Diane  28-January-2008


You are still experiencing time speeding up, and it will continue to do so as you move into a higher vibrational state. There is so much happening on Earth in every country, and as the shift occurs it is taking you out of duality. It is not an easy time to live through, but necessary if you are to finally put the old ways behind you. The old and the new cannot live side by side for long, and the changes must bring about the opportunities for a new Man to emerge. The Light is forever gathering strength and as it does so, the dark energies are becoming unable to maintain their control.


We look out over your world, and see so much dissension from the people who are calling for the old ways to be replaced. You have tired of what is often the brutal suppression of your rights, and the continual denial to be able live in absolute peace. Political parties are now being harassed by the people, who are insisting that their politicians comply with their oath to truly represent them and their needs. Corruption and power have gone hand in hand for a long time, and now it is being revealed for all to see. It is your call to awaken and remove such people from their seats of authority.


We know better than you that many dear souls are here at this time to lead you onto a new path. They have our help and we stand by ready to play our part, and have great confidence in you to take the initial actions. For the sake of the people who have little or no idea of the plan for the end-times, it is important that any moves that now take place are seen to be instigated by you. As we often inform you, we must present ourselves in a manner that makes it clear that we come at your request and have not imposed ourselves upon you. This is essential to our plan, as we need your immediate co-operation to be able to move very quickly and establish a new chain of command.


It is true that we already have a considerable number of allies that support us, but we need the general public to accept wholeheartedly the plan that we bring. The Galactic Federation is not some marauding group of ETís that are looking for self-aggrandisement and power over you. We are a universal group that comprises of Star Nations that have turned to the Light, and look to help others who are also on that path. We have overseers who are highly evolved Beings that form the many councils that ensure the Plan of God works out. Duality was never meant to consume you or hold you fast without hope of release. It is an experience that you undertook on behalf of God, so that others would benefit from it.


Having lost your true identity in the darkness of duality, you are now waking up to your real self and we are here to ensure your continuing upward path into the Light. The dark fight to prevent your emergence once more, because as Light Beings they will lose their control over you. Already such numbers of you have risen up that you are carrying the Light to the dark, and it is too powerful for them to overcome. This year will see the last great battle for your souls, but as we affirm on many occasions, the victory is already yours. We stand at the ready to announce our coming, and we have fully prepared our method of doing so which will reach the ears of everyone on Earth. Our communications system is far advanced from yours, and all equipment capable of conveying our messages will be used.


Meanwhile we are marking time as we monitor Earth, to ensure that the dark forces are unable to provoke another incident that would escalate the war in the Middle East. We must stand by and watch the horrors and deprivation that is being released through the dark energies, that have built up over eons of time. It is a karmic situation that has brought those souls together who have largely been responsible, and it is their Karma to experience the negative energies that they have grounded in those areas. It is not in the way of a punishment, but all of you are responsible for your actions. You learn by understanding the Law of Cause and Effect, and ultimately are all the greater for it.


In turning to the Light you are often released from your Karma, and that is under the Law of Grace. Certainly, as you fully enter the path of Ascension you will no longer carry the old energies with you, as they cannot in any event exist in the higher vibrations of Light. Your consciousness will have lifted up, and you will have both feet in the higher dimensions. A busy and joyful time lies ahead, and we must tell you of our expectations that mean your year of 2008 is the one of great changes. We already acknowledge and celebrate your achievement in having overcome the likelihood of total planetary destruction, and this time you are going to complete a cycle without such a happening. Hitherto, you have been in two earlier cycles where the end of the civilisations has occurred in mass death and the sinking of your lands.


Your ancient history is known to some of you, but the large majority have no idea that you have lived through similar cycles of duality. The difference now is that duality is ending for you, and allowing your upliftment should you turn to the Light. Otherwise you can choose to enter another cycle that allows for your continued experiences in duality. No soul has been denied the choice of deciding which path to take, and over many lives you have been presented with the opportunity to lift out of the dark. Be assured that no matter how far you drop into the lower dimension, there is always help to climb back up.


I am Diane from Sirius, and today take the role of teacher as it is most important that you understand that you are Beings of Light. Furthermore, that your soul is indestructible and that you have infinite life, and you will always carry the Divine Spark of Light. Be that which you are, a Divine Being of Love.


Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey,