because it is part of our responsibility to you, as ones who have had a hand in your evolution for many thousands of years. We are here now by divine decree, to ensure the cycle of duality is completed with the advent of Ascension. Your consciousness levels are rapidly approaching the point of upliftment, and when they reach critical mass there will be a going through into the higher dimensions.


By giving you hope and reason to look to the future, in the coming months we expect more of you to find your way to the higher understanding. We are what you are to become, Cosmic Beings who have ascended and have the freedom to travel throughout the vastness of your great Universe. You are already members of the Galactic Federation, and may wish to serve others through our organisation. There are also other Councils and Federations like ours dedicated to doing the work of the Creator, and opportunities abound to follow your hearts desire.


In linear time you play the waiting game because you cannot see the future as we do. Many times we have told you that the battle with the dark forces has been won, but until you see it fully played out on Earth you will not know for certain. All you need to do now is to keep your focus on your future vision, and thereby ensure that it manifests according to the Law of Attraction. There is to be no wavering of your Will at this stage, and no distraction regardless of the last gasps of the Illuminati who refuse to go gracefully. Like all despots they have a narrow focus that cares little for any one else except themselves.


It is worth reminding you that you are not here on Earth by chance, and each of you knew what it would entail. At the very least it was to add to your experiences and make progress along your evolutionary path. At best it was to complete your time in duality and move on to Ascension. Either way you will have gained much that can be applied in the future. When you leave Earth you will fully understand what you planned to do, and whether you fulfilled your life plan. Failure is not a word that is used, as all experience is of value and if necessary you can pass the same way again. You have all Infinity in which to experience as you wish, but your motive will be for your ongoing journey that will eventually lead you back to your source.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and note that in your experience time is speeding up more than ever. Take that as a sign of your ever-increasing levels of consciousness, and vibrations that are lifting up into the Light. They are doing so exponentially, and a sure indication of your success in attracting more light to Earth. I express my love to you all, and words to strengthen your resolve to  achieve the ultimate goal of Ascension.


Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey