SaLuSa  14-January-2009


Dear Ones you are speeding into a most decisive year that will reveal the path to freedom. Soon there will be a series of changes implemented that will be the start of a new direction for Mankind. There is an immense task ahead of you but now the right people are stepping forward, to fulfil their roles in manifesting a new path out of the chaos created by the outgoing government of the U.S.A. The plan is already in being and those involved are quite clear as to what their tasks involve. There is to be a coming together of those souls who are to lead you onwards to completion of this cycle of duality. Once the opportunities are created for those who have the best interests of everyone in mind to step forward, the changes will gather pace.


At present there is confusion as the old guard are being relieved of their responsibilities, and there is to be a further appraisal of those who are close to the President Elect. History is soon to be made as the inauguration takes place, and you will have a new President who is focussed on the needs of the people. He is highly motivated and recognises his responsibility to not just the people of America, but the whole world that will support him. The credibility of the outgoing government is tarnished and blackened by the actions they have taken. There is a need to restore the reputation of the U.S.A. so that confidence in them as world leaders can be restored.


We of the Galactic Federation have like you waited a long time for the changes to begin. Now we see the pleas of the people about to be answered, and a new period commencing with all of the promise of being a startling and unprecedented time of change. With the goodwill of other world leaders a new direction will bring stability, and peace to a world that has sickened of the perpetual wars that have nearly destroyed your Earth. With your intent to broker changes that will break the power of the Illuminati, you will be the creators of a world at peace. It will take time, but once you see the changes taking place your confidence will return. The dark ones have left you a legacy of ruination and taken away your rights and freedom. That will be addressed and a priority is to return your freedom and sovereignty to you.


The way forward is on the path of Light as designated by Ascension, and it is our decreed responsibility to ensure that you can now firmly step on to it. As time goes by the direction you are going into will become clear, and we will enlighten you as to what it entails. There are so many souls that are presently confused and searching for a way out of the confusion and chaos, who are as yet unaware of the Plan of God for you. There are of course many visions of what it may be, but it is most important that it results in the upliftment of all those who aspire to evolve into the higher realms. With an open mind it should not be difficult for any soul of good intentions, to move their focus onto the path of Ascension. It requires nothing from you except that you recognise the Oneness of all souls, and move forward as One in Love and Light.


We know that for some spiritual groups, the idea that off world Beings are your Guides and leaders for the next step in your evolution is difficult to accept. In fact some are so against the idea that they create a false image of us and hide behind the belief that we are some kind of devils. All we can say is judge us by our actions and you will find that we are the messengers of the Creator. We come not as strangers but the Ones who have been with you for eons of time, carefully and lovingly guiding you onto the path of Light. We have protected you as far as we are allowed, from the incessant domination of the dark forces and their draconian measures to keep you under their control. We come not just to release you from them, but also to place your feet firmly upon a new path that leaves the darkness behind.


Look for everything that is positive and signals your release from the dark, because you will see that intent behind many actions that are to be taken very soon. There are so many Dear Souls begging for the opportunity to show what they can do to assist in the time of changes that is about to commence. Be assured that in the course of time you will have your chance to contribute to the upliftment of Mankind. This year shall see so much progress made and whilst your freewill will determine how quickly it occurs, there is nevertheless a plan that we have to put into operation according to a certain time scale. The Plan of God is immutable and exact in its goals, and it will lead you safely through the remaining years of this cycle. The Earth and its civilisation are important to the Universe and part of the greater plan that covers its Ascension, but are not allowed to hold up such a great happening. This is why those who have no desire to ascend are allowed another pathway, that will also release them from this cycle.


If only Man would not make matters so complicated when it comes to moving onwards. Beliefs that are out of alignment with the truth are rigidly held onto, at the expense of being able to move forward. In the kindest way possible, we say start thinking for yourselves as you have all knowledge within. You all have a Higher Self that will “speak” with you in those quiet moments that you go within. You may call it your intuitive self, but please listen and you will find words of wisdom entering your mind. Be open to new ideas because once we arrive on your shores, we shall make clear the purpose of life. We shall also correct many erroneous teachings that have come from the mind of Man, and not through the word of God as you have been taught. There is only the One Truth and it will be made known before you end this cycle.


You material needs will be first and foremost in our minds when we can openly work with you. However, it is your spiritual needs that are more important, and we shall focus on these once you are comfortable and contented with life. We shall ensure that your needs are provided for as soon as possible. We do of course also have a responsibility to Mother Earth, and indeed those Dear Ones of the Inner Earth. They are your ancestors who will surface at an appropriate time and also assist you in your work of restoring the Earth.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and dearly love you all as I see your connection with the Source of All That Is. We Are One for all time and eternity, bless you all.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.