Atmos  18-January-2008


As ever time is speeding up, and it is bringing you closer to that opportunity for change which shall fully open up the path to Ascension. We know that many of you are still uncertain about your place within this process, but as time passes it will be made clear. Everyone can move forward, and it is a matter of how far you desire to go and whether you feel ready to change to a new way of thinking. The old will have no place within the new concepts, and the reality to which you have been used to will fade away. This is by no means an over night change, and you have been gradually moving out of the old paradigm for the last century.


It is not that Ascension has suddenly been thrust in front of you, but the changes have been given a name that you can identify with. They will continue to affect your life as the Light shakes up your old reality. Many have previously grown into the belief that you are your body, and an understanding of your soul and its place in your life has been overlooked. Death is feared instead of being accepted as a simple transition to another realm, which is nearer to your true reality in the Light. Those who have entered these realms and returned to tell the tale, have experienced a great change in their understanding and it has inevitably altered the focus of their life.


The heavy vibrations of Earth have clouded your judgement where the truth is concerned. The belief that you only have one life, has caused such a misunderstanding that the purpose of it has been lost, and souls seek for the truth outside of themselves, when all truth lies within. Many teachers have come and gone who have expanded upon this truth, and have encouraged you to see that everything is linked through the one Energy of Love. It is called God and means that it is infinite and indestructible, and is All That Is.


With your numerous religions and cults that all profess to carry the truth, it is extremely difficult for the seeker to determine which one to follow. As you are at different stages of evolution you will inevitably find one that resonates with you, and it will carry you forward until it ceases to satisfy your quest for the truth. You may go from one group to another as your understanding grows, until eventually you feel strong enough set out on your own path. It is then that you will gravitate towards like souls who have also found their independence. You help each other to find the truth, and at any given time the Masters are not far from you. This is when you have the power of discernment to know when the truth is before you.


The secret is to have the desire to further your evolution, and having set that energy in motion it will attract to you exactly what you need at that time. Through seeming coincidence other souls will find you and accompany you on your journey, until their influence has served its purpose. However, behind all that happens is a plan that you have become part of that ever leads you onwards. Take note of major events in your life, because nothing happens by chance, there is always a lesson to be learnt. You are clearly not alone on your travels, and everyone is linked to Beings of Light that guide you to the fulfilment of your life plan.


Life is about seizing opportunities that come your way that will expand your understanding of it and its purpose. At this present time, there has never been such an armada of souls that have come to Earth for the express purpose of bringing about enlightenment. They are known by many names, and in recent times as your Starseeds, Indigo Children and Crystal Children. These dear souls are already awakened, and their influence is changing people’s perception of the truth. They feel out of place in your old reality, but their presence is sufficient to break it down. They carry the energies of the new vibrations that will eventually enable the manifestation of the New Age.


Almost everyone has at one time or another experienced the company of advanced souls, and felt their powerful energies bringing peace and joy into their lives. It is a healing energy that is uplifting and is of the higher vibrations, and it comes with wisdom and love that is expressed as their natural mien. Those of you who have had visitations by Spirit, inevitably recall the Light surrounding them and it leaves an indelible impression upon you. They exude a loving energy that accompanies all Higher Beings, and it brings great peace and calmness. We of the Galactic Federation are also such Beings, and it has been noted that any fear at being in our presence is quickly overcome for those reasons.


Once you tread onto the path of enlightenment and live in the truth, you too have the ability to remain centred and calm in all circumstances. Your energy will attract others, particularly those of a like kind. Wherever you go you lift up other people, and when you think of it in terms of the millions that are spreading the Light, you can see how they are helping lift up the vibrations. They are the conduits through which the Light being beamed to you is grounded upon Earth. These are the unseen forces for good that are clearing out the old energies and allowing the new in. As you begin to uplift so you can accept even more powerful energies, and the whole process of Ascension continually moves forward.


Could you ever doubt that Ascension would take place, when the higher energies are all around you. They work in subtle ways, and all of the time are transmuting the lower energies that cannot remain in their presence. Using the higher energies you create the thoughtforms for change, that must reach the point where they manifest their purpose. You will clearly understand that the changes are destined to take place. We together with our allies upon Earth will soon experience the greatest events that will forever change your path of evolution. The victory we so often tell you about does not simply happen overnight, it is already taking place.


I am Atmos from Sirius come yet once again, and we delight in these opportunities to give you our assurance that all is well. Go about your daily work with renewed vigour, and let the Light and Love find expression in all you do. You live in the most wonderful times for the upliftment of Mankind.


Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.