Diane  16-January-2008


Our message to you today is that it is important for you to continue accepting the flow of Light that is permeating Earth. Do not be distracted by the turmoil that is going on around you. What is happening is the unavoidable result of the uprising of consciousness amongst the people, who are rapidly awakening to the attempts of the dark to perpetrate their deeds upon them. There is much more awareness amongst you, and as the truth gathers pace so it becomes more difficult for the dark to conceal what they are doing.


Whatever happens outwardly do not be over concerned, as the final outcome cannot be changed. The path has already become set and it only remains for it to manifest in victory for the Light. We keep your eyes on the task ahead to ensure you do not falter, as you are now in the most important times of all. It will be the sheer power of the people that will bring about wonderful changes in the direction that Man is presently going. The unrest that is patently obvious around your world, is not going to subside until the old ways of leadership are replaced with honest and trustworthy policies. Power and corruption have for too long been the bedrock of many political parties, and it must change.


Patience is now called for more than ever, as people suffer the effects of the breakdown of law and order. It has become draconian in its application and purpose to prevent the voice of freedom being heard. However, no amount of suppression can mute it, and people will still come forward in opposition. There is a coming together of people with a like interest in bringing the truth out into the public arena, and they are a force for good that will not be denied. We stand as ever with you and keep you alert to events that are planned to stop you achieving success. As we often inform you, we are able to infiltrate the meetings of the dark forces and we know what they plan, and we guide you forward accordingly.


The truth is an energy of Light that spreads far and wide, and breaks up the dark energies so that they become less effective. Love is the overall energy that brings change and softens the harsh and unyielding approach of those who are embroiled in dark activities. Eventually the truth will be revealed to you all, and only the most obstinate people will ignore it. There is little true and honest guidance from your media, but for few exceptions blatantly supports the dictates of the Illuminati. The time for discernment has never been more important, and you intuition will be of immense help.


The Forces of Light have not come this far to be defeated when victory is in their grasp. The outer signs do not fully indicate what is truly taking place behind the scenes. The Galactic Federation are assembled and fully ready to fulfil their plan for First Contact, and immediately they are authorised to go ahead, many events will open up to you. There will be a speedy resolution put in place to ensure that there is no power vacuum, and it will reveal those souls who have to come to Earth specifically for this occasion. They are inwardly aware of their mission, and that they are protected to ensure that the Light they carry is able to manifest for the good of all. You already know some of these Beings, and because they are of the Light, they are attracting support that is gathering pace. The battle has come out into the open, and it is for the entire world to see the truth in action.


There is a purpose to everything that happens, and it has been created by your collective consciousness over eons of time. It reflects back to you the manifestation of your desires, and having created those energies they must be transmuted by you. You are now participating in the final clearance of energies that have brought the misery and unhappiness that you have all experienced throughout many lifetimes. It is a lesson that you have to learn and one that makes it clear that you are responsible for what you create. That is an important experience for you, as very soon your powers will increase tenfold as you take a great leap forward in your consciousness.


Never allow egotistical thoughts to enter your consciousness when you can acknowledge your growth into the Light. You are all equal in the eyes of God and every soul is cherished and loved. Evolution carries you forward in such a way that in reality no one gets left behind, it is an illusion of time as you experience it. You are each unique and no two of you experience exactly the same as each other. It has been your choice as to how much you have undertaken in each lifetime. You travel at your pace and no one is condemned for their mistakes, as all is simply experience that is added to the whole and becomes part of it. You have no need to experience everything yourself, but can draw upon the pool of mass consciousness that has built up around you.


Life can be extremely hard, but again you choose how much you experience. You link with your energies of old that must be cleared, and you are more likely to accept that challenge when you have spiritually outgrown them. You are of Spirit and are clearing your path of the debris of previous lives, and now you are in the final cleansing. It is why so many events can come into your life at present, but you have planned it that way. With the Light and Love that accompanies you and with your many Guides, the tasks become challenges that you can overcome together. Prayer and meditation can bring to your awareness these Dear Ones that are with you, and they are overjoyed when you acknowledge their existence.


Often you feel alone and deserted, but that is only your outer perception. Those who love you are only a thought away, and will come to comfort you in your distress or despair. That includes your loved ones who have departed from the Earth who still take an interest in your life. They often come to you in your dreams, and you meet them during that period of sleep when you are out of the body. When you accept such possibilities, you remove that barrier to remembrance of such meetings. Open your heart and send out loving thoughts to those who have gone before you, and contact will be made.


I am Diane from Sirius, and we too are close to you and respond to the thoughts you send us. We are grateful to receive your love and invitation to come amongst you, and look forward to that great occasion with joy.    


Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.