Ker-On  30-January-2008


You have created so much energy for change that it must express itself, through many avenues of opportunity that have been created. The public and indeed the world, are focussed upon the U.S. and the fight for nominations to decide who goes forward to the presidential election. It is a long process but one that will give people ample opportunity to see the dark at work. Unlike previous occasions when they have hidden their manipulation and fraudulent actions, they are having to throw caution to the wind. They now see and experience opposition to their attempts to promote their own choice as your next President.


Now more people are becoming enlightened, as to how the dark have been able direct the path of Man to suit their own agenda. However, the voice of the people cannot be silenced and neither will its continuing demand for change. Almost everywhere you look across the world, the mood is changing and politicians are having a hard time. Normally with the chaos that is taking place, the dark seize every opportunity to further their own cause. This time, the power of the people is dictating that the political system is used for change, and if necessary a completely new approach.


You are therefore now in the interim period when the plan for Manís release from the hold of the dark is manifesting. Behind those actions we are motivating and assisting our allies, to achieve the first steps that will see a positive move in the right direction. The first priority remains as ever the removal of the last cabal, and the more audacious and daring their efforts to resist it, the more they are revealing their true intent. For example, even the most biased person cannot fail to see the truth behind events such as 9/11, and the awakening grows faster and ensures that these matters remain in the public domain.


You are far from stupid, but have been taken in by the dark because you have given them your trust. They have trampled all over you in their eagerness to succeed with their plan for global control. Your worst fears are realised as the truth continues to come out, and it is incumbent for you to ensure that action is taken. Your power is in your numbers because the truth is your banner, and many are aware that Godís plan for you is vastly different to what you have been experiencing. Peace is something you seek that rarely comes without a fight, and at present you are well on the way to success.


It is not that peace can be achieved without a considerable amount of hard work, but this time with the help of the Galactic Federation you will see the future taking shape as you desire. The cleansing is first to remove those who serve themselves and the Illuminati, and then your true representatives will emerge who are already known at various levels of authority. There is always a right time to make your move, as it needs to be successful to ensure that there is no residue of the dark forces to delay the planned events. Fortunately deceit does not work where we are concerned, and we can see the person behind the outer shell and know of their intentions.


Our presence is your guarantee of success, which is why we can confidently predict that major changes will occur this year. It is intended to be one where you can see the result of our combined work to release you from the hold of the dark. Instead the Light and Love will transform societies everywhere, and any opposition will quickly be removed. From hereon the Light will become the dominant force and open up your eyes to the truth of your old reality. It will also show you what is possible when Man moves into it, and elicits the help of the heavenly forces. In the past you have been deliberately mislead as to your true potential as Beings of Light, but no more as we will ensure that every soul understands their link with the Source that is supreme and is All That Is.


We know that many of you have shied away from religious doctrine, and have placed a barrier between yourselves and the Light. When the truth is brought out, it will become so much easier to accept the existence of an All Loving and Gracious Creator. Some find it hard to accept they have an everlasting and immutable link to God, but again that will change with the coming of the Masters. The truth is to become our byword, and you will soon accept what we have come to tell you. Trust will be restored and that will clearly show in the actions we take on your behalf.


Our presence has nothing to do with claiming your planet as our own, indeed our actions will be soon be seen as quite clearly in your interests. Truth for you will be much stranger than fiction, but through various means you have been prepared for what is to come. Look at your skies and see how openly we come to you, because with few exceptions they are our craft working to finalise our last preparations, prior to officially announcing our presence. No incidents that have caused the slightest damage to you or your property are due to our craft. You must bear in mind that your Government by agreement allowed the Greys to have bases on your Earth, and they also have back engineered their own craft. Your records show that many sightings of this nature took place around Area 51 where they were developed.


The truth which we come to bring you is incredible, and it will traumatise some who are totally unprepared for it. However, our approach will be one of the awareness of such possibilities, and we will take it gently so as not to totally overwhelm you. It must set the records straight as your history is far from the truth you are spoon fed, and it will remove falsehoods and deliberate manipulation that has kept you down. You are great Beings of a glorious Light that will be re-kindled, so that you may reclaim your sovereignty and freedom once more. Already you are sensing the truth about yourselves, and it only remains for the Forces of Light to present it to you.


I am Ker-On from Venus, which you correctly associate with the vibration of Love. It is Love that we bring with us together with the blessings of God that will open your eyes to your full potential, as Gods in your own rights.


Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey.