Ag-agria  25-January-2008


Dear Ones you are moving onto your new path faster than ever, and with the opportunity of bringing the truth into the open it will become even quicker. Many souls are awakening but uncertain of what their purpose is in life. They know that something has gone disastrously wrong, and see that Man is heading down the slippery slope of darkness. However, the Light is permeating all layers of energy and lifting you up into it. The Truth lies within every soul, but over eons of time has been lost within the lower vibrations that have been the dominant force.


As you awaken it is important to allow your intuitive powers to guide you, as at this time there are many variations as to the nature of the end-times. Think of change as your upliftment, and do not be too concerned as to the way in which it is to be achieved. All will be crystal clear within a comparatively short time, and those who rise up to become your teachers will be seen as the Wayshowers. All is planned and ready to advance you at a much quicker pace. Our methods of communication will reach all over the world, and no one shall be without the opportunity to grow in their understanding.


There is no forcing of the truth upon anyone, and it will be laid before you all to make the final choice. If you are ready to ascend, then you will resonate with it and find absolutely no difficulty in raising your consciousness. All knowledge lies within and it will rise to the surface without too much prompting. Those who deny the existence of God, are carrying problems with them for cleansing. Often it is through experiences that have left them feeling that God has let them down. That can occur when they have experienced situations that they have brought upon themselves. Remember that you are gifted with freewill, and it is you who are responsible for your actions.


For too long you have been brought up to believe in punishment for your “sins” when the only judge is you. Life is an ongoing experience, and it is you who decide how and when you clear your Karma. No one else can do it for you, although it is true to say that some souls will help you by being part of your experience out of their love for you. God is All Love, and non-judgemental and allows you total freedom to experience as you wish. How else would you grow, and continue to walk the path of Light.


The temptations of the dark side are constantly around you, and whilst you may indulge in them you must accept the consequences. The darkest soul will still retain the God spark of Light within. They are not damned and imprisoned in their darkness forever, and given every help by loving souls once they desire to lift back up into the Light. All of you have experienced the darkest nights of your soul through hundreds of lifetimes, yet many of you have now advanced along the path to Ascension. However, do not put yourself above others, as you all have the same potential to rise up at your chosen time.


Learning of the beauty and splendour of the Lighted Realms will give you great encouragement to direct your thoughts and energies in that direction. You cannot yet truly grasp what lies ahead, except that it fulfils everyone’s idea of Heaven. To be in utter peace and experience the happiness and oneness of the higher dimensions is your destiny. There is perfection in all creation and it would seem to you that life has reached its ultimate level of achievement. However, it is but the start of your sojourn into the many mansions of creation that comprise the Cosmos that awaits you. It is the beginning of your experiences of life in all of its different expressions, and you will come to realise the magnitude and enormity of the Creator’s power.


We of the Galactic Federation have travelled far and wide, and if desired can do so by thought which is instantaneous. Yet we have never found an end to creation, as it is continually re-creating and growing. At the heart of everything is the life force of the Creator in the multi Universes that stretch into Infinity, and contain all different forms of life. You will never tire of your adventures and the sharing of your knowledge about them.


First things first, as now you must apply yourself to lifting up into the Light and prepare for Ascension. You can stand aside from the daily attack on your senses from the dark forces. Their time is up and although their energy has not yet been spent, it is weakening and becoming disjointed and they cannot hold onto control for much longer. Wherever they turn they are confronted by the Light that is revealing their true intentions. In these closing times of the cycle of duality, you are seeing and experiencing the depths to which Mankind has allowed itself to drop. Thereby you learn many final lessons as you participate in the end-times.


Society is breaking down as it sheds its attachment to the dark energies, but see it as simply the cleansing that must take place. Soon a new way of living will emerge that will again reflect the freedom granted to you under the original Constitution. Materialism will no longer hold sway, and people will come together in Oneness that will be the expression of true love, the Unconditional Love of God and the Creator.


Our appearances in your skies are becoming bolder, and we are increasing the number of times we come to you in the daylight. We are emphasising our presence, and establishing an understanding of it that leaves you in no doubt of our peaceful intentions. We wish you to greet us as your friends, and understand that we come in peace as representatives of the Star Nations. We shall have the truth as our banner, and your history and beliefs will be seen in the light of it.


I am Ag-agria from Sirius and we watch your progress as you move towards your release from the darkness that shrouds your world. We see the Light growing in intensity, and know that the victory you seek is near to manifesting. The next few months will be quite exhilarating if you see what is behind them, and what will result from the changes. The turning point is near and you can take much credit for your part in bringing it about. Spread the word, and spread the Light of Love that has the power to work miracles.


Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.