Diane  2-January-2008


This year is the first one of what we would call completion, in the sense that all of your preparations will now come to fruition. You have created the opportunities that are to come your way, and we are assisting you to ensure that your reality is manifested according to your vision. Initially your requirements are more in the way of physical changes, that will set the scene for your release from destruction. A pathway planned and imposed upon you by the dark forces.


The Light continues to flood the Earth, and is your promise of changes that will uplift every life form that is capable of taking its place in the higher vibrations. Absolutely everything will be subject to change in one way or another, and that which is unable to lift up will continue to evolve as it takes a different pathway to suit its own needs. Nothing is permanently destroyed in the process of change, and the Laws of Attraction ensure that all finds its correct place in the Universe.


We are overjoyed at the awakening that is taking place on Earth, and we see you shaking off the energies that have bound you to it. These are times of transmutation, and the changes are occurring so fast that more and more people are becoming aware of them. It is within Self that you will find evidence of them, and you only have to look back a relatively short time. You have been able to speed up your development, through taking opportunities to draw the Light to yourself. Many now take the time to find those quiet times to go inside, and connect with their Higher Self of their Guides, and it is providing direction and purpose in their lives.


There has never been a better time to fulfil your aspirations to lift your self up. Aim for your highest vision of what you want to be and allow it to become a part of you. Breaking out of the old pattern of duality is not as difficult as you may think. It is a matter of letting go of your conditioning that has prevented you from realising your true potential. You are a creator in your own rights but have lost that understanding over eons of time. Now you do not have to conform to the accepted ways of Man, and can become free from the doctrine and restrictions. Re-create yourself and do not depend on others for your understanding, although guidance from a source of the Light is acceptable.


For too long you have been tied down, and pressured into conforming to the images created by those who have gradually eroded your freedom of thought. You have been forced to concede your rights to those who have nothing but their own agenda in mind. You have been controlled by subtle means and also outright measures to restrict your ability to express yourselves freely. It is freedom above all that must be returned to you, and with it the truth about your real purpose for being on Earth at this time. You are of course where you are meant to be by choice, and that is to give you the experiences that will complete your final time in this cycle. It is in the knowing of your true destiny that you will find the path that is best suited to you.


All of the time you are creating experiences for yourself that will carry you forward to the next level. It is ongoing and never ceases and will occur with or without your knowledge. It is far better to understand that life is about learning the lessons that come your way, as if you do not they will simply keep returning until you have. By knowing what life is about you can move forward much quicker, and release yourself from the ties that have held you back. Work from the heart centre and consider whether your thoughts and actions are motivated from love of All rather than Self. By all means love yourself, but not to the exclusion of others or in a selfish way.


It is easy enough to envisage a world where everyone is considerate to each other, and where their wellbeing is important. You can no longer walk away from your responsibility to each other, and this is an area where much progress will be made this year. It grows out of the understanding that you are All One, and you cannot truly progress until you can accept that truth. We know that there are so many people that are honest and true to their love for others, who desperately seek opportunities to serve them. Your wait will soon be over, and once you are rid of those who suffocate your humanitarian feelings the gateway of opportunity will be unlocked.


We shall help you to make good use of your abilities and skills for the good of All. Once your dependence on others is eased, you will be able to devote yourself to whatever causes attract your attention. The financial constraints that often restrict charitable work will be removed, and the funding will come from a complete change in the distribution of wealth. One thing will quickly follow another, as we introduce essential changes to move obstacles out of your way. It is a massive undertaking for all of us, which is why we have laid down the plans in advance. The infrastructure is already in place and will enable us to announce the first major changes quite quickly.


It gladdens our hearts to see that so many of you are ready to respond to the introduction of new methods and ways, that will bring about the betterment of life for All. Clearly you cannot go on the way you are without seeing the demise of all life, and it really has plumbed the depths of darkness. We are here to ensure there is a change of direction, and we answer your call and that of the Creator to bring the Light back to Earth. Your success is decreed and no matter how events appear to be going, be assured that a turning point has been reached. This will be the year of all years from the point of view of change, and once we are with you it shall bring you wonders and seeming miracles to restore your Earth.


I am Diane from Sirius, and I shall tell you that you are already part of the Galactic Federation, and you have earnt your place with us through your dedication to the Light. We wish you to know that you are far greater than you realise, and we will release you from the darkness that has clouded your lives. We dearly love you All, and wish this New Year to be your pathway to the realisation of who you really are, and become more of the Light and Love.


Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.