Ker-On  11-January-2008


Sometimes people feel very isolated and lonely, but that is usually from having become separated from their Guides and other helpers. In reality that help is always there whether they realise it or not and in fact your whole Earth is surrounded by helping hands, and much of their work is carried out without your knowledge. Particularly at this time the forces of Light have gathered for the great finale to your cycle of duality. The energies on Earth have been rising for many years, but never at the rate that you are now experiencing. To us your destiny is clear and you are breaking away from the old dark energies.


You are at a critical point in your upliftment, as the Light gathers more strength and is reaching further into the areas of darkness. There are those that have consistently attracted the dark entities, and are the last bastions of the dark. You can find these by looking at some areas where they have become noted for certain type of criminal activities. Like attracts like, but as the Light penetrates the strongholds of the dark forces, it dissipates the energy by drawing even more Light into it. It is an ongoing process that is changing the energies and lifting them up. They are the silent changes that are raising the mass consciousness upon Earth.


You are in a vital time that promises much for the Light, and a major breakthrough that spells the end of the dark dominance that has led you to the brink of disaster. The forces of Light are arrayed against the dark and their efforts to hold on to their power. They cannot do so and already they are weakened by their inability to proceed with their agenda. They also suffer the uncertainty of having their choice for a new President brushed aside, and in their anxiety are bound to reveal their hand. The truth can only be hidden for a limited time, as the Light brings out that which has been out of sight. Once your media is released from the control of the Illuminati, you will find that an informed population will rise up and put a stop to such further activities.


It is in some ways a strange time to be on Earth, as within the midst of all of the activity there is an underlying chaos. You see the potential for positive change, yet whilst the dark still hold onto their power there is an undercurrent of disruption that holds it back. That will soon have less effect as the Light starts to hold centre stage, and will lead the way to massive the changes that are to take place. There are so many well informed groups that wait their opportunity to place their evidence before you, about the covert operations that have caused much distress and loss of life. The truth of such events still travels onwards and outwards, but it will be shock to many who have no idea of what has been happening.


We of the Galactic Federation can only wait for the right time to come amongst you. Then shall you see and hear the truth through our advanced technology, which will reach all people regardless of which language they speak. We shall use your present means of communication together with our own, and no one need be in doubt as to what has been happening to you. Proof will be needed to enlighten those who are part of the system that the dark have set up, as they will find it difficult to change their mindset. We will not be out to shock people, but nevertheless it will disturb many of you who have never suspected the way in which you have been manipulated.


Our coming will lift the weight from your shoulders, and in a relatively short time take away the need to struggle simply to survive. We have the means to quickly supply the accommodation, food and water that at a stroke will lift up the lives of those who are the poorest. Many projects will be taking place at the same time, and we are not limited in any way that will delay such work. Our craft can be anywhere in an instant, and changes will speed ahead at an astonishing rate. Our supply ships are enormous and stationed just outside of Earth, and carry all that is needed to bring your civilisation into the new world. Free and clean energy will clearly be most welcome, and you will become quite independent of oil and its by-products. There are also superior materials that we shall introduce that will replace many that are presently in use.


First Contact has been planned for such a long time and constantly updated, that it is fully ready to be put in hand at a minutes notice. Some of the major tasks associated with your Earth, have been in hand for some time as our brief has been to keep all in balance. The ecology would certainly have been in a dire position but for our efforts. The seas and skies have been regularly cleansed by us, to remove the poisonous conditions created by your excessive use of chemicals, and nuclear fall out. We look forward to finishing the work of restoring your planet, and it will not take very long at all.


Released from the daily demands to provide for yourself, you will find more time for your own development. The facts surrounding the end of this cycle and the opportunity to ascend will be made known to everyone, who shall have an equal chance to participate in it. In your hearts you will know if you are ready for such a stage in your evolution, and there will be no pressure applied to anyone. It is a choice that is presented to you, as this cycle will end regardless of any interference from any outside sources. Indeed, the whole purpose of our presence is to ensure that you are prepared for the changes.  Some of you could join us now, but the vast majority have not reached the necessary level of consciousness.


As you look around you, it cannot have escaped your notice that the Light is bringing out the best in people. There is a movement that is gathering pace, that seeks another way of life that restores your freedom and a peaceful existence. The energies for such changes are extremely powerful, and moving many to re-access their role in life. They are seeing clearly for the first time, and look for a new path that lifts them up. There has never been a time that has offered such positive opportunities for you all.


I am Ker-On from Venus, and we have had a key role in your lives for many years. We bring with us a strong vibration of love that shall help lift you up, and we look forward to greeting you in the very near future.


Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey.