Diane  16-January-2009


For many people your reality seems quite solid and dependable, and you feel bound by its parameters. Yet it is in actuality fluid and changeable being subject to your mass consciousness. This is in part why you have suddenly been plunged into chaotic conditions, and all semblance of order seems to have disappeared. However, with your upliftment in consciousness there has come change, and it is reflected everywhere you go. It is the sweeping away of the old paradigm that no longer reflects your true desires to move on to a new path. Therefore, you find yourselves all at sea without any apparent direction in which to go. There seem to be no markers that you can follow, and little evidence of how you are to overcome the problems. However, you have yet to see the President Elect in action, and there are encouraging signs that indicate he has a new approach as to how they should be handled.


However, your expectations have been raised for some time now, because of our contact with you along with many other Beings of Light. In fact, it has been quite some years since the idea of Ascension was presented to you, but now you have some clear ideas of what it means. It is your passport to the higher realms, and presents an opportunity to rise up and leave duality behind. You may therefore be assured that in the midst of all the turmoil, a new energy is shaping your future. You are to be the victors in the fight for success and survival, and have been assisted by us to avoid the total collapse of Humanity and your environment. The outcome will now fulfil your dreams of peace and a happy co-existence with each other.


Nothing would please us more than to bring our plan forward, but there is a need to ensure that such enormous changes and revelations do not overwhelm you. It has to be remembered that the vast majority of people have little or no idea of what lies ahead. We must therefore carefully choose our opportunity to make open contact with you. One way we get you used to the idea of such contact, is by increasing the degree to which we allow our craft to be seen in your skies. It has resulted in a greater acceptance of us, and a realisation that we pose no threat to you. It is regrettable that the actions of the Greys have cast a shadow over our presence, but by now you should know sufficient about them to disassociate them from us. They are not members of the Galactic Federation, and are legitimately allowed to have bases on Earth by agreement with the U.S. government. Their actions have been part of their exchange of information, and because of the Law of Freewill we cannot therefore interfere with them.


You have a history of having been in touch with Space Beings for thousands of years. The last century was particularly active, and as we have often informed you, successive world governments have rejected our help. We have offered to bring peace to the people on numerous occasions. Sadly those who have been reluctant to give up their power over you have turned it down. We have had to stand aside and allow you to decide your own future, but now the voice of the people has risen above that of those who have falsely maintained their power by covert actions and deceit. The month’s ahead promise to be extremely tumultuous and quite sensational. The tide is turning and the flotsam and jetsam of centuries of war and destruction are to be cleared away. In its place shall grow the structures of peace, and the restoration of all that will create a path to your glorious future and happiness.


You certainly need to hold on to your vision of change for the better, and do not succumb to the beliefs that predict a finale of gloom and doom. Of course there are Earth changes yet to come, but they will be curtailed to ensure they result in as little damage and loss of life as possible. Likely events of any great threat to you are being monitored by us, and where necessary we shall give you due warning. However, we cannot truly work closely with you until First Contact has taken place. That time is becoming ever closer, and we now see a series of events manifesting that will make it possible very soon. Some of you would rather leave the Earth now, and provisions are already made for it to take place in the natural way in accordance with your life plan. It would have to be a matter of some urgency before we would be allowed to intervene. We know this is a point of contention with some of you, but we are not allowed to interfere with your choice as to how you will end your lifetime.


There is much for you to learn as to how the Laws of God operate, although you do have a basic understanding through various religious organisations. However, it is more based on fear rather than love and acceptance of the Oneness of All. You have always seen yourselves as separate from each other, and the idea has been promoted by the dark ones. They know that if you come together in peace, you will soon accept the common bonds between each other. It would not take long before you became as One, and all of the differences would soon disappear and present no further threat to your unity. Look at our Federation of Planets that comprises of millions of members, and know that you will have a place amongst us. We not only work together for the benefit of each other, but also carry our knowledge far and wide to bring others into the Kingdom of God. We talk of a heavenly existence that has all of the beauty and splendour you might imagine. Indeed, it is far more than you can visualise at present, and thereby awaits some very uplifting and pleasant experiences.


We talk in a manner that suggests we are what you may term “religious” but that word is not applicable to our level of understanding. We have moved far beyond such organised movements and are united with our Higher Self, as you will be in the course of time. We are as One with All That Is and live in total harmony and balance. It is the level to which you are returning, and it will come to you quite naturally. You are not third dimensional Beings, except that you have taken on such a mantle to experience duality. You are far more than you understand with all of the potential to become gods. However, one step at the time, and you will not be overwhelmed by learning of you true selves.


I am Diane from Sirius and pleased to come again, and I do love your determination to overcome all adversity. You are beautiful souls just emerging out from your long sleep. We love you all, for we are One for all time.


Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.